NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by AnonymousInNYC, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    Newmindspace is hosting their third annual Pillow Fight NYC in Union Square, anticipating a crowd of 15,000+. We're going to flyer.

    Meet at 10:30am in front of the George Washington Statue located in the south of Union Square Park. We'll then ride the subway, placing as many cards as possible (bring as many of your own as you can!). At 2PM, we should go to Kinkos located on 5th Ave. between 19th and 20th, and run off as many tri-folds and fliers as we care to afford. We'll then start flyering to pillow fighters in Union Square Park.

    Atleast two of us will be participating in the Pillow Fight and will be writing information about 4/12: Operation Reconnect on our pillowcases. Feel free to do the same.

    WEAR SOME SORT OF FACIAL PROTECTION. Scarves, sunglasses, hats, dust masks, whatever. Treat this like the raid that it is. You never know where Scilons can turn up.

    Let us know in this thread if you're coming, thinking of coming, maybe coming, or a duck.
  2. AnonNation Member

    You can count on my camera. And I'll try to make as many YouFoundTheCard . . . cards . . . as possible.
  3. pokeanon Member

    I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it there as early as 10:30. There's trouble with the LIRR, and I'm also planning on going in with friends who just want to pillow fight. I can definitely meet up with you guys later though.

    I have about 500 youfoundthecards though. I'll report back hopefully later today or tomorrow. Sometimes my friends stink at planning.

    I haven't tried it yet, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work to put cheap white t-shirts (you can get a 3-pack at most pharmacys for like $10) on a pillow, and write something about 4/12. "4/12 Operation Reconnect" "Join us 4/12 to celebrate your family" something like that.
  4. Do you think I'm way overblowing how long it'll take to put a lot of YouFoundTheCards in the subway? I think maybe I am. I should probably change it to 11:30.
  5. AnonNation Member

    NYC subway map

    In my view, we would probably be most effective if we operate out of the station on 7th and 42nd Street Station. Primarily, that's the heart of Times Square and will most certainly see the largest crowds of commuters, and secondly, as all NYC anons should be aware of by now, the "Church" likes to set up their stress test tables in that area . . . though the station on Lexington and 14th will undoubtedly see a lot of traffic on Saturday given that it's right at Union Square.
  6. So are you saying I should move it back to 10:30? The only concern of mine is running out of cards then having nothing to do. Thoughts?

    Another thing that just struck me is that not only do we have to copy the trifolds, printing on both sides, we also have to actually FOLD them. Thoughts on this? I can meet as early in the morning as anyone wants, it's of no matter to me. What time does someone want to meet me to make and fold copies?
  7. AnonNation Member

    I was merely giving an opinion on which subway stations/trains would be best to focus on only because we certainly won't be able to reach every single one. The time of the event isn't as nearly as important to me as how many resources we'll have (cards, fliers, participating anons, etc.). How much time we would need to distribute all cards would depend solely on that.

    And, concerning your additional point, I can get to Union Square at the earliest by around 9:30 or so (assuming there are no problems on the LIRR).
  8. I definitely agree with your assertions of basing out of one station. I was thinking Union Square but Times Square makes sense too. I hope I didn't come off as testy or standoffish as that wasn't my intention at all.

    I'll be personally carrying 500 cards and I'll have one of the tri-folds found here ( ) to make copies of. I don't know how many fliers to make. I'm really unsure about numbers and time-spans and things like that. Suggestions? Assuming it would be just you and I carding then joined by pokeanon to flier before the Pillow Fight.
  9. AnonNation Member

    It's quite alright. No harm done.

    How much does it it cost for a bundle of 500 cards? If I bring my own set, we would certainly have way more than enough to cover both Times Square and Union Square stations and some of the subway trains within a few hours (Assuming it would be just us, like you said). Placing cards around the stress test tables (hopefully they'll be there) should provide for a few lulz.

