[Nov 5, 2012] Operation Nov Five- Occupy Australia (Across Australia)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Incompleted., Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. omega man Member

    Wake the hell up Honigdachs. What do you believe its all scotch mist?
  2. omega man Member

    The abbreviation was done on purpose lol. The facebook group is still active with over 3000 members.
  3. Honigdachs Member

  4. Incompleted. Member

    Sorry guys, I have been absent the last couple of days.
    Any new updates on the making of the website? Wow, Viking and Omega, you guys are great.Good to know we have some people on the ground ready to get active.
    Would that cell be open all across Australia, or just for the people in/around Perth?
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  5. The Viking Member

    #1 Rule of the internet!!
    Don't feed the trolls.
    Ignore them and pretend they don't exist.

    No new updates, I'm afraid. I have money frozen by Paypal and until that is released I can't afford to purchase a VPN subscription (Had to save up for a few months). I'm hoping it'll be sorted by the end of the week.
    If not, I'll do it without VPN for now.

    I'm going to play around with Ning for a while too. I've never been good at web designing but perhaps they have some easy-to-use tools.

    I'd like to have the website as an Aus Anon website. I can't find a live one anywhere.
    And we'll have info on the different cells that make up the Aus Anon legion. With an area in forums where each cell can do their own organising.

    Anyone have any idea how one can set up a website that does not store IP Addresses and/or other data when someone visits the site?
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  6. The Viking Member

    Welcome to the thread, Mike.

    Not from Brisbane, unfortunately.
    Do be careful with the solo-protesting ;)
    On Nov 5 only a handful of us met up and the cops who drove past looked like they were salivating at the prospect of arresting us, instead of the fear that should be in their eyes when they face the collective.
    Don't make yourself an easy target.

    I hope you read through the whole thread to get an idea of what's going on and just how quiet things are in Aus now.
    Would you like to help us get an Aus community started?
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  7. i would like to help in anyway possible
  8. The Viking Member

    Welcome aboard, juzzo. Glad to hear you're willing to help.

    For now, I need all of your help in planning a new website.

    I finally have a VPN sorted.
    Now, I'm ready to start building this community and I had a look at Looks pretty good. $25 a month for the basic is a bit much. But, I'm willing to fork it up for the first few months and perhaps we can try to survive on donations. Who knows, end up with the Pro site eventually.

    So, we've already established that it needs to be for ALL Australians. We can have different boards for the different states in the forum.

    We need to come up with a name. So throw me some ideas.

    Corny as it sounds, I woke up the other night and I had Anons'R'Aus in my head, lol :p

    Soon as we have a name, I can start setting up the site.

    Is there anyone who would like to volunteer as assistant-admin?
    Omega man, you have experience with Maybe you could help me with the setup?

    Hopefully this won't take too long. Will let everyone know when the site is ready so you can sign up.
  9. Mate i am in when ever i got time i will help
  10. The Viking Member


    Thanks for the link. Been searching forever.
    It didn't show up in search results, so I assume it's a private group. Probably better that way.

    I was reading about a nation-wide protest to be held on the weekend of December 1 -2 and also Monday, December 3.

    If anyone has any information about this, please start an Event here in the forums so we can get the word out.

    And about the website I am planning, no progress as of yet. Any interested parties, please make contact.
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  11. Incompleted. Member

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