[Nov 12, 2012] @OpVendetta2012 - 5th of November - London (Trafalgar square)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by dcht-ID, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Malory Member

    Stop acting like a dumb yank who knows nothing about anything which exists outside of America. That blog is part of The Daily Mirror and was written by Mirror journalists. The print edition sells more than a million copies a day.

    For Scotland, yes it is.

    There's no reason to disbelieve what she says if you see her credentials.
  2. Anyone know who made this video private and or mind asking them to make it unprivate?

  3. Firstly, being Scottish and having studied economics there, i can tell you that Scottish independence would cripple its economy as the cost of it's benefit system far outweighs its GDP (its been a few years since i checked the official stats but I'd imagine that's got worse), that's not including the social implications of its backward education system and institutional sexism and racism.

    Secondly, to reference a tabloid is bad enough but to reference a tabloid writers blog... The only information we should really put stock in, are peer reviewed journals, not journalists who work for profit making news papers (vested interests). However there are some news papers that are slightly more trustworthy (mostly left leaning broadsheets).

    And Finally, we are gathering to protest the morally void actions (and proposals) of the current UK government and should not let ourselves be distracted by such obvious TROLLS (really 612 you need to be more subtle).
  4. you are a very nasty piece of work, perhaps you should play elsewhere, we don't really like the shit you spray around the place

    good day to you and may you be blessed with what you sow
  5. the oil is ours
    the whiskey (biggest export in the world) is ours
    our education system is second to none
    we were the biggest grower of beet sugar until England disallowed it into the market

    you should be ashamed of yourself
  6. anonymous612 Member

    More srsly, regarding Scotland, the economy isn't the issue.

    Does the majority in Scotland want independence? Then they should get independence. If they run into economic issues after that, that's their responsibility and their decision, NOT the decision of the English.

    The one most basic right that everyone is entitled to is the right to flee a country or government they don't agree with. Preventing that is immoral.

    Besides, you don't even fucking know how long I've been waiting for an excuse to start making Robert the Bruce jokes. Years, man. Years.
  7. The oil was sold to private companies in the 70's, short of revolution and seizure, the tax revenue is all Scotland will receive (no where near enough to support Scotland's long term unemployed). Not to mention the fact that should you somehow acquire the oil (which is fast running out), the companies own all of the infrastructure, you'd either have to undergo the incredibly expensive process of starting over, or rent the equipment, workforce and pipelines from these companies for extortionate rates (they have to turn a profit after all). Whisky is a luxury item and as such is more vulnerable to market fluctuations. It is also owned by private companies and individuals (usually Diagio; a massive multinational corporation), unless you propose a network of state distilleries pumping out whisky on a par with Methylated spirits just to break even?

    Scotland's education system is a sham, i went to one of it's mid range state schools and suffered streaming, and apathy at best. The only reason i am where i am now is because a number of my teachers spent a great deal of their spare time with us after school to help those actually interested in learning realise their potential. A favour for which i am eternally grateful. Also how do you explain the fact that an eighteen year old English student with A-levels can (if they wish) enter university in Scotland straight into second year, while a Scottish student of the same age with the 'Scottish equivalent' Highers, has to undergo an extra full year of education just to reach the same standard as everyone else?

    I'd not heard of the sugar but if it was not allowed onto the market then there must have been something wrong with it. Why would WESTMINSTER block a potentially massive source of tax revenue?
    And there is the classic racism we're all so fond of " until England disallowed it into the market". It's not England you have a problem with you dumb hick, it's the corrupt capitalist class and their puppets in parliament. Alec Salmond is just as guilty of taking bribes as any minister in Westminster. Behold!: and i'm sure if you dig a little deeper you'll find a whole lot more dirt on your hero.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for willingly pulling the wool over your own eyes.

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  8. anonymous612 Member

    You cannot simultaneously claim the school was apathetic while also claiming it went above and beyond to help you.

    1) The English are not a race, dumbass. They aren't even a nationality. "The English" is like when we over here say "Floridians" or "New Yorkers." You can't be racist against English people.

    2) Lol at complaining at someone else being insulting towards a group of people while calling them a hick.

    In their defense, I hear Scotland has a lot of sheep farms.
  9. The school as a whole and the system within which it ran was apathetic. Also I'd like to say that although my experience was important for me, I don't claim that it can be extrapolated to encompass all those who have been through the Scottish education system. For example in my school alone, three quarters of my classmates dropped out by the age of 16 to go on the dole because it would be more profitable for them to do so than to continue. That percentage was higher in previous years.

    1) Racism was a convenient term for the systematic institutional abuse of a particular demographic (in this case anyone who happens to have been born south of a line on a map).

    2) Again, a convenient term for an ignorant, insular, backward thinking person.

    Indeed there are a lot of sheep farms. Thanks to the highland clearances; yet another example of fuckers who 'own' shitting all over those who don't.
  10. anonymous612 Member

    The school was apathetic but the teachers weren't?

    So...what, the students? Yeah, because high school students are fucking idiots. That's not news.

    No, fucktard, racism is the abuse of a particular ethnicity. Jesus, I thought they spoke English in England.

    you are here....................................................................................................the point is here.

    Silly britfag. You're missing the fact that you're complaining someone insulted you while insulting them.

    Fuck is wrong with you? It was a joke about sheep. Stop politicizing it. You're reading too much into an innuendo.
  11. anonymous612 Member

    Which reminds me. How many THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of people attended this protest? I demand my godgiven right to tell you I told you so.
  12. Anonymous Member

    FWIW, it seems media reports are slim, but British AP says "Several hundred protesters wearing masks have gathered outside the British Parliament to mark Guy Fawkes night."

