NYC - April 5th

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by MrMatrix, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. MrMatrix Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    I've got 2 black sharpies, a blue and a red one, some highlighters and scissors and tape etc...
  2. Anon_DESU Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    I'll probably be meeting with you guys after 12:30, close to 2. Save me some food and peeps.
  3. 3_D Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    Something came up for me this morning so I will be showing up for the later half of the day. Probably sometime between 2 & 3. I'll still be bringing fliers and pie.
  4. KoolAid Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

  5. Erika Bauman Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    I will be there for the 12:30 and 2 portion, but I will be maybe 10 minutes late for 12:30.. Arg, I will be at Penn at 12:07 and rushing as fast as I can!

    Also I couldn't get the black and white cookies.. Promise to bring them on 4/12, making note to save a coupe for 3_D. I instead I am bringing an offering on oreo cakesters. Plz to be not hating, for they are delicious.
  6. Erika Bauman Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    Got lost, came late, was heading to CP with other anons when we got split up cause of one hug.. Only one waited..we tried to find the other anons in CP but no one was there, so the one anon went looking, never came back as well as leaving us with his bag and baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww. Friend had an asthma attack after waiting for like three hours and moar baw, went home, baw.

    So whoever you were, I forgets your name. I thought it was JerseyMudkipz? I have your bag. And you said you didn't visit Enturb much how does I contacts o lawd.

    Also where was sethdood baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw.

    At least I don't have to spend any money for flyers for 4/12. :\
  7. Anon_DESU Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    Alright, I told sethdood to go to the Alice statue at E 76th, as planned by Avatar. I didn't go because I didn't have anyone to call and find out where you all were (since I would have gone there late) So...I guess he didn't make it?

    JerseyMudkip is on IRC, Erika.
  8. Erika Bauman Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    Oh fuck. We didn't meet by the Alice statue. FUCK, THAT'S WHY IT SOUNDED FAMILIAR ON THE SUBWAY ARG ARG ARG. And this is why I follow the crowd of anon and don't trust myself, lol. x_X;

    Thankies for the info. I shall stalk irc until you all return.

    Brr I'd give out my number if I weren't such an unreliable person. I'm just late to everything. >_<;;
  9. Anon Frenzy Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    We did our flyering at Union Square and had luck engaging people who were sitting on benches. We then proceeded to Grand Central, and flyered some more, where a lot of people there were already anti-scientology, enlightened loads, had a half hour conversation with a freelance journalist, got tons of hugs, and met a guy who had done Scientology for a while and left. Some anons stayed at the park, and the rest of us went to the MET. One anon gave a button vendor a hug and he gave him a free I love Barack button.

    A photographer stopped us a took our picture.


    It was a day full of win.
  10. MrMatrix Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th


  11. Anon_DESU Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th archnemesis...we meet again. :guyfawkes:
  12. Erika Bauman Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th


    Did he try to use his OT powers on ya this time?
  13. MrMatrix Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    not just me...but ALL of us! we pressed against the other side of the window and stared back and lawled at him hard
  14. wordupdawg Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    OH MY GAAAAAAAAWD. It was hilarious. 8D We were all laughing, waving, and saying stuff to him through the window, and he was trying to look angry the whole time.
  15. AnonNation Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    I had a staring contest with the dude. It was a draw.

    Also, where are Jersey's pics? I figured the picture of Interwebz and I taking the "free hugs" concept "a bit too far" would be all over the Internet by now.
  16. 3_D Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    Yeah, seriously, need pics NAO.
  17. Re: NYC - April 5th

    You guise rock. Thank you for originally posting the hug idea. It's silly, but I'm under the impression the imagery provided by the hug raids is what prompted alot more weekend activity across the entire hive mind.
  18. AnonNation Member

  19. anony428 Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    Those fags are totally gay.
  20. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    I just saw this while listening to &quot;tomorrow never knows&quot; and just had a hippie-gasm
    also, scary scilon is scary
  21. Anon Frenzy Member

  22. AnonNation Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    There was clearly no soul behind his glazed eyes . . . and he most definitely tried to scan me while simultaneously phoning the Org about our presence in the area.
  23. MrMatrix Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    You would think they wouldn't have to use such primitive technologies such as phones with all those powers
  24. MrMatrix Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th


    LOL WUT!
  25. AnonNation Member

    Re: NYC - April 5th

    Multitasking with MEST powers has got to be hard work. He was already putting forth ridiculous effort to tear my soul apart with that look in his dull eyes so simultaneously contacting the Org by way of telepathy has got to be pretty challenging.

    And has dr3k earned the right to be showered with more praise for leaking the name of our scanner scilon?

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