Occupy Black Friday

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Phunt555, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Phunt555 Member

    During black friday companies usually make up for losses during the rest of the year. The stock market grows by leaps and bounds and hoards of ravenous coupon clippers rush to feed of the suckling teat of big corporations.

    So what better way for us to show wall street our discontent with their conduct than to boycott/protest black friday and shop locally for the holidays?

    Come join the Occupy Movement and hit Wall St where it hurts, their wallet.
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  2. kittypark Member

    A very good idea. I hope many will do this, as I every year try having "Buy Canadian Day" on Canada day. Same general idea, but buy local/Canadian only products. Unfortunately nobody usually does this.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I shop locally on Black Friday. Stuff is cheap, and a good time to wait and buy - why pay more for what you really want and need? Part of what as I see as the misguided activity in the occupy thing is that people haven't been voting with their dollar for the past decade or two and are trying to figure out what to do on short notice.

    Don't do business with companies that do wrong, as you see it. Consume wisely. Blindly blaming is no progress. Research who you don't want to support, and then don't. Then pass on the research you've done to inform others. It's really not that hard and requires no wasted gas to go to an occupy event. BTW, please conserve.
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  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Smurf Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    i predict broken windows on black friday, anybody want to put money on this???
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  8. No, not nobody. :)
    (the glass is 1/2 full, not half empty...right?)
    I try buying locally or regionally ALL the time. I'm not always successful, but I always try. And I always ask the retailer so at least the sales clerks get the message about my attempt to support local jobs, including theirs.

    If the corporatocracy has made democracy all about dollars then that works both ways. The 99% can use that same 'vote.'
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Just don't buy anything that day.

  10. quantify Member

    Block off walmart? The sleaziest company of all.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    You don't. I will. Misguided OPanything is misguided.
  12. I wish I could not participate in Black Friday. Unfortunately I work in retail, however, me and a few of my fellow employees have decided to pull a improv everywhere and as soon as the doors open freeze for a round about 5-8 minutes.
  13. I would love to some how block off Walmart. Worst company to ever exist.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Seeing as this thread is nearly a year since the last post you may be alone with your "protest" lol
  15. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, assumed that this year was the same.
  16. Anonymous Member

    What's with the necro? It's not even September yet.
  17. Anonymous Member

    N00bs learning how to forum. Sometimes, they make a mess.
  18. whosit Member

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  19. As opposed to the elitist right? I say they both suck and we shouldn't let EITHER party push us around. We could list SO many things that both sides have screwed up. Why can't we focus on what we actually agree on? We're all fucking pawns because lets face it voting doesn't matter when both sides are owned by the same corporations(did you know they're people?), and congress never gets anything done anyway that isn't just going to make them more money while screwing the general public.
  20. anonymous612 Member

    Oh good, for a minute I thought Occupy was being a fucking idiot again. Glad to see it's just necro.
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  21. This is the best idea! Don't continue to be part of the consumer community mentality at least for one day! If a huge number of people just stay home it would scream! If they showed up not to shop but to protest!? Small business would suffer that day too, but the message would be clear.
  22. Jill Stein, There is still time! She would restore our freedoms which will be gone for ever after this election. We out number those voting for either party, and we out number them altogether with those that won't vote. Third party green could start a revolution by legally stopping the two parties non violently. We do have a chance here. It may be the last. Tell your friends.. If we do nothing we loose, so what do we have to loose? She may not win, she may not have the answers, but she is not corporate funded and would restore our freedoms like no other viable candidate would.
  23. I did not know this was last year, This year would probably make an impact after we are smashed into the sidewalk by this election.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Funny enough, Scientology also uses Black Friday to improve its stats and sell its books.
    Last year during the Black Friday, CoS put their "free stress tests" outside JCP. They were there from the middle of the night. As the crowds were waiting in line since midnight with nothing to do, I bet CoS came out totally upstat in terms of tests administered and Dianetics sold.
  25. anonymous612 Member

    No. Idea is just as fucktarded this year as last year and for the same reasons.

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