    The Nov 5th hacking escapades are getting far more coverage and making ^^This seem insignificant unfortunately.
  13. Only a few teachers spent their spare time helping us.

    Teenagers are smarter than you give em credit for. Their life chances where so low under the current system that it was better for them to be supported by the state than to finish school.

    I repeat, "a convenient term". Call it xenophobic or bigoted if you like.

    In the area of Scotland i am from, we tend to communicate with insults.

    And finally. I have to admit, i was trolling you a bit; Communist rage tends to make people angry, or terrified if you're a CEO. I liked the innuendo though. "Britfag" is a good one too, Congrats.
  14. On the race thing: Scottish lineage derives prominently from Celtic and Scandinavian roots, while that of the English is mostly Anglo-Saxon and Norman.

    Also 612, do you anything but watch these forums or is this your life?

    For now though i must bid you adieu, my dusty cunted friend.
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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. anonymous612 Member

    So, NOT the thousands and thousands that the posters ITT claimed? Gee, who would have guessed?

    Oh, and how much difference did this comic book fanboy excuse for a protest make, exactly?
  17. A.O.T.F Member




    Video Link to the event

    Anons march on parliament video link

    Well done people - Great to see people getting out there and actually doing something for the cause. Unlike those who sit behind a computer screen and "JUDGE" and belittle other people Because they themselves don't have a fucking life. .. right! 612
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  18. anonymous612 Member

    Lol sweetheart, why the fuck would I fly to London and stand outside a closed building at night for no reason and protesting nothing in particular?

    Again, how much difference did your protest make?
  19. MOOG Member

  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. Looks like a lot more than your sorry ass protests in the Mecca. Four people? Calling security guards Rexie? Really? Wow, that's really bringing down the cult after four years of your hardcore protests in the Mecca.

    Instead of complaining about others who have several hundreds instead of thousands and media to boot, why don't you get something done instead of failing at it while trying to tell everyone how much they suck?

    In other words, Pot meet Kettle...
  22. anonymous612 Member

    Oh lol that's cute, you think I protest because I want to help people...
  23. Well what the fuck are you doing here then you stupid cunt!?
  24. anonymous612 Member

    For the most part, being mean to scientologists purely for my own amusement.
  25. Right. That's why you are constantly telling others how to protest in the Mecca - because you only are doing it to be mean to the scilons.

    No, the truth is you can't stand to see anyone else doing things better than you. Which is just about anyone besides you. That's why you give Xander and all other Anons, including the ones here, such a hard time, right?

    Face it, you are a fail. You failed at being the leaderfag of Clearwater and have driven anyone with any worthwhile ideas away. Probably the only ones who appreciate that, ironically, will be the scilons themselves.

    If all you have to achieve in life is to give nicknames to the guards until you're in your 60s, well, have fun.

    In the meantime, GTFO and let the guys who pulled off this great protest get their props. FFS, it looks like the V for Vendetta movie in their pics!!
  26. A.O.T.F Member

  27. anonymous612 Member

    In what universe would that be a good thing?
  28. Woo Hah Member

    I'm part of the problem.
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  29. Anonymous Member

  30. A.O.T.F Member

    It was really cool to see and hear the collaborative "PEACEFUL PROTEST"Coming from the thinking leadership,middle and back to help quell the "fuck off" going down the front at the gates of Parliament.Where are all the smart people in Government?

  31. anonymous612 Member

    Lol bullshit generalizations.

    Do you want me to start listing smart people in government? Because I can. For instance, Bill Clinton (who was, you know, the President) is a Rhodes Scholar. Basically, that means he's so smart, he got PAID to go to Oxford University. They went "omg you so clever, allow us the honor of teaching you, at no cost to yourself, of course."

    So really, you want to take your idiotic question back or should I actually answer it?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Faggots pulled it off. Well played loldon, well played.
  33. Stop derailing. This is about Loldon's awesome protest. Go back to your sorry ass thread about your CW protest and circlejerk postings there about how you're supposedly doing it right.

    Loldon IS doing it right!
  34. Anonymous Member

    except that Trafalgar Square is different from Parliament Square, but yes, it does look good.

    What were they protesting for / against, now?
  35. anonymous612 Member

    Good question.
  36. Anonymous Member

    With radical posturing and adrenaline the only rationale present, and with no actual plan of how to storm Parliament and what exactly that would even achieve, the protesters are thwarted by – surprise, surprise – the police.

    The occasional bit of shoving breaks out, but basically people stand in front of the police calling them scum and pretending to be surprised that they won’t join the revolution because they should be “serving the public, not the politicians”.

    “Why are you protecting the corrupt politicians?” the protesters ask, while refusing to realise that stopping people destroying Parliament is pretty much the epitome of a police officer’s job.

    In this case, with the high concentration of conspiracy theorists and in the wake of the ongoing Jimmy Savile paedophilia case, there was the added twist of people accusing the half of the police and most of Parliament of being one gigantic paedo-ring. This is a slight deviation from the usual script.

    Then everyone stands around being revolutionary and, after a while, gets tired and goes home. I guess the revolution can wait for another day. If only the police hadn’t been there, we definitely would have stormed Parliament. But who could have foreseen the presence of the police at a well-advertised protest in the heart of Westminster?

    Certainly not these guys, whose, “You should have expected us” sign made pretty much no sense at all.
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  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    So this was a dressing-up party rather than a protest?

    Sounds good to me.

    Were there lulz?

  39. Anonymous Member

    from the article above

    It sounds really good. I'm disappointed that I missed it.

    Suggested chants for next time:

    "Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! / Out! Out! Out!"

    "What do we want? / Nothing much! / When do we want it? / Now!"
  40. anonymous612 Member

    Lol thank you for this. So basically, London got an Occupy crowd?

    Tell me more about your "awesome protest," London...
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