[Nov 12, 2012] @OpVendetta2012 - 5th of November - London (Trafalgar square)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by dcht-ID, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    where do I sign up?
  2. anonymous612 Member

    Don't be ridiculous.

    I only have three colons.
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  3. A.O.T.F Member

    Can somebody from Anon UK verify this please
  4. anonymous612 Member

    NO YOU MAY NOT GET OUT OF MY COLON--oh you mean the thread.
  5. A.O.T.F Member

    :D I love you too 612

    Seriously.. can everyone just calm the fuck down!

    I've been checking out the promo vid for this and all I see is a great bunch of people willing to stand up and be counted. What I did not see was any aggression or an IED anywhere. Looked pretty positive to me.


    I also see that their facebook page has nearly 19000 people willing to participate. These guys look pretty cool to me and I would say that if they are prepared to go to these lengths and to plan it really well .. fuck I.'m all for it.It's really obvious to me that some people here have gone off on a tangent .. it's more about being disaffected,downtrodden and left hanging out to dry by the ruling elite, credit must be given here for great initiative. What is the name of this website .. ohh yeah .. Why We Protest! .... Go for it Guys ... (No Pun Intended) Prove it to the world that you can pull it off .. More importantly prove it to yourselves. I would love to see that happen.
  6. Anonymous Member

    ;) That's gonna be one hell of a party.

    Will the shit governments of the world be over thrown over night and a new fair society created ? no of course not.

    Will it show the government that the people are incredible force that must be
    listened to ? yes it will !!

    Arse holes on this thread slagging off the idea just like the sound of there own typing.
    or is it perhaps they have another agenda ??

    here's an interesting read :
    The gentleman's guide to forum manipulation

    see you all there, which ever country you choose to protest in !
  7. anonymous612 Member

    Lol, it's not a party until someone's accusing me of being cointelpro.

    Hughe. Sweetheart. Baby. Lurk moar.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    612 , funny that you say that, I didnt mention you.
    But since you brought it up, I had a look a few of your other posts. ALL negative!

    If your so sure that anon and occupy(one of your other recent posts) are so wrong why are you here? If your so sure that the few people that will turn up to the vendetta 'party' will be arrested, just stay away. To quote a reply to one of your other posts ' you are not needed, thankyou'
  9. anonymous612 Member

    Yeah, there's a lot of stupid people to call stupid, and so little time in the day to do it...

    Anon isn't wrong. Occupy isn't wrong, either, it's just performed and managed wrong. And excuse me, pal, but I was here first, THEN Occupy showed up. I have no intention of stopping my protests via WWP just because someone got the stupid idea that you guys deserve attention.

    I intend to. But I also intend to watch with amusement. And show up again afterward going "HAHA I TOLD YOU SO FUCKFACES."
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  10. Honigdachs Member

    You fags know that showing off has nothing to do with actually getting things done do you?
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  11. HelenJones Member

    Could someone explain to me what exactly will happen on the day?
  12. CarterUSP Member

    This is one of the funniest failthreads I've seen in a while.
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  13. anonymous612 Member

    Of the active threads in my Watchlist, this is by far my favorite. And that includes the Chicago raid thread with the OSA agent.
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  14. CarterUSP Member

    Attention everyone!
    The plans for OpVendetta2012 have changed. Since we are having trouble attracting people to join, we have decided to replace the event with cats instead of humans. Because every year the government squeezes more and more out of us and the people seem to forget. Plane loads of cats will fly into London from around the world. When the government sees thousands of cats on their front door they will know that we are serious and that if they push too far, REVOLUTION is inevitable. Please pass this info on to all of the cats that you know.
    PLEASE NOTE: we will NOT be coughing up hairballs around Parliament...
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  15. There's a similar event going on the same day in America. People all over the states will be coming to Washington DC to stand at the white house.

    I think this would be the time to really pull us all together to make this a global act. We have the resources to rally troops all over through the internet and over these last 2 years I've seen what the power of collected minds and hearts can do.

