"Obama Warns Against Direct Involvement by U.S. in Iran"

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Oinkertron9000, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. shar156

    Obama certainly does not have any problems speaking his mind about N. Korea. Yet, he says 'he doesn't want to meddle' and now he is saying there is little difference between the candidates. Talk about discouraging the Iranians. Geez. They need words of encouragement, at the minimum! Anyone is better than Ahmad - and it is obvious the Iranians want to be rid of him. May God be with those who are suffering in Iran and give them widsom, peace, and courage.
  2. i'm reasonably certain that even the fucktards in my college classes get that iranians and crazy-ass fundamental imams. i mean, they can tell the difference between alabamians and roy moore, (well most of them) so i have hope.
  3. Obama's doing the right thing

    If Obama speaks forcefully about the fraud in Iran, he plays right into the hands of Ahmedinejad. He and the hardliners can claim that the oppositon are tools of western interests...

    If democracy is to be preserved in Iran, it must be at the hands of the Iranian people, without western interference.
  4. If he does anything to support them directly, the hardliners could easily turn the protesters into "dogs of the west". And bring wide spread support against them.

    There may come a time when intervention is necessary, but not right now.
  5. I don't think Obama can intervene with risk discrediting the revolution. However, he can still spook the Iranian Establishment by faking them out. Maybe hold a emergency meeting with his generals in the Middle East or something or doing something for show without really doing anything.
  6. Obama said there was little difference between the two candidates! It's one thing
    for him to not interfere, it's another thing to demoralize those who are fighting for a new
  7. America needs to stay out of this officially. Their support would only make it seem as though the green movement is some colonial american empire shit.
  8. You nay sayers do not understand..

    The American Press or the American Government are not the ones who take up Arms to win our wars or fight for the freedom others deserve, The people of Iran have spoken loud and Clear that they wish to be free..

    From this you will meet something far worse than military might of the United States of America, You who try to reject the rights of people of Iran are getting a crash course in meeting the Resolve of the Citizens of the United States of America with the backing of the Citizens of every nation that has chosen to be free,Aspires to be free or that we have freed ..

    You are meeting the FREE WORLD head on and I can assure you with every ounce of my blood and every ounce of blood spilled in the name of FREEDOM this will not turn out well for you..

    drop your weapons and join the movement..
  9. As much as I hate to say it, America really shouldn't interfere here. As much as they should, they shouldn't, only because this is something Iran needs to do. These people need to fight for their democracy themselves. It is imperative that they create their democracy, because if the US sets it up and hands it to them on a silver platter, it'll only collapse into nothingness. If the Iranians can make democracy for themselves, it'll be that much sweeter and stronger, and better for the entire world.
  10. Sorry if there is misunderstanding, but I also think that the US can support them and help them, but they can't go in and do everything for these people.
  11. That's not true

    "(Americans distrust Iranians/think they are terrorists etc)"

    That certainly is not true, and it seems to me it is based on your own prejudice against Americans and your need to feel superior. You even admit those sentiments are not to be found in the media and social networking sites. It is in your head. Americans I know are hoping for the Iranian people.
  12. Video Gamer Member

    I'm American, and I'm hoping for the Iraq people.
    Don't paint us all with the same brush, so to speak.

    Anyway, I think Obama's idea is a good one. It sounds absolutely horrible at first, but look guys: If we, as a country, get involved, it will just give the propagandists and the Iranian government more reason to condemn the riots. They could say it was fueled by us.
    This is the Iranian's fight, not the U.S's. We should send in medical help, but we can't help fight this right now.
    The best we can do is spread the word.
  13. It's true, the best thing for the official United States political position to be is neutral. Pressure from unofficial sources, such as this one, in support of protesters, is paramount. If Obama or any other flag stands up in support of the protesters, it will immediately undercut their credibility. This isn't like protests in other countries where protesters were not only pro-Democracy but also pro-Western. Most of Iran still believes that the United States is the Great Satan, so we should keep our official mouths shut and continue to unofficially support the protests.
  14. Iraq? It's just a slip I realize but...kind of a big one.
  15. Obama is a jerk!

    Obama ... Would you call him the leader of the Free World?
    He doesn't even have the balls to tell Iran that it's EVIL dictatorship should stop killing it's own people who are protesting the sham elections.

    "I'm concerned but I don't want to meddle". Is that the best he can come up with?

    Here is how Ronald Regan ended the cold war:
    "Mr.Gorbachev tear down this wall"

    Here is what Obama would have said:
    "Mr.Gorbachev we are concerned about this wall... but we don't want to meddle"

    Al least Reagan had the balls to call the Soviet Union an evil empire.
    Why can't Obama call the Iranian government "evil" when it's regime is killing it's own people.
  16. iranians praise obama

    Obama made exactly the right decision, don't believe me hear it from an iranian on twitter:
  17. People are right. This isn't the cold war.

