November 12th 2011 Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Skinnies, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    ^ That is the most interesting post I've ever seen from you (says a lot doesn't it)
  2. KiRiku Member

    Surprised it took you this long to link that cf its been up for like 4 days now
  3. cfanon Member

  4. Fuckeye Member

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  5. Vera I have to say, you have me worried with your recent choice of avatar.
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  6. Dragononymous Member

    You're not the only one to be honest
    Edit: On the other hand, your's a fucking killer whale and mine's a furry, so who are we to judge?
  7. Dragononymous Member

    I wrote that after taking medicine, so that might explain it.
  8. novu Member

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  9. Fuckeye Member

    I didn't watch the video even though I liked this, I'm just assuming from the context that it's proving dragon wrong.
  10. Dragononymous Member

    Would be cool, if it was an adult. (Know your Turtle)
  11. Skull Member

    Then be specific, as adult snapping turtles can self right.
  12. Dragononymous Member

    I will think of that next time I take medicine.
  13. Dragononymous Member

    Medicine that looks like blue fucking vodka, Skull and adult snapping turtles.

    I might have the best furry dream/nightmare ever tonight...
    inb4 random jokes/hate, It was a joke again
  14. Skull Member

    I would destroy you.
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  15. Dragononymous Member

  16. cfanon Member

    You say that... But last time he destroyed someone, goatse was born....................
  17. Dragononymous Member

    Somehow there's something missing between me making jokes and people getting them...
    Shall I
    at every joke from now on?
  18. Anonymous Member

    I know how you could avoid confusing people with your jokes...
  19. Dragononymous Member

    I guess that doesn't includes me posting in the forums
  20. cfanon Member

    *sigh* I recognised the sarcasm in your post. Apparently you didn't recognise the non-seriousness in mine.
  21. Skull Member

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  22. veravendetter Member

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  23. cfanon Member

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  24. KiRiku Member

  25. Dragononymous Member

    I always consider you to be serious, my failure.
  26. Dragononymous Member

  27. cfanon Member

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  28. KiRiku Member

    ^^Dragon likes tits who woulda thunk it
  29. Dragononymous Member

    The mentally disturbed would.
  30. cfanon Member

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  31. cfanon Member

  32. Dragononymous Member

  33. cfanon Member

  34. Profanity Member

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  35. After many hours of hard work and a bit of fiddling around, you can turn a bt phone box into a personal computer. And they do have quite a fast broardband speed.

    Only problem, it can't run much more than word through wine.

    Thanks camera for that program.
  36. Dragononymous Member

  37. cfanon Member

  38. cfanon Member

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  39. cfanon Member

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  40. Dragononymous Member


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