    As far as distributing fliers goes . . . I think it might be more effective if we just print out one-sheets. Perhaps one bundle to promote the April 12th event and another one on the Church of Scientology's crimes.
  10. Interweb Member

    I am a loser with nothing better to do, so I think I'll come as well. I'll get started on some filers and cards and what have you. And I think 10:30 will be fine. The worst case scenario, we find some way to entertain ourselves for a little while.
  11. Well I've just been writing my own with Sharpie on index cards. I'm not sure how much it would be to make up actual business cards.

    Is it wise to do the stations extensively? I was thinking just the trains, seeing as how a) someone on a train is stuck there for atleast a few minutes thus more apt to look at and remember the URL and b) less chance of some jerky cop yelling at us, and as a busker, I know there is no shortage of jerky cops in Times Square.

    I'm fine with one-sheets, the only thing is I can't find any that are as informative and attention grabbing as that tri-fold. Suggestions as far as that goes?

    And to Interweb: Okay then. It's still 10:30.
  12. AnonNation Member

    Index cards and Sharpies work.

    And, no, we don't have to cover the stations too much; I just thought it would be a little more effective (although the threats of jerky cops and the possibility that they'd spot them and dispose of them before anyone else can find them are very real) to do that than hit a handful of subway cars. How many trains are you planning on hitting, anyway?

    Also, I am personally a big fan of this flier. Anything with the headline Scientology: Dangerous Cult of Greed is bound to get some attention, I'm sure of it.
  13. My thought was that we could, say, get on the last car of a train, then take however long it takes putting the cards in ads and on seats on every car of the train before getting on a new one, and just do that until fliering time.

    That's a good flier. I found this one I got too, which is 8.5 x 5.5 (so a standard sheet of copier paper cut in half) with one side showing (a slightly different version) of this flier and the other side with a picture of Hubbard saying "I'd like to start a religion. That's where the money is." and the Anon logo and XENU.NET. I can bring it to with me Saturday and we can ask Kinkos if they could cut them in half for us if we made copies.
  14. Where do you guys make your cards, if I may ask? I want to make a bundle myself to post on subways. I hear the N, 1, and A/C trains are easier to tag because of the trains having little to no people for their last stops (1 train having 99% guarantee of having nobody in the last few cars at South Ferry), if people are willing to trek just to make a mark. That, and these trains can get pretty crowded.

    But yeah, where can I make the cards?
  15. AnonNation Member

    In that case, I'd say we should all REALLY study the subway map just to know where we'd be headed and get an idea of where the trains go and how to find a way back to Union Square.

    I'm assuming we'd all end up pairing off and taking one train at a time on the NQRW line at the beginning?

    Also, everyone should be prepared to be taking multiple $2 train rides.
  16. Someone on SA recommends . I can't vouch for them or not.

    Honestly I hadn't really thought it out that much. I don't think it should require that much pre-planning. I figured we'd pair off, take whatever trains we take, and just meet back at the statue at 2:30. I don't even know if doing entire trains is necessary. We could just get on one, do a car or two, then transfer, and just do that for a couple of hours.

    Also, once you're in the system, you can transfer as many times as you need to. Although yea, to get in and out when we're at Union Square, you'll need multiple swipes.
  17. AnonNation Member

    Right, but it would still be worth knowing which trains go where, at which stations you can transfer to other tracks, which tracks can take you to or near Union Square on the return trip, etc.

    Perhaps I am thinking too much about it, but not everyone is an expert at navigating around the subway system (and three fellow anons and I did wind up on a northbound train when we needed to go south after hitting up the Celebrity Center on Saturday).
  18. Okay! We'll discuss station stuff first thing when we meet on Saturday. I sometimes forget that not everyone can navigate the subway system the best (it took me years to keep myself from getting lost, so I dig).
  19. *chuckles*

    I find this particularly interesting as I've been studying the subway map for the past four years I was allowed to travel on my own. If anyone gets paired with me, if I come, they'll be rather lucky.
  20. man, i wish i could be there for this, but i have work at 2, and i don't think the train system could get me home fast enough and still enjoy some quality pillow fighting...

    good luck brave anons.
  21. Incidentally, I think that for those of you making up your cards, leaving off any reference to Scientology may be a good idea. Juan Edgar Public is going to be seeing our cards; "YOU FOUND THE CARD! WWW.YOUFOUNDTHECARD.COM" is going to make him curious and maybe hopeful and more likely to go to the site, whereas "STOP SCIENTOLOGY'S CRIMES! WWW.YOUFOUNDTHECARD.COM" gives away all mystery and he'll brush it off as another solicitation like all the others in the subway, and if there's anything a New Yorker hates, it's soliciting.

