Obama heckled at fundraiser by Manning supporters

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by mongrel, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. mongrel Member

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  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Expensive, but nice.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Song was not about manning though
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  4. lulzgasm Member

    We can haz 2nd American Revolution nao?
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  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

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  6. hushpuppy Member

    Good catch. This is crappy journalism. The only reference to Manning-related activism here is not in the song at all:
    fuck yeah
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  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

    I have always wanted to see an Oliphant in action. Sigh, that is all I have right now.
  9. 3rdMan Member

    Nah I'll settle for the statler and waldorf approach to politics.
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  10. Smurf Member

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  11. Br'er Rabbit Member

  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Anonymous Member

    Thanks Smurf
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  14. fucking har har har...
    what a fucking douche!
  15. Kilia Member

  16. whatever it takes to get that poor soul out of prison. He could die in there.
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  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. Anonymous Member

    would have been even more awesome if he wouldnt have bought a ticket and just went inside to sing then the fbi would be owned too =p
  19. Anonymous Member

    Reporter asks questions about China's claim of hypocrisy in re human rights, then brings up Manning for some pwnage of the State Dept. fuckwit.

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  20. PhAnonynom Member

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  21. xenubarb Member

    "Open source..." like uh, Wikileaks?
  22. Anonymous Member

  23. lulzgasm Member

    Did you ever doubt he would?
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  24. Anonymous Member

    I have never ever doubted the Swift Smurf. Bet on this!
  25. PhAnonynom Member

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  26. lulzgasm Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

    Wow! We gotta get some of those unmanned drones and fly them over $cientology centre$, maybe fly them right through $cientology centre$, and land with BIG BUMPS on the roofs, fly away and then, buzz right over the heads of dorks like that $cilon faggot (TonyMohammadwhateverthefuck) in Chicago, tryna get elected. This has possibilties.
  28. none given Member

    /b/ro, you know the agenda, first the mid east, then China, then we bring it on home.
    It's got to run it's course.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    President Obama speaks on Manning and the rule of law
    I wish Greenwald had been there to point out Obama's BS answers to Obama.
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  30. Jeff Jacobsen Member

  31. none given Member

    One difference is these people were more-or-less Obama suppporters if also critics and didn't mind paying the $5k per plate. They just wanted a say rather than a rubber chicken breast w/ two luke-warm side veggies.

    Chanologists would rather burn the cash than hand it to CoS.
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  32. mongrel Member

    Interesting idea but I don't support anything that davey does. So I won't give one single penny to that sack of shit.
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  33. FTFY.
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  34. lulzgasm Member

    It's days like these when I wonder if the federal government actually wants an armed revolt to happen.
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  35. Nah, they think we're fat and lazy. They're probably right.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Then Obama told her "TITS OR GTFO"?
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  37. Anonymous Member
  38. I know that I am not under alien control!

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  39. Ninja337 Member

    Obama: "I can't run this country on an open source"

    Linus Torvalds was not available for comment
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