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Discussion in 'Projects' started by anew, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. anew Member

    We are a traveling free food kitchen in solidarity with Occupy. We have visited many Occupations across the south, including Atlanta, Nashville, and Gainesville, feeding Occupiers, camping, and even participating in councils.
    We have 21 and half acres of land, which we have used to feed Occupiers and Rainbow Gatherings. We also have begun networking with many other lands nationwide, whose endeavors attempt to achieve similar goals.
    We are currently traveling west from NC to AZ in a forty foot schoolbus. The purpose is a free food/music tour which is to span up the west coast in order to promote our efforts in assisting activists and the homeless.
    We are seeking musicians, artists, and people of all trades to come and occupy our farms or travel with us.
    I don't know how to post a comment with a website or e-mail address without being considered spam, so if you'd like more info, get to me ASAP here... or just tell me how I can share that with you!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    When hell exists and freezes over...
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  3. Anonymous Member

  4. anew Member

    ya but it got moved to a different thread ....... im trying to reach out to occupy
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    you don't need to reinvent the wheel. you and your friends can support your local food bank, OP. they do good work. ;)
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  8. anew Member

    You're a fucking moron. We are the local food bank.
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  9. Feeding the hungry is to be commended.
  10. Anonymous Member

    You're the moron if you think you're going to do much with 21 acres of land, even it it were top quality ground. All you're really doing is creating a fun little project to keep some hippies out of trouble.
  11. anonymous612 Member

    OP, I took some time to ponder your post and I've come to a conclusion. Not about whether or not I'm interested. That's an obvious "fuckno." But I wanted to find the perfect way to express just how disinterested I was.

    I would rather shove boxcutters into my eyes, twist them around, replace them with knitting needles (the double-pointed variety), scramble those around a bit, and physically remove my ears and eardrums using nothing but my extremely short fingernails. I would rather do all of that and more, than travel cross country in an old hippie schoolbus with a bunch of homeless bums who think showers are oppression from The Man and who learned how to play Stairway to Heaven on a guitar they got at Walmart and think that makes them musicians.

    The only way you would ever get me on that bus is if I thought there was some way for me to martyr myself, take the rest of you with me, and therefore save everyone else in the country from the hell you plan to subject them to. And I would be a goddamn hero for doing so. But no, even the chance to save everywhere from NC to AZ from having to suffer through your abysmal shit isn't worth listening to fucking Kumbaya group singing in the bus on the way there.

    So basically, my answer to your invitation is "DEATH FIRST."
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  12. Anonymous Member

    calling the people you're asking for help morons is usually a bad approach
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  13. anew Member

    no you Dumb-ass im calling you a fucking moron and i don't need help from fucking morons
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  14. anew Member

    we are not hippies and are bus is preity fucking nice are music is good enuff to book shows all over the west cost you are so dumb so really really dumb.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    And you have a great attitude, good luck with that!
  16. Anonymous Member

    Occupy is dead dude! Bit like communes.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Just what the activists need, another excuse not to get off their asses and fend for themselves!
  18. anew Member

    your mother must really love you are so special
  19. anew Member

    are you stupid or something or can you just not read. we are promoting farms where people can come and work so that their communities can be fed. we want and need people to get off their asses and help for this project to be successful your comment holds no validity.
  20. Anonymous Member

    It's the law, she has to.
  21. Anonymous Member

    So your first post about feeding occupiers, who are busy occupying and can't till the soil, wasn't true?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Bus has pretty good internetz access.
  23. anew Member

    Where did you get that fucktard idea? Do you just make up stupid little reasons in your mind to critique everything real-life activists do instead of using LOIC and HOIC to flood websites? Fuck you, go back to middle school.
  24. anew Member

    yep cause we rock
  25. Anonymous Member

    Yay, because you are an hero, right.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Gotta go now, have to go to work.

    Google "work", just so you have an idea where I'm going.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Not quite true down the highway from my territory. While the infrastructure model has changed somewhat over the decades, there are several that remain operational, now into 3rd and 4th generations. One particular notable positive outcome is the high level of educational achievement amongst the children raised there. And the members work as hard as any other farmer I know. Love their eggs and milk.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Actually, dumbass, not every anon poster is the same poster, and it was someone *else* you called a dumbass. I am poster #12 but I am not poster #7.
  29. anonymous612 Member

    I like that he's accusing Chanologists of being the hacker branch of Anonymous rather than the activist branch. That demonstrates an impressive level of fucktardedness.
    Impossible. You are Occupy.

    I believe you may be confused about which of us is the dumb one, good sir.

    Again, you are asking us to help you while simultaneously insulting us. Yet another one of Occupy's massive list of failings. Kindly fling yourself upon a fire and die in it.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Occupy supporter chucks a tantrum whenever anyone questions what the fuck he's talking about. No big surprise there then.
  31. Anonymous Member

    I think I see what the problem is.
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  32. anon walker Moderator

    Come up to present time! Occupy is SO 2011!
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  33. anon walker Moderator

    Ofer dog's sake! It's been done. It was called The Farm. It was in Tennessee. Read about it so when you make the same inevitable mistakes, you'll know why.
  34. Anonymous Member

    I am not a number! I'm a fre......well, I'm reasonably unrestrained.
  35. Anonymous Member

    That's why I said bit like.
  36. Anonymous Member

    No, no this is new, never been done before, it's exciting, and they have farms (ok, they have a small bit of land they have borrowed) that will eventually feed everyone who needs food. Until they realise that growing anything on a large scale (more than their own requirements) ain't as easy as the dream, or as cheap.
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  37. anonymous612 Member

    also, they have amateur guitarists!

    It'll be like Occupy: The Musical!
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  38. Anonymous Member

    I do that gay finger snapping thing to ^^This but fortunately, Occupy is finally dead.
  39. Anonymous Member

    i've volunteered to work on a farm and it is a lot of hard work.
  40. PresidentShaw Member

    Your jimmies, they seem rustled

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