NOI still Pushing Study Tech

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Triumph, Dec 11, 2010.

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    Re: NOI still Pushing Study Tech

    I Am That I Am-Keith Muhammad(Oakland, CA) (NOI site)
    Proper Preaching 2.0 - I Am That I Am-Keith Muhammad(Oakland, CA)
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: NOI still Pushing Study Tech

    cache version Volunteer Ministers PR web site
  4. Triumph Member

    Re: NOI still Pushing Study Tech

    Nation Of Islam Student Association

    Nation Of Islam Student Association (administrator of the page?)
    wrote in part of a long conversation as part of a discussion post a "word clear" heres what is written

    clearly this is an exercise is twisting a definition to fit Hubbard's cult speak manipulation?

    Nation Of Islam Student Association | Facebook

    My guess isthe person writing this is using Hubbard's perverted Dictionary of Fictionary
    is this Hubbard twisted "word clearing"

    the definitions seem slightly tweaked, and not in a good way

    Maybe an Ex can Look at the definition they provide and confirm its Hubbard's clap trap?


    Heres the traditional example of the same word without the Hubbard taint.
    for reference.

  5. Scatman Member

    Re: NOI still Pushing Study Tech

    The main part of Hubbard's "Study Tech" is word clearing, which he plagiarized from the book, Elements of Composition and Rhetoric by Virginia Waddy written in 1889. See chapter 8 "Style".
    If only the NOI folks knew they were just marks for another scam.
  6. Triumph Member

    Re: NOI still Pushing Study Tech

    thanks..for that

    Hubbard snags the writing from a Skool Marm and White Woman who lived and wrote and was influenced in her writings! in the OLD SOUTH! (Capitol of the Confederacy-Richmond Va.) Civil War-Post Civil War Era! -Jim Crow South! and plagiarized it for His "Study Tech"

    Why wouldn't the NOI find that amusing?

    I find it amusing but not for the same reasons!
  7. Scatman Member

    Re: NOI still Pushing Study Tech

    Virginia Waddy evidently committed to writing a methodology already in use in many schools. I mean, why do we have dictionaries? We use them to learn the meaning of words. Hubbard tried to con folks into thinking that he discovered something.
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    And within hides the reason why Farrakhan is sliding up to scientology and now insisting on it: [my bold]

    "The conference is the continuation of the call and challenge the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan placed before the educators to design a “New Educational Paradigm” as the old paradigm has failed to provide us with the tools needed to be successful in the current world.

    You see, it's not their leader's fault! So don't go asking him where all the money went and why his members aren't all beaming with riches of successful businesses, and not all are brilliant graduates of a unversity, etc, etc. Farrakhan's membership draining like a sieve, just like Miscavige's. Membership might be just around the same, 10,000 to 15,000.
  11. Triumph Member

    They were pushing Study Tech and Applied Scholastics at the same conference last year
    they are promoting the use of the e-meter-well sorry the "learning accelerator"
    its a stripped down version of the e-meter
    getting those NoI kids on the cans early...with a "learning accelerator"

    Heres the video promoting the conference last year...the clams were all over that
    Alfreddie & Friends
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  12. Anonymous Member

    pushing study tech
    Word clearing
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Triumph Member

    2011 Schedule NOI Study Tech
    Alfreddie Johnson takes center stage
  15. subgenius Member

    Paging Xander and company
    me no can get to chi-town for this
    must go fish sandwich festival..
  16. Triumph Member

    the event is held at Muhammad University where Dogstar was protesting its part of the Mosque complex.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    The words Education and the name Farrakhan should never appear together in the same place

    Northern Illinois Unniversity in Chicago
    maybe flyers around town warning people that Study tech = scientology before this study tech fiasco happens?

    "Developing a Nation of Readers"= big $$ for Louie and the rest of the minions
  18. Anonymous Member

    LRH would've never allowed this kind of thing...
  19. Anonymous Member

    and COS is allowing it.
    I dont' undertand how COS let's Alfraudie get away with his "Power of Words" book that was written by someone else?
    I mean isn't he hawking LRH tech in this book? I thought everything was copyrighted by the RTC?
    I know DM started to quote LRH in promos and not including where it was referenced from (the lecture # or whatever) and THAT was a big no-no. Or is that now just a thing of the past?

    How is this NOI pushing the tech under their own name under exactly working? Just now being looked at as another front group that pays fees?
    But I dont see the COS copyright for the tech anywhere in their promos or books?
    Maybe I missed it.
  20. Triumph Member

    they do acknowledge CoS copyright in the 3 power of words books and applied scholastics,,and alfreddies version world literacy crusade
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  22. Anonymous Member

    FARAKHAN‎ > ‎Ministry of Education‎ > ‎Physical Manifestations‎ > ‎
  23. Anonymous Member

    from Link above ^^^Squirreling the Tech
  24. Anonymous Member

    Using Hubbard Kool-Aid to cultify the NOI further
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    NOI LINK More Hubbard Squirreltech Moonbattery
  27. Anonymous Member

    Hey Farrakhan,

    Whitey approves of this. Make your people dumb and deluded, it's okay. Comes the class war, we'll be eating your lunch while you're still trying to find out how Hubbard said you should tie your shoes.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Jim Mathers Pimping The Cult's "Truth about Drugs" Hubbard quackery to the NOI at the Educational Conference Aug 5th

  29. LocalSP Member

    Oooo the walmart version.
  30. Anonymous Member

    If they wanted to know the truth about drugs why didn't they just look up the drugs on Those CDC losers spend years of their lives and millions in government spending to accurately research pretty much anything that is considered harmful, including drugs and addictions. Please tell me this was a free conference, at least then I won't feel as bad for those millions of fools who attended it.
  31. Anonymous Member


    I really wish the Scilons would add a section on sugar, nicotine & caffeine to their anti-drug (chemicals we don't like) propaganda.

    Oh wait, those are 'legal' and some Scilons use them in abundance...
  32. Anonymous Member

    Cults Applies Scholastics Booth at NOI Education Conference
  33. AnonLover Member

    i feel ill. :/
  34. Triumph Member

    Creating a supreme curriculum, supreme educators for students
    By Starla Muhammad -Staff Writer- | Last updated: Aug 17, 2011 - 10:19:51 AM
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