    Most of my cards simply feature the URL prominently displayed. Some of them read "Congratulations! You found the card! What does this mean? Find out at: WWW.YOUFOUNDTHECARD.COM" and other variations. But I'm pretty sure that mention of a viewpoint or even a fact (SCIENTOLOGY KILLS) will ultimately hurt the ratio of those who see one of our cards to those who visit the site.
  22. AnonNation Member

    The one reason why I don't like the templates on the website. The simple web address on a card found in a subway car is intriguing enough.
  23. Akoli Member

    I'll be there.
  24. AnonNation Member

    Right on!

    Also, I got my 500 pack of unruled index cards today, preparing to go loopy on Sharpie fumes later tonight.
  25. Akoli Member

    After reading over this whole topic, time for a slightly more helpful post. I'll be there, and I can tell you now, don't pair me up with Anon_Goggles. It's a waste of navigational talent. I've been obsessed with the subway map since I was 5, and know how to ride the trains quite well. Without getting lost. (and in my experience, when two subway savvy people get paired off together in any situation, they won't stop arguing about the quickest route)


    Also, I've noticed stress test tables ARE set in Times Square, but usually in the Port Authority side. Another hot spot for them is the 74th-Broadway/Roosevelt station on the 7-E-F-V-G-R lines. I'll be sure to bring maps with me, so everyone actually knows where they're going. And highlighters. Shouldn't be too hard though. Oh, and if anyone needs to get through to me then, my number's 646 701 2532. Don't try to call me until Saturday though, because I have no minutes.

  26. AnonNation Member

    That'll be a big help.
  27. Does anyone have a spare dust-mask or three? I thought I had a box, but I was wrong.

    Current rollcall:

    PokeAnon (closer to pillow fight time)
    maybe AnonymousGoggles
  28. AnonNation Member

    Didn't KoolAid say he'd come in the April 12th thread? Perhaps put him on the "maybe" list?

    And all I have is one dust mask and a party hat from last Saturday. You can wear that over your mouth, but you will look pretty ridiculous. Though, I feel safe enough to just wear a pair of sunglasses, you can just use mine.
  29. KoolAid Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    Yes, I'm coming. May I remind everyone to please make their own cards.. it's really easy: just cut a lot of computer paper into eight even pieces and write '' on each of them if you don't have a printer, like me. I made 304 of them a few weeks ago and brought them to a mini-raid with two other anon, and it would have been epic fail if I hadn't because the total number of fliers that the three of us brought, including my 304 cards, was 329. If everyone makes 100 cards or fliers, then this will work out quite well.

    See you gaise there :rickroll:
  30. AnonNation Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    Just got 100 more to write out, and I'll have an even 500. I guess I'll have extras in case anyone wants to be a real free rider.

    Also, I want to let everyone be aware that MSN's weather forecast calls for light snow tomorrow morning. It should clear up by noon or so and we'll probably be spending most of our time in the subways anyway, but it's good to know these kind of things.
  31. Little_Sister Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    Ok, there is a good chance that I can make it tomorrow. Now, since this place is lagging more than a leper without limbs, would you kindly email me detailed directions to the first meeting place (statue?), and Union Square from both the Path (whichever stations closer) and NY Penn.

