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Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Latehour, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Latehour Member

    I have tried for at least 30 minutes now to donate to your site, but it keeps telling me my card is invalid even if I doubt it. I have of course tried different cards without success. What is the problem, is the ammount to big ($1000) or is my bank having problems right now, I will of course try later. I'm starting to get a little frustrated.
  2. You can donate it to me, please! :D
  3. Latehour Member

    If you spend it well, lol :)
  4. Absolutely. I am very resourceful , creative and economical.
  5. Latehour Member

    I don't doubt it, Actually I don't care where my money goes, because what could I do with the money? Buy furniture, electronics, drugs or whatever, that doesn't change the world a bit, in fact, I would be giving money to the companys that is destroying the world right now. I'm not in a position right now where I could spend it well, sure I could save them, but I do save some of my money. I belive in donations, to people that already is doing something for the better.
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  6. That's generous and thoughtful of you.
  7. Anonymous Member

    When I logged into WWP this morning, the front page reported that Latehour had made a donation in the $300.00 ballpark. I was impressed. Now, the front page no longer has this report on Donations. I is confused. :confused:
  8. Anonymous Member

    I saw that, too. And it also appears the donations counters are broken.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Let me handle this. What is your password?
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  10. Sure, allow me to set up a "go fund me" or paypal account, and I will get back to you. lol:p
  11. Anonymous Member

    Just in case......

    Don't deal with anyone except Sue :p
  12. Latehour Member

    I have to give up for now, been doing this for more than an hour without any results. I need a break.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Send a pm to sue. He's the only one who can help.
  14. Latehour Member

    I have done that, I guess I'll wait for an answer. It's not like I'm in a hurry, really. =)
  15. sue Administrator

    Paypal put the account of Latehour on hold and reversed transactions, the donation manager uses IPN hence why the donation was withdrawn automatically. I called paypal and they said it's down to Latehour to rectify / clarrify descrepencies with his/her account.
  16. Hello sue.
    How are you?
    i would like a big ice cream cone, please.
    Thank you.
    - nowai :p
  17. Latehour Member

    Oh my god, they made it really difficult for me since I use e-cards and they want me to remember the cardnumber, wich changes everytime. I can't find it :/
  18. sue Administrator

    you're welcome.
  19. :p
  20. [IMG]

    i forgot all about this movie.
    should i go see it, again?
  21. This thread is trolling me to troll it.
    Pardon moi.

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