November 4th - IAS Event, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles - post game

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Anonymous, Nov 4, 2012.

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    Magoo and Wise Beard Man woohoo!
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    Picket Report for IAS Event/Nov 4-2012

    We arrived around 4:00 to the Shrine, that being Mark Bunker, Casper,
    John Dries and myself. I'd driven w/ Mark and he decided to park in the
    "Public Parking", which *looked* like they owned it. Mark said:"Noooo it's public

    Of course Scientology had all of their peeps there, acting like they owned it.
    Mark just drove on in, after paying the $10. We had thankfully left his Ipad
    back at my house.

    We met Tiziano and his wife and child there, so we all chatted for a few minutes.
    Cars were coming in. People would see "Event Parking" and right behind him...on
    into the lot, was me "SCIENTOLOGY STOP HURTING FAMILIES".
    People would look at his sign, then was interesting.

    Dan, "the Anti" arrived, who I've known since Anonymous arrived, as he walked around
    and filmed our very first walk around to SEE if they were going to do the picket, or not.
    He brought his super camera and took many shots.

    We realized Casper and John were over on the other side, and of course we weren't allowed
    to just simply walk through. So after about an hour, we walked around. Meantime, by doing *that*...we talked w/ a TON of USC students, who were also out. I gave them my warning
    about Scientology and they ALL agreed, absolutely not. In fact, one guy walked by and asked
    is this about Scientology? We explained the Event was and that's why we were picketing.

    He took his cup and SLAMMED it into the waste basket next to the cops, and said
    "FUCK SCIENTOLOGY". I said, "My thoughts, exactly".

    Once over to the other side-----the cops had to insist we stand across the street.
    I said I wasn't walking across the street in the middle of the street as that wasn't safe,
    or they'd have to escort us. One witchy policelady would not. A nice policeman finally said
    he would.

    Naturally ...we get there only to find out the others were now on the OTHER side!
    DOUBLE DOH! Apparently Lynn Campbell and
    Doug Owen also arrived over on the other they were there, too. Bunker had to drive back to San Diego, so we decided to take off. He
    wasn't about to walk ALL the way around AGAIN, so he walked through the SHRINE
    parking lot (which has huge lit up signs: "PUBLIC PARKING".

    Dan and I stood and watched, laughing. Sure enough, "Security" (brainwashed floor
    mats) came running after him w/ the cops. Bunker told them he was 3/4 of the way
    through....and wouldn't it be smarter to just let him go through to his car? They said
    No. Luckily another Cop arrived to escort him on through. Oh, the drama

    As we got back to Mark's car...his back window was open and we both KNEW it was
    closed when we left. Thank you OSA for your darling deeds to let us know how at
    Cause you are.

    After we all decided to go out to eat----so we met Mark, Casper, Doug, Lynn (who had
    showed up on the other side) and John and myself----all went to Bob's Big Boy to
    inhale Burgers. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    The event was very bland, typical Event BS. The odd thing is NONE of us recognized
    ANYONE. Except Tiziano recognized Tom Cruise's Assistant and yelled out her name.
    She waived----so he went over to say "hi".

    He returned to say: "She's going to get in a lot of trouble for that".

    If anyone has anything else to add, please do.

    Thanks to all who came!

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    I'd check the car careful to see if anything was added.
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    AGP catches confrontation of LRHway neighbor and IAS busdriver on video. Drama ensues. Lulz.
  6. Quentinanon Member

    It's The Way to Happiness:
    • 19. Try Not To Do Things To Others That You Would Not Like Them to Do To You
  7. Anonymous Member

    I've seen buses at soccer matches parked in the wrong parking lot.

    They wound up getting smashed up.

    Luckily Anonymous doesn't play dirty tricks like that on $cientology.
  8. Good thing you had the camera running, AGP. The cult gang probably would have gotten physical with that lady were they not being videoed.
  9. the anti Member

    I got a few shots in, here at the first bunch. 10 in total.

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    Great pics Anti!
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