Non-anecdotal recent evidence of fair game harassment?

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by ihcn, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. ihcn Member

    Non-anecdotal recent evidence of fair game harassment?

    People making videos saying there's a white van sitting outside is good and all, but why can I not find any 100% undeniable evidence? Everything I can find so far is anecdotal; people in videos can lie as well as people with generic university public_html sites and generally anyone can say they're being harassed. Court cases, police reports, news articles, and things of this nature cannot be swatted away so easily, so it is important to use these as evidence and not some one's home page.

    The only 100% definitive news article I've found ( ... full.story) was written before many of us were in kindergarten. After going though many of the links here, google searching, and wikipedia as a last resort, that 18 year old article was the only rock-hard evidence. My search was hardly a thorough one, so it's entirely possible that I'm looking in the wrong places, and this is where you guys come in, especially the veterans who know about stuff like this. Are there are any more recent articles that show that the fair game policy is still alive and well?

    This came up because I was discussing the upcoming protests with a friend and in response to my "fair game" comment, they asked me to name any recent cases. I couldn't even after spending a while searching, and that kind of bothers me.
  2. Anon123456 Member

    you cant find evidence because tommy cant figure out how to get it off the cam and onto the tube.
  3. Anon414141 Member

    Easy examples are court documents related to Mark Henson, and Paulette Cooper. John Sweeney, a journalist for the BBC has documented scientologists harassing him in 2007.

    You may also want to check out the Vicki Aznaran affadavit, where Vicki a former scientologist testifies that fair game tactics were in effect while she was in RTC.

    Tory Christman is another former scientologist in the high ranks or OSA who has spoken to this effect, I believe. Tory posts on this forum as Magoo.

    There is a lot of other easily verifiable evidence as well, a bit of searching around should find it.
  4. ihcn Member

    Thank you very much, the names were what I needed to get my search going.

    Mainly for the benefit of people in a similar situation as I was, I'm going to list what I've found. ... 92701.html - A but interesting story from 2001 on Magoo's history with Scientology. Examples of litigation and disconnection are found mainly on the last page. - Site run by the CoS. This site has pages for many prominent critics of Scinetology including the one I linked to above. Given that it's copyright notice was updated in 2006, I think this qualifies as a very recent instance of Scientology defaming it's critics. - Article by Sweeney documenting being harassed while while researching for an article about them less than a year ago.

    The other people you listed seem to be from the 90's, and Kieth's story could be twisted any way you like, so I didn't include them, but there were still more articles that I didn't link to just because I had no idea whether they were credible or not.
  5. fluffbomb Member

    From the Brit angle, this should be used very prominently here in the UK.
    There was actually a LOT of publicity when that was shown, the BBC did quite a bit of follow-up about it but I can't for the life of me understand why it didn't kick everything off then?

    As I recall, the BBC defended him quite well, showing several times that he was "baited" throughout and harassed. There should have at least been an investigation to find out how the Co$ managed to get hold of Police records that I'm sure are not open to the public.

    I think we need to have a media blitz before the 15th and officially invite Mr. Sweeney to attend and document the protest.

    I would imagine the BBC would have a large axe to grind after that, and if we show them (and him personally) that we understand his reaction, I think they'd attend.
  6. musketeerwang Member

    Because the media are fickle and uncommitted to any one issue? Sweeney has moved on, the boat has sailed. It's all timing - if Anon had kicked off around the same time, that would have been ideal. But don't hold your breath for more from Sweeney, Panorama, or even the Beeb for some time.

    I say we contact Louis Theroux's agent and suggest he goes and does his thing as he did recently with the Westboro Baptist Church: ... umentaries

    He's looked into cults before, but never Scn.
  7. argh Member

    Oh yes!

    I've contacted the BBC via their website with a suggestion but I don't know how to get in touch with his agent. I think IMDB Pro lets you (which I don't have.. yet...) but I don't know if everyone listed on there has agent's details.
  8. google Margaret Singer ?
    I think that might lead to some credible documented cases
  9. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Non-anecdotal recent evidence of fair game harassment?

    Anecdotal evidence is valid. Are you hoping to find internal Co$ documents or a statistical pattern? What % of protesters get harassed? One andecdote does NOT make a pattern, but collating recent incidents across the world provides one. Stick Sweeney, Gorman, etc., etc. into a timeline and you can get some pretty convincing evidence that the Co$ is, as a whole, appreciative of efforts by members to discourage protest, even without memos from Miscavige that gloat about slashed tires.
  10. DrMummy Member

    Re: Non-anecdotal recent evidence of fair game harassment?

    Damnshow's site was hacked, and they have two threatening messages on their answering machine messages. The have the messages on video.

    All over a parody.

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