Nonviolence - what it is, and how to use it

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Jayferd, Jun 19, 2009.

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    Martin Luther King:

    Martin brought the US Government to heel.
    And Gandhi brought the British Empire to heel.


  3. Is it useful having a google map with basij troops locations, so people can avoid those places?
  4. This isn't a demo in Seattle. This isn't a bunch of Reed College kids talking about "revolution".

    These people are fighting for their lives. Major demos need to not be aggressive, but they can't be non-violent. They need to defend themselves from the Basji and IRG. Calpthorps, ball bearings, swarming isolated oppressors...

    Time to steal the revolution back.
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    Hey guys,

    @Jayferd: Great contribution. I can remember that study. I think they even
    made a documentary from that.


    And actually these poeple are using the term Reform. Which is actually not the same like revolution.
    Maybe, "Reform" is the "Change" in business/law - language.

    Why the hell did the Khamenei deny them, that their will is represented in the government. Why isn't that possible?

    Or to say it like the great Rudi Dupke on the Revolutionary 1968 generation:
    "This parlamentary democracy is useless, because it does not represent the will of the protestants on the streets outside. And for that reason there are riots."
    It proofed, that some of them started their own organisation, RAF, and that was the beginning of bloody, damn and cold period in West-Germany.
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    It seems we have different ideas about the meaning of the term "nonviolence". There is a world of difference between nonviolence and pacifism. If you'd like to discuss this 1-1 please email me ( or AIM (jayferd402).

    @ramin.ger Thank you for the discussion of the term "revolution" - we Americans (and others, I suppose) tend to gloss over the specific cultural meanings of these words and take them as our own.

    And speaking of Germany, for proof that nonviolence can work in the most oppressive of regimes, check out the Rosenstrasse protest.

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