November 12th 2011 Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Skinnies, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Skull Member

    (naan bread)




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  2. Dragononymous Member

  3. cfanon Member

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  4. cfanon Member

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  5. cfanon Member

    We need to treat drag to this when he comes over.
    Hey, he does like 'em furry ;P
  6. Dragononymous Member

    I think you will hate Skinnies in 2012...
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  7. Skull Member

    And then there were no links to pictures, articles or emoticon's for a whole page:
  8. Fuckeye Member

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  9. Skull Member

    Let's try this again.
  10. Fuckeye Member



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  11. strobe Member

    Derren, your new shows are awesome, but you're not saying very nice things about Anonymous.
    Makes us sound a bit like an internet hate machin- oh wait.

    Still seeking crashspace for November (we should clearly Foris it up).

    Also, just for skull - a link to a picture.
  12. Fuckeye Member

  13. Skull Member



    and one last one cos now its on like donkey kong biatch
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  14. KiRiku Member

    I may not make it to this raid as I think I'm going to be grounded forever.
  15. cfanon Member

    He raped his dog.
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  16. KiRiku Member

    It's a possibility I can't remember much, apparently I crashed my mum's halloween party with about 50 people :p and then some guy tried to make out with me D:
  17. cfanon Member

    Now guys. Lets have a vote who thinks that's bullshit. Shall we seperate it?

    He managed to get hold of and drink enough to mess with his memory. Bullshit or not. (Also take note even harder if there are 50 other people crashing who need alcohol too.)

    He's friends with or knowns 50 people willing to go to a party of his. Bullshit or not.

    Someone would actually try and make out with him (liberal does not count as a somebody in this situation). Bullshit or not.
  18. KiRiku Member

    Believe what you want. Though you are very stupid if you think that I couldn't get hold of booze. Also though I do have more than 50 friends I only knew ~10 of the 50 people (friends of friends of friends etc.). And I have been told about the guy I don't remember it.
  19. cfanon Member

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  20. EightMachine Member

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  21. Waffle~ Member


  22. KiRiku Member

    I find that offensive I have always been a retard.
  23. Waffle~ Member


  24. KiRiku Member

    That's more like it a FleshFish.... I'm going to go buy a fish for a totally unrelated reason
  25. Skull Member

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  26. Profanity Member

    Get caught with a bottle of cider?
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  27. Waffle~ Member

    His dad walked in on him fapping.
  28. KiRiku Member

    Strangely enough I was shouted at for something to do with a bottle of cider but that's only because someone ratted me out :/
    I was drinking vodka last night never a good idea on an empty stomach
  29. EightMachine Member

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  30. KiRiku Member

    Sorry eight I'm not really a picture person and No-one has uploaded any to fb yet. You can not believe me if you like idc the smell in my room will remind me of last night for weeks.

    Also how do we keep end up talking about my drinking ability? can we stop plz
  31. Skull Member

    Or you know, you could clean the feces off the walls and carpets and let the poor squirrel go..
  32. Profanity Member

    Cue Camerafag spamming squirrel pictures.
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  33. KiRiku Member

    Fuck squirrels it's all about ferrets. And I have cleaned my room the smell however is still around
  34. Skull Member

    Anonymous the movie and The Ides of March (the name given to the anonymous raid's in march 08) the movie both released in close proximity!? coinkydink ? i think maybe.
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  35. Christfag Member

  36. Waffle~ Member

    I love ferrets :eek:
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  37. Dragononymous Member

    Ugh, forgot to post here the entire weekend. (not like any of you care)
    Skinnies December "Costume" *oldschoolhyperlink* (for the lazy one's, the normal one.... I will use this space to confirm that this might be a joke.)
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  38. Profanity Member

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  39. Dragononymous Member

  40. Profanity Member

    If you can't figure out 'what', then-

    Ugh, nevermind.
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