[Nov 19, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2A6)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by TorontosRoot, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. TorontosRoot Member

    It'll be the three of us unless we can PM more to see if they'll be able to attend. I hope wiseman can attend too. Even anonjilly and more oldfags of the 2008/9/10 protests.
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  2. Durham_Anon1 Member

    Damn skippy.
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  3. Durham_Anon1 Member

    Can we has moar Anons?
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  4. TorontosRoot Member

  5. Intelligence Member

    There's a couple over on FB who said they will be there. Could be the same ones as on here,...,LOL :)

    Ontario College of Physicians formal complaint will be in their hands early next week. Basically
    the same format as the one in Quebec, banning physician from associating with NN TR.

    The next College decision in Quebec should be released before months end?

    Working on Media contacts in Toronto now - - looking forwad to meeting ya' all :):):)

    We'll have fun for sure :) - - even if there are only two or three of us.

  6. Durham_Anon1 Member

    I'll try and get a hold of Adam. Tweeting the event.
  7. Intelligence Member

    I just got off the phone to a Reporter who may be publishing a story in a famous magazine.
    Will know by Wednesday if they will be with me in Toronto. I would say 50% chance - - :)

    I WILL have the Ontario College of Physicians formal complaint and a Toronto School Board
    complaint in all of their hands beginning of this next week.

    Can't say much about the School Board until I dig and confirm the story.
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  8. Intelligence Member

    Info please? How far is the College of Physicians Office from the ORG?

  9. Intelligence Member

    Is this it?

  10. Intelligence Member

    Kathy and Paul have been "associating themselves with and promoting a drug rehabilitation center not recognized in current medical literature and....." :)

  11. Intelligence Member

    Here, I'll confirm this next one:)

  12. Intelligence Member

    Ontario College of Physicians formal complaints against two physicians.

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  13. TorontosRoot Member

    This is good. Getting gooder, better, way more exciting. :D
  14. HellRazor Member

    Keep in mind lots of physicians practice stuff not always recognized in the medical literature. Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Zoltan Rona for example.
  15. Durham_Anon1 Member

    Wondering if the recent message to Toronto is going to turn public opinion rewards us when we protest Co$. Any thoughts?
  16. DeathHamster Member

    We're the Anonymous who've been peacefully protesting here since 2008. We don't know who those other people are. Anyone can post a YouTube video as Anonymous, even Scientology...

    (Remind them that while probably not this time, Scientology has posted a YouTube video claiming be Anonymous and making violent threats.)
  17. TorontosRoot Member

    Damn misleading cult. All we need to do is flag the heck out of it, or comment the hell of it (lulzy recommendation), then it'll be debunked once the top rated comments top it out.
  18. Intelligence Member

    Yes, that's true, but when a licenced phycisian practices anything which is a risk to health endangers a
    patient's life, the College of Physicians must step in and investigate. During the Quebec investigation,
    an expert opinion in drug detoxification was obtained. The subject physicians medical files were inspected.
    Thus, the physician was banned from ever associating with Narconon again or have his licence.

    So yes, I phycisian may practice anything they choose, but place their licence at risk if the practice
    is not approved by the College, which in the case of Narconon and the ORG Purif, it is not.

    Considering the 450 plus pages of evidence dox I just submitted to the Ontario College, including
    one recent Ontario death which clearly shows the patient had severe liver disease and was administered
    toxic doses of NIACIN. The physician and Narconon staff were well aware of the liver disease, but
    stuck to the Hubbard Tech.

    We have recent Autopsy Reports, Coroner's Reports, Blood Test results, Ultrasound Reports, on several
    patients who suffered through the Narconon and ORG Purif in Canada resently, PLUS reports from
    around the globe. All indicate the Puif is dangerous.

    This Ontario College investigation will most likely take several months to complete, as did the last one
    finding the Quebec Physician guilty. But guilty he was and guilty is the decision I expect and will push for.

    If it walks like a duck and "QUACKS" like a duck, it usually is a duck,..., LOL - - I hear two "Quacks" in Toronto :):):)

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  19. Intelligence Member

    What message is this post referring to?