    I admit I am new to taking action....but I am not new to the cause. I am an american that has seen the damage these political figures have done. I represent the lower class citizens who've fallen so far off the capitalist scale that they can only scurry from shit job to shit job as slaves to "the dream."
    I barely eat, and I hardly sleep because my eyes are wide open with teary anger at the fact that even if I wanted to better myself in the eyes of america- get in a school, learn a better trade, BE somebody- it would never mean anything.

    The only way to be better is to be better as a whole, and I'm afraid that there might not be enough americans to take the lead and be there. America is a lenient dictatorship, and it pains us all because we know it, but most of us let our fear drive us into denial. And the wheel keeps turning...
    I don't know how to stop the wheel and open everyones eyes, and I know I can't do it alone.
  16. ok,paying no heed to common law and unlawfully taxing us with statutory law,handing over sovereign powers to Europe(treason),destabilising the country morally,financially,culturally in line with marxist doctrine,poisoning us i could go on but i think thats enough to go on with,before you come back with something look into it more and you may just be shocked...i was,i listened,i learned,made up my own mind
  17. anonymous612 Member

    You know common law isn't actually BINDING, right? They don't have to follow it unless a judge says "okay, let's keep that."

    DOX OR GTFO on the treason accusation. DOX. OR. GTFO.

    And I've never been poisoned. Just saying. Well, except for the time the Ocala anons fed us cake that had cancer in it.
  18. FR33D0M Member

    I plan to be anywhere that I'm needed for this only problem is how I'm going to get there believe i would go and raise my voice for the freedom we deserve. Does anyone know some place in Missouri or near Mo where the protest will be huge. I want to go to a protest with a mass number of people there to show the Government how big we have become.
  19. MixonAnon Member

    I would go to this in a heartbeat, but sadly I work and it is unavoidable.
    Also because I am from Australia i would not be able to afford going to London.
    I would really like to see a video of how it goes so I can imagine being there.
  20. Clapping.jpg

    You have it my friend, 612 is just a smart bitch with no people skills, glean what you want from her and ignore the rest.

    Ever see that crazy vampire female from blade 3 who had teeth in her pussy?...
  21. Flyers for OpNov5 now done. -->>
    PDF and ODT FOrmat, Use and spread far and wide.
    We are Legion.

  22. anonymous612 Member

    Brb, adding "vampire" to my list of things people have accused me of. That's better than the CIA agent one.
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  23. No. I said you had teeth in your pussy, big difference.

    Don't let it go to your head, a CIA agent wouldn't be as sad as you. Maybe not as smart, but definitely not as sad.

    Come at me "bro".
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  24. anonymous612 Member

    too late on the going to my head part, all I really got out of your post was "You think I'm smarter than a CIA agent? awwww <3"
  25. I know yeah, I thought you'de like that :p
  26. Anonymous Member




    Consipracy theory, so no.


    Go back to high school and read some propper books.

    Ones that aren't written by lunatics, conspiracy theorists, Little-England-ers, etc etc.

    Actual proper books about real things.

    Not made-up shit about how taxation is illegal and the EU is treason and there's poison in the tap-water and all that bollocks.
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  27. anonymous612 Member

    Basically, all of this.
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  28. gayanon Member

    I'd love to go to this event. It's a MONDAY! I have to work :eek:( Boo-Hoo. Is anyone doing anything more local. I'll support as I can.
  29. I really don't think the UK has much cause to complain about freedom of speech. We're one of the most liberal and vocal countries in the world. We don't have a military dictatorship like Libya or Iraq had. We aren't exchanging rockets over a border because of religion like Palestine. We don't employ billions of people in back-breaking sweatshop labour like China. Our government gives the people every opportunity to speak their mind, but they draw the line when people try to impose their views on others. Nobody is forcing anonymous members to live in the UK. They can leave if they hate the government so much. Anonymous attacks on websites are forms of terrorism which make them petty criminals. And until anonymous has a clear leadership, they will never succeed.
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  30. gayanon Member

    From the UK

    No, we don't have a military government.
    No, we do not live under a dictatorship.
    No, we don't employ millions in back breaking labour.

