northern illinois?

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by rat bastard, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. rat bastard Member

    northern illinois?

    moved back to illinois about a year ago, and i want to get back to protesting again. if you are from mchenry county or thereabouts and have any kinds of public protests going on, if you could let me know, id put it on my schedule. just moved here from colorado, some of you from the coanon board probably wont remember me. but i havent been enterbulating(or however the hell you spell it) for a while, and kinda miss it. so hit me up if anythings going on.
  2. MrAnonV Member

    Re: northern illinois?

    as you prob know (or not), the chianons hold raids at millennium park right by the ice rink every 2nd saturday. We'll prob be going to elgin again, just look at our board for that. Other then that, not much happens up North, unless we call up a mini/flash raid for something important.
  3. CBAnon Member

    Re: northern illinois?

    Join us...
  4. MrAnonV Member

    Re: northern illinois?

    he has joined us, he's latest member lol

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