  20. DeathHamster Member

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  21. Intelligence Member

    I won't comment much about this except to say I am a strong advocate for our Canada Charter
    of Human Rights and Freedoms; especially "Freedom of Speech", as long as it does not fracture
    into our "Hate Crimes" laws. My last protest in Vancouver, the COS called the Police to have me
    arrested for hate crimes - - DUH! I believe a "Occupy Protest" is within our Charter Rights RE: "Peaceful
    demonstration." - - and should allowed to remain. Just my opinion; no comment on the hackers :)

    I will be contacting media today and see if we can prompt them into a press release?
  22. DeathHamster Member

    The only thing that will happen is that CoS will call the police when protesters show up at the org, then when the police arrive, they'll spend a while bending the ear of the cops about what evil people Anonymous are, blah blah, terrorists, blah blah, violent anarchists, blah blah, terrorized by their mere presence, blah blah, religious bigots, blah blah ... And then the police will consider the peaceful record of Anon protests since 2008, and promise to give CoS's complaints all the due consideration they deserve. Then the police will come out and talk to the protesters, check that everything is cool, same rules as always, wish us a nice day, and carry on.
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  23. Intelligence Member

    Just finished contacting Media - - waiting for reply :)

    Would be nice if they agreed to cover the protest as well as the "Excxlusive" I have
    for them :) - - might have to do some arm twisting on this - - something I'm getting good at,..., LOL :)

  24. Intelligence Member

    LOL,..., I will bring with me, today's dox in from the government. I've been summoned/ordered to begin
    giving evidence in about 3 weeks from now. Two full days have been set aside for me alone
    against the COS and NN TR.

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  25. Intelligence Member

    Will land at Billy Bishop airport early Saturday morning.

  26. Intelligence Member

    I hope the Santa parade is not near the ORG; is it? :)

  27. TorontosRoot Member

    Nope, not this time! It routes south on avenue road instead.
  28. Intelligence Member

    Oh' good, I thought I made a mistake on picking this date to come,...,LOL. - - will sleep much better now; thanks:)

  29. Intelligence Member

    Data needed? Is there a Sauna Purification Rundown at this ORG?

    I need as much info on this ORG asap - - working on a Canada News Wire press release.


  30. TorontosRoot Member

    Come on anons! Intel is needed! Death hamster, durham anon, any of you know?
  31. Intelligence Member

    Have draft for protest flyers done, but must know for sure if "this" ORG has a Sauna Puif?

    It's not a problem if it doesn't, I will just edit and word the flyers slightly.:)

  32. Intelligence Member

    I posted on a couple other Forums for Intell,.., LOL. I always have fun a few hours
    before a protest.


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  33. Intelligence Member

    This is what they promote - be nice to know if they have a Sauna:)

  34. Intelligence Member

    The more I review the Ontario College of Physician dox, the more I see that these two named physicians,
    may be facing Human Rights Commission subpoenas from Quebec. Or they could be investigated by the
    Ontario Human Rights Commission. Small percentage on the latter, but quite probable on the Quebec matter.

    Will wait until following my two days of testimony in a few weeks in Quebec. Must see the direction first:)

  35. Intelligence Member

    Still printing two different flyers,..., LOL :) - - having some fun with their own PR Game:-

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  36. Intelligence Member

    Contacted W5 TV. I did speek to them quite some time ago:) - - we'll see,..., LOL.

  37. Intelligence Member

    Ok, I've arrived. All set up in Hotel near ORG, connected to Wi-Fi and Mobile internet access on Mini and Cell.

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  38. TorontosRoot Member

    Will be arriving at 11/11:30 depending on traffic and how friendly the weather is. Windy weather, if pushing me towards home (westerly winds), will affect how long it takes.

    Right now, I haz to stuff my face and energize!
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  39. Durham_Anon1 Member

    Not sure If I can make it into the city today and very very pissed about it.
  40. TorontosRoot Member

    I feel for ya. I'll be there regardless. I hope @Death hamster can also arrive and the other one who RVSP'd.

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