November 21 - Albuquerque, NM Postgame Report

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by tazor, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. tazor Member

    November 21 - Albuquerque, NM Postgame Report

    We had a good raid today.

    psychoutcults and her family joined us before going on a road trip. She brought caek!! 505 made it this time as did Akuma and Anonyness. It was a pretty crowded for Alb. Anons. :D

    The cops were called by the scilons because Akuma wandered across the street on their side! He walked by the org and they bawww to the cops. Jerks.

    So the cops tell us we can't wear mask because it's a hate crime, stalking yada yada. Can't remember exactly what he said. We countered with the fact that we've been wearing them for a year and a half with no problems. He wasn't having any of it.

    So we pulled our masks up but didn't take them off and he was fine with that. I was totally pissed off. I don't care if they facefag me, I just don't want them winning any rounds. So I decided I was going to talk to the Chief of Police about it and Akuma was going to talk to a lawyer who is his relative.

    The cops had lunch at the restaurant on the corner, came out and sat in their cars for quite awhile. We were bitching about them the whole time. :)

    Then the cop comes over to us and says he checked it out and we COULD wear our masks as long as we were 20 ft. away from a business, not blocking driveways, or in front of a government building. Yayyy! He turned out to be cool and I appreciated that he made the extra effort. He said there were just so many laws he was confused. He was nice through the whole thing. Albuquerque cops are always pretty nice to us.


    We also got this drunk guy who could barely walk. (The org isn't in the best part of town.) He was looking for a chiropractor. LOL An AA meeting probably would have been more apropo but whatever.

    A crazy Christian guy came by and tried to pick a fight with us, hinting that we were religious bigots till we informed him scilons didn't believe in God. That almost shut him up but nooo, he wanted to argue atheism with Akuma.

    Another guy sitting across the street on a bus stop bench started yelling at Anonyness not to take his picture about the time we were ready to leave. AnonyNess was filming the org and hadn't even noticed the guy. lol

    We got LOTS of honks, 2 fingers, but not one "Get a life."

    It was the best raid we've had in ages! :D
  2. _You_ Member

    Re: Albuquerque Postgame Report 11/21

    Tough city, Albuquerque.
  3. Re: Albuquerque Postgame Report 11/21

    Good job folks, keep the pressure on!
  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Albuquerque Postgame Report 11/21

    Good work! Thanks for the report. Great to know there's activity down there.

    I hope you didn't let the culties get any pix of your faces. Probably won't matter at this late stage, any more, but ya never know.
  5. Re: Albuquerque Postgame Report 11/21

    Didn't Bugs Bunny always end up in Albuquerque when he was trying to be somewhere else?

    Good job Albuquerquanons.
  6. Noclaf Member

    Re: Albuquerque Postgame Report 11/21

    Nice job!
    I don't think the cop was trying to be nice, probably just didn't want to get in trouble if you went to the Chief of Police.
  7. dt2000 Member

    Re: Albuquerque Postgame Report 11/21

    Dang, I would have driven by and said hi if I knew you were there! Sounds like you guys did well, and if you need cop help in the future let me know as I have an inside line.
  8. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Albuquerque Postgame Report 11/21

    Well done.
  9. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Albuquerque Postgame Report 11/21

    Great job guys!
    Holding your ground for the legality of what you were doing was epic win.

  10. Olrik Member

    Re: Albuquerque Postgame Report 11/21

    Noice. Can we have pix and vidz please?
    And yes, a cop always obey to his chief.
  11. tazor Member

    Re: Albuquerque Postgame Report 11/21

    At this stage I don't think any of them can afford a camera!:)

    No, I really think the cop was just confused. We cooperated with him cause that's how we roll here in Albuquerque usually. You know, the manana attitude and all? We have only had one other incident with a rookie who wanted us to remove our masks and that was handled right away.

    The cop today had no idea we were going to go to the Chief. He decided to check on his own. I think he had some second thoughts about it.

    Laura, next time we are planning a protest I will pm you. We would love you to drive by and honk!

    We get city buses honking sometimes, garbage trucks, mailmen. It's funny.
  12. tazor Member

    Re: Albuquerque Postgame Report 11/21

    Thanks, Michael but we didn't really hold our ground. We pulled out masks up. Most of us know not to start a big argument with the cops in that area. It's called The War Zone cause of gang activity in the neighborhood.

    The cops don't really like to parlay much around there. We pulled our masks up to the top of our heads.

    We didn't yell that we were going to his captain or any of that. We talked about it after he left.

    Sorry if I gave that impression. :)
  13. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Albuquerque Postgame Report 11/21

    Well, fact is you stayed firm there even in the face of risk of facefagging etc. Cops saw you didn't feel fail and leave and Bawww so had enough respect 4 U all to reconsider. That is win right there. Amirite?
  14. RightOn Member

    Re: Albuquerque Postgame Report 11/21

    Epic anons, brave anons
  15. tazor Member

    Re: November 21 - Albuquerque, NM Postgame Report

    Ahh shucks, u guise. :p

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