    Obama staying neutral is the best thing right now. The UN is the one that can really say anything or get involved.
  18. That's painfully ignorant. If Obama said those things it would undermine the progressive movement because then the Iranian government could claim that the movement is in fact American in origin. Ahmadinejad has already tried to say the foreign media tried to influence the election. He'd love to take the focus off of the bogus results. This isn't about America, it's about the people of Iran and the disservice that's been done to them.

    And for what it's worth...Regan got the Soviets to spend themselves out of existence. The wall speech was window dressing.
  19. Oppressed Eastern Europeans loved us. Chinese protesters loved us. the Iranian street does not love us, so analogies between these groups are what are known as "False Analogies". Stop using them, they make you look dumb.
  20. I call bulls***

    I really don't like the tone of this thread. But mostly I hate the political ignorance.

    What do y'all expect, the President of the United States to give all the excuses Ahmedinejad needs to move the army out against the protesters? Mousavi would instantly become an "American puppet" in their propaganda, a threat to "national security". And it'd quickly become columns of men with rifles in the streets rather than those irregular brownshirts with billyclubs.

    A couple of twitterers have asked for Obama's public support. But they're panicking college students mostly, with no big view of how their government works. Mousavi knows Ahmedinejad well, and he hasn't asked for any outside support at all. Because he knows that Ahmedi will roll out the tanks if he does.

    Besides, there's Iranian history to think about here. The first Revolution was accomplished through massive nonviolent protest, just like today. They had no support from the outside world; they did it all on their own. Iranians are proud of this. This is the image Mousavi and the other leaders need to capture if they are to win the full backing of the people in the army and the government for a reform agenda. That's the only way they can win this fight. And Obama would royally screw that up with a strong endorsement.
  21. Really, are you sure? Was Regan even close to making the russians tear down that wall? Regan's "attempt" to seize Berlin was as futile as the Japan peacetalks were without bombs. This quote is more like a statement, a very foolish statement, to make many americans go out and yell "HELL YEAH!", or for the more sofisticated ones "That Regan is a really brave man, standing alone and fighting communism and dictatorship, say my dear wife shall we vote from him a third time?".

    If Obama went official and asked Iran to tear down their wall. The response would have been that the entire world's politicians would laugh themselves to death. A very good act of terrorism but that is not why we're here. The russians were hated by the entire west world due to massive propaganda being published against them, this is not the case in Iran. It's more likely that a large quantity of west world inhabitants would stand on Iran's side, even tough they are a dictatorship. The american influence and actions in the middle east can easily be compared with the great britain or dutch stuggle for colonies since the 16:th century. That is bad.

    Not to mention that Regan was a senile old basterd with the intelligence of a rat who has been run over by a 5 ton truck. Much like all republicans, and if you ask me, the democrats are not so much better themselves.
  22. THIS

    and THIS:
    why the hell so many ignorant republican fanboys in here?
  23. Chameleon Member

    Quoted for truth.

    Obama's hands are tied- that doesn't mean he doesn't give a rat's ass, he just knows we cannot do anything because it would jeopardize lives by painting the protesters as pawns of the USA.
  24. Zed-IRAN Member

    Quoted for such epic truth.

    Take a PoliSci class, guys. America isn't Superman - we can't go charging in fixing everything, as much as we might want to. Obama has made the right, if frustrating and difficult, decision.

    Diplomacy: It's fucked-up, but it works (though not immediately).
  25. We've had a policy shift? Kosovo and Somalia beg to differ. Though I agree with the assertion.
  26. Its just like when the iraqis begged for us to take out saddam.. we didnt but we come back 10 years later ' oh hai were here to help you' and next thing you know they just want to fight the great satan and want saddam back lol
  27. Wow. Let me guess, you're american. If not, go to America, you sort of belong there. I am sure the christian extremists over there would like to share and hear stories about how good america is. You see, the bearded man amongst the clouds and those saints in Washington D.C justified to killing of thousands and the destruction of an entire country.
  28. Obama doing the right thing

    As a American I want to go over to Iran and kick so Mullah butt in true American style. As a person who is married to a Iranian and has alot of friends and family and have visited the country we as Americans have no clue as to wants going on there. If we forgot everybody hates us after the failure years of the republicans and Bush the Iranian state TV is using talking points from FOX NEWS to try to make it as if the US is up to there old tricks, which has worked pretty much everywhere in the Middle East for Decades. They don't like the Jews but they hate US meddling even more.

    For Obama to give stronger wording to this issue will give the Religious right exactly what they need to break the protesters, I have heard it many times from my friends there as we help them in other ways we want your support world especially America just don't say to much please. We want this to stay about US and not YOU. So I think my fellow Americans need to learn that being the loudest is not always seen as a positive
  29. How painfully simplistic. Were you even alive and aware in the 80s or did you just read that in some textbook?

    But still, I'm sure this is why you're probably a hugely successful politician posting on this forum in disguise, because of your brilliant political skills. :rolleyes:

    Personally, I think Obama is doing the right thing. Any more and it would seem that he becomes a useable propaganda tool against the protesters and nobody wants that, except for maybe this tool I'm replying to who didn't even bother to register a name to drop that pile of crap.
  30. Visionary Member

    Yes, well...that didn't exactly turn out for the best. Not that I am necessarily disagreeing with their right to handle things on their own if they want.