    Email is ''. Would you kindly do it soon, I'm not waiting twenty minutes for this page to open up again...
  32. Akoli Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    Updates: I have one dust mask, and I really don't care if people follow me. So someone can have it. I might be able to get some others, depending on whether or not I get money tonight. I'll be around Union Square from very early tomorrow, AND my phone has minutes. Get lost? Call me. Not from around here, and scared of the big, bad city? Call me, I'll come pick you up from whatever station you're at. (and I wasn't entirely being sarcastic there, I do fully understand the city scares some people, and I respect whoever comes here despite that. . .but my nature requires me to be sarcastic about it.)
    Bored out of your mind waiting for people to show? Chances are, so am I. Call me-number's 646 701 2532 for those of you too lazy to scroll up for the last time I put it.

    See you tomorrow, Anonymous.
  33. AnonNation Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    Very early, eh? I'm probably going to be there an hour early, anyway. Good to know I'll have company.
  34. Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    Agree'd/10. The worst thing to have is two anonymous arguing.

    Edit: By the way, I was out today and I saw across the station a C (or E) train riddled with post-it notes. I am assuming it was wonderful work by anonymous, but may I ask, HOW? All I see is a combination of blue, orange, and some other colors on one car. Surely these post-its would've fallen off due to the train's speed....

    ... ingenious.

    Edit (Numero dos): I also might be leaving earlier. I will probably be at the Staples getting some last minute copies of fliers.

    Edit Three: So I found a bunch of sticky notes in my living room and wrote (in pattern which is now broken because I screwed up) and I couldn't find index cards, so this is the best I could do.
  35. Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    So our final rollcall is:

    PokeAnon (closer to pillow fight time)
    Little Sister (maybe)

    Sounds like a party! Remember cards, fliers, facial protection, cameras, and PILLOWS! Cheers guys. In the words of Stuart Murdoch, "Meet you at the statue in an hour." Except by that I mean "in eleven hours."
  36. Anon Frenzy Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    Good luck and Godspeed Anonymous. I can't be there tomorrow, but I'll be there for the fliering on the 5th. Let us know how it goes!
  37. Akoli Member

    Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    Okay. This is the last time I'll likely be online before we meet. I'm already in the Union Square area, have been for a couple hours. I'm running off some youfoundthecards and fliers and trying to work out groups/optimal train routes based on 6-10 people showing up. Number's 6467012532, hopefully you don't get lost, and you'll only need that to find me.
  38. KoolAid Member

  39. Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    I departed from the group at around 11:14.



    Which means we hung around...

    ... for a long while.

    I must say today was a lot more eventful than what I expected. I just thought I would come by, do my part, join back, have a chat, and then go my way home and hang around with my brothers. Not...

    Meet up
    Done my part with Kool Aid (go around the subway and post post-its and hand out cards/fliers)
    Come back and hang around
    Meet other anons (out of nowhere)
    Pillow fight
    Meet Little Sister and PokeAnon
    Have pizza
    Have interesting conversations
    Meet two more anons (and say bye to Kool Aid)
    Go to Toys R Us
    Raise hell about Mudkips (not really)
    Get kicked out of Toys R Us
    Mini-raid Scientology (lol, they threatened to call the cops on us for Rick Rolling)
    Watch people enter the Scientology building (I won't specify who until that person gives permission IF that person gives permission)
    Watch people leave the Scientology building with $60 (no, no stealing. Just buying a book and getting more change than needed)
    Hang around
    Hang around Starbucks
    Handful of anons leave
    Go through 9th ave
    Go into Mcdonalds
    and more I am sure. Heck, I don't think the rest are done yet.

    EDIT: WOAH, SOME PICS IN YOUR FLICKR EXPOSED FACES! Just thought you should be aware of that Kool Aid.
  40. Re: NYC Flyer Campaign at Pillow Fight NYC, 3/22

    I'm mad I left so early. I figured we were pretty much done and left with some friends I met at the pillow fight.

    Cheers, guys. We got up a shitton of cards in the subway. A couple people in IRC who didn't know about the raid saw the cards in the system today. We're saving the world.

    I left my camera at a friend's house, when I get it back I'll post the group picture (which only has eight of us in it)

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