    So I'll cut off your water supply and let you dehydrate to death?
    That is so much more compassionate than killing you with cyanide because I don't agree with the use of poison. Are you saying that one or any human being should be grateful for that?

    Should I be thankful that the government is not a dictatorship and therefore that in turn makes any and/or all of their actions acceptable?

    Are you saying that I/one must be thankful that I can fight for privacy and humanitarian rights? Even though the fight will most likely make no difference? The outcome is pre-determined.

    Should I be grateful for the mere right to protest if I do not feel that the governmnt are representing me, nor my personal, professional or social interests?

    Should I be grateful that I can speak though I will never be listened to and the answer has been written before any ears have been opened and given the opportunity to respond?

    For me, there is no decision. I will support the rights of others who live outside the UK. If their situation is worse than those who live in the UK, I will do my best for them. No matter how small. For those citizens that live in the UK, including myself, I will do my best for them. No matter how small.

    The greater suffering or injustices that others suffer never dilute the goal of everyones personal freedom. No matter what country they live in. All causes, from whatever country, are just as worthy. All one needs to ask is; Are someones rights, whether to freedom, democracy, freedom of information, freedom of information et al, being restricted. I beieve, that if the answer to any of the above is 'yes', then 'anonymous' will take interest. Maybe that is naive but my belief in the spirit of human nature says not.

    Anonymous needs no clear leadership. Anonymous needs and indeed has a belief in people, the rights that people are entitled to. That belief system already exists.

    I am a very new person to anonymous, that does not lessen the power or influence that I have. For I have none. Yet I have much. I can propose an idea, a belief, a strategy, as can anyone else. The power of anonymous is not in what I think but in what everybody else thinks [about my beliefs]. The individual alone has no power, though anonymous has much.

    I too am anonymous, and I care.
  31. anonymous612 Member

    Dox that the government is killing people by cutting off their water supply. Now.

    Anonymous has a belief in the lulz. And there is no lulz here.
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  32. gayanon Member

    No, the government is not killing people. However, because one or a government is
    not killing its citizens, fails to make another govenment's lesser crimes ignorable purely based on comparison.
  33. gayanon Member

    Anonymous has a 'Tombstone of Lulz'. There are those that vandalise that tombstone and those that just walk around it.
  34. anonymous612 Member

    I don't think you know what lulz means, bro.
  35. This thread is all about anonymous612 as usual. She's probably a CIA/FBI/NSA/MOSSAD disinformation enforcer. Just check out her pattern of posting in other threads. Don't worry about it,just hit your ignore button. Mainly because she's a total fuckwit and people here don't take her seriously anyway for that simple reason.
  36. anonymous612 Member

    Can't tell if srs.
  37. Malory Member

    Never heard the water one but right now the government is killing off the sick and disabled and it's going to get worse next year.

    The situation's bad 612. The Scots are pushing for Independence and Northern Ireland's buffered a little bit by our Stormont Assembly, but England's fucked.

    Freedom of speech is being eroded - just ask the woman who was raided by cops in the middle of the night because she criticised the DWP on Facebook and it seems she's not the only disability rights campaigner the police are watching

    There's a lot of civil unrest fermenting. The Occupy movement vanished up it's own arsehole but an awful lot of people feel powerless so it's not surprising there are groups forming to try and tap into that. I still think Op Vendetta is fail though.
  38. anonymous612 Member

    Do you have a source that isn't a fucking blog?

    That's actually a good thing.

    You are aware someone's facebook page is not actually a credible source, right?
  39. Guardian article sourced from Panorama programme-

    DWP report-

    And to top it off it looks like they're trying to censor HM advice videos on how to approach appeals for discontinued benefits-

    The current UK government is run by profiteering, self interested venture capitalists and aristocracy. Anyone remember the state pensions scandal? The elderly and disabled have been the first to feel the pain this government inflicts and they will not be the last! Lets not forget the backbencher who proposed teaching abstinence to female school children in place of sex ed. Don't forget the intrinsic and recurring sexism of Cameron's statements as well... "Calm down dear" ?!?!?!
  40. anonymous612 Member

    Thank you.

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