Not a good idea!

Discussion in 'Missing Persons' started by ccox421, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. ccox421 Member


    Is it really a good idea to post NOW pictures and names of people involved in the demonstration? I don't think so, I fear for their lives!

  2. I Ran Hubbard Member

    I think this is for loved ones you haven't heard from in Iran. This has nothing to do with being in a demonstration.
  3. ccox421 Member

    OK, I understand the concept, but I fear that the oppressors may interpret it differently...


    Edit: It can especially be interpreted differently by the authorities because this forum is settled mostly to enable anti-governement people to talk, inform, ...
  4. Lynx Member

    Seeing how the communication lines are pretty much closed.
    Relatives from across the world regardless of political interest or partisanship can be worried..
  5. Which oppressors, yours or ours?

    All governments are dictatorships
  6. Word man, word.
  7. dictators

    theres is one gov model that is not dictatorship, ogliarchy, etc. ANARCHY. Does not refer to a state of lawlessness. But a WILLING participation in a cooperative system that has NO centralized leadership. Think of the internets. The (info)pirates, open source programmers, these people getting more and more videos (even in America) of dirty cops, etc on youtube, facebook, etc. no centralized leadership, willing cooperation.

    Anarchy means NO RULER. Not no rules. I play my part because I care to, not because I have to. The only reason people have to truly fear Anarchy is because they fear responsibility. Help us Uncle Sam! We crashed the economy, again. Lol.

    Only responsibility and faith in ourselves and each other can save us now. Anarchy seems to certainly be upon us whether we are ready for it or not. I'd prepare.
  8. Dude, chill. This is neither the time nor the place for that.
  9. kingbenny Member


    i'm just a stupid dick, but security services aren't (mostly, compared to ordinary stupid dicks like me)

    so pls don't post missing ppl until they are like REALLY missing or need to be remembered ... you won't get any searchparties by showing them here ... you want to play long john silver or blackbeard ... you have to be smart to take on the royal navy man ... if not pls leave it to the powers that be (one of them is named aaaananaaana i forget)

    btw i don't like Allah or any single god or Jesus or Mohammed are both assholes to me, so if it's about that i will have to abandon your cause ... i'm just about freedom of speech and mind, worship what you like but give me the right to dislike it.

    if not ... well the laws of blabla say like well what and then some

    FREEDOM !!

    and no i'm not bravehearted , i'm just a stupid dick ... my god is named Photon and he's all around us ... it can not be censored, yes i'm crazy, and i don't like any religion but i will defend your right to speak to the death ... maybe you should start making some plans in case you ppl actually win instead of being run over by tanks when the media turns the other way after some catastrophe (which will happen)

    well, this is me being polite i guess ...
  10. You have a very valid point and it certainly can be interpreted any way the government wants, which could endanger these people.

  11. Well said, my friend

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