NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by AnonymousInNYC, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. pokeanon Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    I don't terribly mind you having my exposed face, but as noted in my personal experiences thread, I have "family" in scientology, and I don't want any pictures of me available. I'd also check with others to make sure they're okay with you hosting pics of their exposed faces. I know the friend I brought with me wouldn't appreciate it either. He's just getting involved with Anon.

    My day: showed up way late, 'cause the friend who was with me was driving down from upstate. Pillow fought for about 15 minutes because it was very tiring, hot, and totally uncontrollable. It was fun anyhow. Got lost looking for Anon in Union Square park, but ended up finding them due to hardy call of "Mudkips!". Got berated for being late, gave out some of my pro-looking youfoundthecards. Got some TV crew to interview us, though I have no idea who. intarwebz (spelling?) gave a great little interview for them. Met some Anon groupies while leaving the park, happiness ensued.

    Took the subway to a pizza place. Carded the subway car, and then some horrendously self-stereotyped Japanese tourist wanted a photo of us. He seemed confused, but intruiged, and his English wasn't great, but it made me smile a lot.

    Got to the pizza place where Akoli, unprompted proceeded to be ultra-awesome and bought us all lunch. Many thanks again to Akoli for that. Chilled with Anon for a while. A good time was had.

    Left pretty damn early after a little bit of walking, some minimal street fliering. Non-Anon friend was pretty tired from his drive and wanted to head home. Sorry I couldn't stick around more/show up earlier, but it was cool meeting you guys/gals.
  2. Akoli Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    Finally just got home. . .the friend we went to go comfort was no longer in need of comfort when we got there. Atomsk and I were pretty much dying of sleep deprivation by then, and sleptwalked through the train system home. The wonders of being a native New Yorker-literally being able to navigate the subways in your sleep.

    Showered-checked various crap-and about to cuddle up with Raptor Jesus and post the awesome summary which should be coming now. . .tomorrow.
  3. AnonNation Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    Haha, I know at some point during the day I said that I wouldn't care if I'm the last to leave the city and, technically, I was. Just felt like checking in before passing out.

    Visit to the Co$ Times Square headquarters scared OSA Scinos shitless (They certainly did NOT expect us)! I'll try to put up whatever good footage I got later today, and I just want to applaud anyone and everyone who showed up today. You helped make this one hell of a fucking day.
  4. [Anon] <3 NY Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    I was vomiting bile all day yesterday, but knowing you guys were out there fliering the shit out of the place and making OSA shit brix brings a little sunshine to my puke filled world.
  5. Interweb Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    Why, why, why would you do that to my poor name? What did it ever do to you?

    Yeah, but it was a blast. And successful. When my group was going around carding, we actually come across a few that others had put up. And Googles, I don't think you missed too much. We broke up shortly after you left.
  6. AnonNation Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    I made this in five minutes with very little effort. Whatever, I'm still exhausted.

    It may not be available right away (assuming you're attempting to view it shortly after I posted this).

    Also, this.
  7. KoolAid Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    Alright, I reuploaded some of the pics without faces this time. I also added a new pic. I don't want to change the group photo, but if anyone asks me to then I will have no choice but to edit their face off.

    It was tons of fun. While me and goggles put fliers everywhere, we saw a jumbo-sized scientology rat running around on the train tracks. I took a pic but it didn't develop. We also came across an Epic Midget who smiled and posed with a card and flier, but unfortunately that one didn't develop either. Then we came across a scientologist passing out dianetics cards. I gave him one of my fliers and then walked behind him. He read the flier for a while before folding it up and continued to pass out cards. I stood right next to him with the camera ready, and after about a minute or so he finally noticed me and a snapped a pic right in his face. I wanted to yell 'Who's the one taking photos now, BIYATCH?', but he seemed really sad and lonely so I left him alone. He didn't even say anything.

    Akoli is the best. Not only did she buy pizza and soda for everyone, but she even bought the camera which I took these pictures with. A big round of applause for Akoli :applause:

    I really would have liked to stay with you guys, but I had to cook for my grandma. After that, I went through hell trying to develop the freaking pictures. I walked to the CVS and guess what? The photo machine was broken. How convenient. So I walked even further to a Rite-Aid. Guess what? They didn't have 1-hour photo; instead they send them out and you get them back in a week or longer. So I walked back to CVS to only get a CD of pictures, but it turns out that the entire machine is broken, including the picture CD maker. They told me about some random, privately-owned place in some secluded neighborhood that MIGHT be able to make the pictures. So I ran all the way over to this weird, secluded photo place, and what do you know, it wasn't a 1-hour photo place, it was another 1-week-or-more photo place. I looked up another far-away CVS in the phone book and called them to see if their machine was broken, and it wasn't. So I ran many miles over to this CVS and waited outside for one hour and forty minutes instead of one hour until I finally got my pictures. Epic success.

    I hope you guys enjoy your Kool-Aid :eek:hyeah:
  8. Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    I don't see any exposed faces in the group pic, so there really isn't a need to edit I guess.
  9. pokeanon Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    I am SO sorry.
  10. AnonPahnks Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    I am an NYC anon. I was at the 1st half of the March 15 protests. I have an interesting connection to a very famous Scientologist, but I can't think of any way in which this could be usefull, that is, at the moment. I live in Williamsburg where alot of young people are very interested in activism, but there is almost no presence at least not until this morning. I was on the L train and some Anon's came through with "" ads. This is great, but I think it could be stepped up a whole bunch before April 12. Any nyc anon's, particularly the anon's on the train today (sun april 6) please feel free to contact me, i'd love to pool our efforts.
  11. Sethdood Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    If you come onto the IRC it would be easier for you to get involved with these types of miniraids. We've been doing them often. Do you need the IRC information?
  12. AnonPahnks Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    Yeah sure that is regarding which chanels and servers to go to. That'd be great. Thanks
    BTW, On the way back from Party Hard there were Stress Testers in Union Square and two people waiting on line to do the test. Suffice to say I went flyer crazy, and slinked away before they could follow me.

    Thanks for your help. This cause has meant alot to me for awhile, and I'm psyhced.

    Also, anyone that hasn't read this yet I have been passing it around all week. The writing style is really accessible and flows nicely. THis is a link to Kendra Wiseman's story, She sounds awesome to me, and for those who haven't noticed, ex scilon girls are generally kinda hot.
    Kendra's Scientology Story Page 1


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