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Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by IgnotumNomine, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. IgnotumNomine Member

    starting an Ocala FL, Anon thread anyone from around these parts?
  2. anonymous612 Member

    Yes. PM Zebrafaced, or I'm sure she'll post ITT eventually. Will send to her.
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  3. zebrafaced Member

  4. IgnotumNomine Member

    hello I'm looking to meet others from Ocala on here I have recently begun a personal legal information gathering mission against the church of Scientology Mission that just opened here in town I will post Information that I gather as i get it and share with you all I'm not sure if anyone on here has actually been inside but I intend to try to become a new member, ask questions, record audio, and what ever I can do. Not sure if this will offer any help to anyone on here for raid planning etc. but I will. I want to eventually make videos of any aggressive behavior they demonstrate if and when Ocala Anon raids. I want to help show the community that this church/corp needs to be shut down and removed from Ocala. The other day in a gas station I was talking to my friend about Scientology etc. there were two older ladies behind me in there 60s or 70s the lady taps me on the shoulder and says "shh they may here you and come for you " I laughed and said "yeah I hear ya" then I thought about it...... even these old ladies know the reputation of Scientology,,, even in this small Christian town.... I was like " Aww Hell NAW " lols so here I am time to kick it up a notch. Their is strength in numbers we are legion so I just want to say hello to any anon that read this post and live in this city <-- also ps if this is not the right place to be posting this info please tell me as I am new to this forum thanks,
  5. Anonymous Member

    Try the air head forum.
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  6. LocalSP Member

    Oh this will end well.
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  7. I greatly appreciate the enthusiasm... It's refreshing to see. First off though, I'm not an Ocala Anon, I'm from Texas, so sorry on that front.

    Next thing of vital importance though dude... find the "enter" key. It is your friend. It helps break up your passage into like minded sentences, it's easier on the eyes, and prevents Anons from going tl;dr on your post., like so:

    Easier to read, and easy to quote if needed:

    And if you haven't seen it yet, the New Members Area is This way. Trolling is mitigated here, and direct questions tend to be answered without a bunch of derails.
  8. IgnotumNomine Member

    Cool thanks for the info people
  9. IgnotumNomine Member

  10. Triumph Member

  11. zebrafaced Member

  12. IgnotumNomine Member

    It has to be some teen kids any grown person would know that this isn't going to scare them or shake them up just a waste of time kinda cool tho strictly in my opinion tho vandalism is not free speech or peacefull protest but the enthusiasm is there
  13. anonymous612 Member

    Not Anon's style, and not twice (the second time conveniently with the video people loled at the lack of the first time). OSAOSAOSA.
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  14. zebrafaced Member

    Which is exactly why it is most like OSA. No Anon would write "ANON" twice, if it were Anons it would have been "CULT" or "COCKS" or something. This screams OSA.
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  15. IgnotumNomine Member

    I spoke with an Ocala police officer recently I was curious as to his personal opinion on mask laws in Ocala I was told that if we "get a permit" to protest the local mission we can have masks from what I took of it,,, this one was crytptic in his answers, but he said "put the mask on in the car and then get out and protest" that if he or others see the mask being put on that its an issue. and as long as we have this permit they cannot have us trespassed, aressted, or anything like that and we can wear masks he also said no bull horns because of noise laws. this is what I was told.... I know the state laws on it but county and city law can be modified wasn't sure.....personally this location doesn't seem like a "protest" worthy site more or less I just want to get information and harass em thats all lol maybe a mass Flier and pamphlet raid anyway just a tidbit I thought I would share,
  16. IgnotumNomine Member

    Yeah I agree, sending out the gaurd dogs to protect their new mission... make them look like they are sooo mistreated and make Anons look bad in the process.. fuck em
  17. zebrafaced Member

    Permits are unneccessary, if you're on a street corner they can't bust you for anything. Sidewalks are public, Scientology doesn't own the one in front of them as far as I'm aware.
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  18. anonymous612 Member

    Bullshit. Masks are legal in the entire state and I've personally told off OPD about that in the past and had them immediately decide to allow them. When I have more time I'll PM you or post the mask laws again; read them and print them off and show them to cops when they tell you to gtfo.
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  19. Lazydude61 Member

    I happen to be around these parts :)
  20. IgnotumNomine Member

    Nice to meet you,,,, :D and welcome to the thread
  21. IgnotumNomine Member

    man! I wanna get like 10 of us together and do some raiding but I think with this stupid vandal shit we should probably leave it alone for a few weeks lol and now I'm told OSA lurks in these forums it would have to be organized via PMs etc. I have only met a few Ocala anons so far but I'm sure if Organized correctly we could get peeps from Gainsville and Orlando to come, who knows just a thought...... I can make some very good pamphlets and fliers that are actually Informative and serious not silly and propagandaish lookin lmao..... Alot of older folks here they will respect that more and the message will hit home better like that because we all know the old ppls make the laws and get catered too in every way around here so if they don't like this cult church they can make it go away lmfao and we have a better chance of proving our legitimacy in this cause. People in this town and local areas need to know that Anonymous is a serious cause and not some angry teenage protest group trying to infringe on people's rights ,,, just sayin :p
  22. Anonymous Member

    Well good luck on your protests just make sure you keep your eyes open for the "vandal".
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  23. amaX Member

    Clearwater has made the trip north before and will do so again.'s the Maiden Voyage Event this Friday and also July 8th. They've bussed a LOT of out-of-town Sea Org into Clearwater and it's almost bustling the way it used to with all the added people. I know it's a drive, but maybe some of you could come south to Clearwater in the next few days. We're raiding every day.
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  24. anonymous612 Member

    Wuss. :|
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  25. IgnotumNomine Member

    I will seriously try to get there if not this Friday then the 8th for sure will PM for more info. thnx sooo much for posting this :D
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  26. Lazydude61 Member

    For the parts i actually read, i agree 100%, JK :D But seriously we really do need to do some thing before the scilons have us assimilated. If there's anything in the works, let me know ;)
  27. Sponge Member

    I don't really know where to put this clip which surfaced on youtube yesterday, but since it briefly features Ocala and the scienotology premises then I'll stick it in this thread rather than start a new one. I don't know what it means other than some random local making a silly and very short youtube video.

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  28. Lazydude61 Member

    Yep...what are we gonna do about it?
  29. zebrafaced Member

    Looks like some weird local to me.
  30. Lazydude61 Member

    Also a weird format...
  31. adiadem Member

    pm me
  32. adiadem Member

    I am in ocala "area"
    Would like to do something...
  33. Lazydude61 Member

    so would i...
  34. adiadem Member

    pm me then haha
  35. adiadem Member

  36. anonymous612 Member

    Zebra you poor thing
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  37. DeathHamster Member
  38. adiadem Member

    Not too sure these ppl were apart of anything...
  39. Lazydude61 Member

    Agreed. The Scilons probably wanted a warm body...
  40. Nocturnalj Member

    My brother and I are here in Ocala and dying to be a part of a protest or movement. Just need a where and when really. :p
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