    That said, in many cases of revolutions without outside help or supervision the results have been bad and things have ended up even worse.
    I suppose we will just have to rely on the Iranian opposition to fix things on their own if they win.

    And to be honest Mousavi's constant calls for peaceful demonstrations and non-violence despite the brutality being used against them have been somewhat impressive.

    On the other hand, with the ban on media and the rumors swirling around about deaths everywhere, I can't help worrying that the Iranian government will just decide to start slaughtering people if this drags on for too long for them.

    So...I'm not advocating US military interference or even US spearheaded diplomatic interference. But I wish we could get some sort of international presence in Iran so we could at least know what's going on and maybe provide additional medical aid if there is a need for it.
  31. Obama, should have suported President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. ;)

    If the results of 30+ years of American presidents telling Iran what they should do is any indication, it is that Iran will do the opposite of what American presidents demand. The only way Obama can help the protesters is if he said "America, the CIA and the US military stand firmly behind President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad."

    I voted against Obama, but he has made the best move he can to support the Iranian people.

  32. The 1953 Iranian coup dtat was the Western-led covert operation that deposed the democratically-elected government of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mosaddeq. The coup was organized by the United States' CIA and the United Kingdom's MI6, two agencies that aided royalists and mutinous Iranian army officers in overthrowing the Prime Minister. CIA officer Kermit Roosevelt, Jr. carried out Operation Ajax which was organized by CIA agent Donald Wilber. The plan helped retired Iranian General Fazlollah Zahedi. The CIA history, written by Wilber, called the operation TPAJAX with the TP preceding AJAX indicating it was a covert operation that took place in Iran.
    After the coup, Mossadegh, Iran's popularly elected leader, was taken to jail and Roosevelt carried out the plan devised by Wilber to install Imperial Guard Colonel Nematollah Nassiri to establish a pro-US and pro-UK government. To carry out the plan, Roosevelt and Wilber bribed Iranian government officials, reporters, and businessmen.
    This AngloAmerican coup dtat was to ensure Western control of Iran's petroleum resources and to prevent the Soviet Union from competing for Iranian oil.Moreover, the Iranian motivations for deposing Prime Minister Mosaddeq included reactionary clerical dissatisfaction with a secular government, fomented with CIA propaganda.

    LOL its interesting how many western freepresses are claiming that 53 has repeated itself with help from the after effect of the bush administration if u are american and want to know what you can do to help? ask urself how he came to power for 8 YEARS!

    In terms of on the ground assistance perfect time for the UN to forcefully stop escalating violence, lol wut, oh yeah you destroyed IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Allah/Alah/Elah/God bless the iranian people
  33. Back to reality

    For all those bringing up Iraq, get over it, Iraqis turned against Al Qaeda, there is a vibrant democracy in Iraq now! There wouldn't be if Sen. Obama had gotten his way. The Presidents current position is a "false choice" because no one said invade Iran, or send them supplies, or anything. Just get on camera and say what needs to be said. Denounce the thug tactics of this regime! Who would have imagined the day when the French President has bigger balls the the US President?
  34. Video Gamer Member

    Look what happens when the U.S gets involved: People say that we're the ones who caused it.
    As much as I'd love Obama to meet the current Iranian president in person, to only give him the finger, any kind of negative action the United States takes against Iran will just do the exact opposite of what we want to do.
  35. Another False Choice

    Cant get past the first line without a "false choice." People cant say we caused this, its already going on. Obama can't cause anything by mere words, despite the belief of his followers!
    That last line is another "false choice" because the current President of Iran who is willing to steal an election will NEVER do what the US wants anyway.
  36. Exactly. I really don't see MA working with America. If Obama was to at least condemn the election and come out with a position of a new election with international observers, that would side him with the reformists without giving MA ammunition to use against the reformists.

    I want everyone in Iran to know that I have leaned a lot about the Iranian people during this moment in history and many of my preconceived notions were smashed to bits. I hope that the people of Iran will realize that America is here to help them. Sure, America has done some stupid things in the past but in general it usually gets it right.
  37. Get Real American Dude

    Nobody suggested the US "fight this fight" anyway, just that Obama should condemn the thug tactics of the baseej.
    We should send medical help? Yeah because Amadinejad would love the USA out there stiching up the guys he just wacked over the head, just so he can wack them some more.

  38. I hope you do my friend, not all Iran hates USA. We want freedom for Iran like Bush give to Iraq! This is bigger than the 2 Presidential candidates. They are both part of the regime. We need real freedom in Iran. A lot of people use Mousavi as an excuse to protest this government.
  39. Video Gamer Member

    That's a really good idea...I hope he does something like that. Or at least, I hope SOMEONE proposes that kind of idea.
  40. I would call Obama a limp wrist, but that would be offensive to homosexuals, and they don't deserve that. He can't do anything but be a puppet. That's why I've expressed remorse that my own country can't and most likely won't do anything no matter how bad it gets over there.

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