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  1. brvandal Member


    i heard that they added that to the $5 Footlong menu
  2. Major Boyle Member


    The thing I can't get about this is Noelle's supposed to be OT8. This means she's the top of the heap as far as their belief system goes.

    So, either we have an incident that proves even the might supermen OT8s can flip out and go bat nuts, or else this proves that the cult leaders ordered this move in the name of hurting Anonymous, meaning their leadership is utterly insane. I'm not sure which option is worse.
  3. DeathHamster Member


    OT8 is another layer of indoctrination more than Tom Cruise (OT7). I'm sure that by the time that they get all the way through that whole process, a lot of them are quite brittle mentally. They have this make-believe OT existence inside their heads that just doesn't make sense when compared to the real world, and they have to continually invent explanations and justifications for the mismatch without being aware that they're doing it. Anything that threatens to upset this psychotic balance is going to get an extreme reaction.
  4. tazor Member


    That's the problem with the upper levels. Too many people have gone nuts on them. A bunch have died of various diseases which isn't what is suppose to happen. So you see, it just doesn't work like they say it does.
  5. momISanon Member


    Just did a little search. Noelle lives in a VERY modest home and makes an extremely modest income.

    Sooooo, Noelle. You act as if 'your shit doesn't stink'. Sorry, hun. You're just like the rest of us 'out in the REAL world'. Sad. Just, sad.

    This, slightly fixed.
  7. Plups Member


    The pussy puckering made me explode in laughter.

    <--- Did someone say Noelle North?
    (temporary avatar)
  9. amaX Member


    that picture of her creeps me out.

    Precisely :examine:
  11. Kilia Member


    She looks like a fukin' idiot!
  12. Whanonstler Member


    I think you proved that one of us *can* be more cruel than all of us! Jesus, Man/Woman/Other! Tubgirl would be a better avatar! :lrhcries:
  13. roan Member

  14. Whanonstler Member


    Quiznos is better anyway.

    Lets dem scientololoigees hab da subways, wees anons can be shufflin' down to da Quizinos!

    What is the music in the background, Roan? I would appreciate knowin'. :eek:hyeah:
  15. momISanon Member


    Quiznos is DEFINITELY better than Subway. I go into my local one.....and they already have the bread out making 'my usual'! LOL! They are so nice.;) Kudos to my local Quiznos!
  16. MarcabEmpress Member


    At first a thought the "racist" comment was off base, but after some discussion with others, it makes sense: Scientologists believe they are "Homo Novis" superior race compared to "Homo Sapiens" and certainly to the "marcabs" which they feel some of us are. Scientologists call those who are not Scientologists "wogs" and feel we may be salvageable, but only if we conform to their way of being and accept their religious beliefs. Also because Scientology calls us SPs and DBs Anonymous is thus a class of people in their eyes, a class and a race, that is to be denied chocolate milk and cold meat sandwiches.

    By putting up a sign that says No Anonymous, Noelle was stating that anyone opposed to Scientology was not welcome in Subway, that Marcabs, wogs, and Homo Sapiens should not come in.
  17. DeathHamster Member


    Homo Sapiens? I'm not sure that we rate that high on their scale.

    Wogs are defined in the technical dictionary as "common ordinary run of the mill garden variety humanoids".

    Translated sign:
    "No humanoids allowed!"
  18. The Shadow Member


    I think she's kinda hot......I bet I could 'de-program' her, just give me half an hour and some Nutella chocolate spread =P
  19. Paresthesia Member


    She was on Enturb??? Link please!!

    Nah, that was someone who made a sockpuppet account named Noelle North to troll with.

    The comments were LULZY as well as the public profile which had things like Crimes: Fairgaming Children.
  21. amaX Member


    hand over the nutella and no one has to get hurt.

  22. LordCeptimos Member


    huh... if i was just average joe and not anonymous... and i saw that shit.
    id say "get out of my way" go on inside..
    order myself a drink.
    as she is not looking shove her ass onto the curb. tear down the sign crumple it up go back to the register pay for my food and ask for the trashcan to throw it into.

    any kind of sign that is discrimating towards anyone like that is deemed a racist bigot. and i will treat them like the animals they are.
  23. pooks Member

    From: Flag Service Org &lt;;
    Subject: New Solo NOTs Completion from Flag
    Date: Friday, September 30, 2011

    New Success Story from Flag!


    Noelle North Norris just completed Solo NOTs!

    Here's her success from Flag® Graduation

    “I just completed New OT VII, Cause over Life! I am totally into solutions for the future. My new attitude is ‘YES’ instead of ‘NO.’ I went through many stages on this level as it affects every area of my life. The more magic I observed in my life, the more I experienced how we can disagree with the MEST universe agreements around us all the time.

    “This level of The Bridge is what I always wanted. I learned to observe the world, my universe, others’ universes and the physical universe. As I handled this on this level, I learned how to BE, DO and HAVE as an OT. I have learned that as a Scientologist I don’t have to buy into the MEST theory or ‘the THINK’ of the day. By truly learning and making sure we can apply any Scientology tech to our lives, we can all get the stellar gains and products of any level of The Bridge from Scientology Basics Books to New OT VIII and beyond. Do what you are doing while you are doing it and do it with Standard Tech.&quot; – N.N.

    Contact your Bridge Consultant for the lastest packages or with any questions you have about any of Flag's services.

    Flag Service Consultant East US

    (212) 478-5177 or (646) 261-3988
    349 W 48th Street, New York, New York 10036
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  24. RightOn Member

    I guess she would say yes then, if those little girls wanted to go into Subway for lunch now
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  25. RightOn Member

    what does "not having to buy into the MEST theory" mean?
    So she is saying as far as being at cause over "matter energy space and time" not important to believe that now and… meh?
    Cherry picking?
  26. LRonAnon Member

    The girls have developed a certain bond with their chocolate milk since that day, an empowering comfort food (makes them like OT XXV). They've also grown loyal to Quiznos.

    Noelle failed at MEST that day, we got though in the end. All her new OT powers must have been helpful in trying to rebuild her Google identity. Nichelle Noelle North Norris and combinations thereof have been attempted across the net.

    For posteritys sake.

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  27. Anonymous Member

    No, she very likely means she does not have to buy into physical laws as espoused by the "science boys". That is what being "cause over MEST" means - that you "disagree" with physical universe laws and so are not subject to them. One principle of Scn is that this apparent universe is one of agreement and we are only subject to the degree that we agree. Kinda like The Matrix. Scientology is supposed to be the red pill. Hubbard was way ahead of The Matrix there ... but so was Heinlein and the rest of the sci-fi lot from the 50's and 60's.
  28. Anonymous Member

    "Yes!" to Subway instead of "No!"
  29. Anonymous Member

    And this is what I think is the basic failure in the "theology". Leaving aside any question of the crimes, lies, etc etc., to assume as they do that one wants to do away with normal human reaction and that it is good and or positive to go against physical laws is truly a lack of understanding and shows any knowledge is at best superficial and at worst, potentially dangerous.
  30. Anonymous Member

    I am also reminded now of how that "disagree button" is used in extracting money from members. Extractees are exhorted to "disagree with MEST barriers" in order to encourage them to run up their credit cards. Back in the day, they were encouraged to really show their disagreement by writing a "postulate check", i.e. a bad check that the extractee postulates that he will be able to cover by the time it hits the bank. Postulate checks are no longer allowed but the disagree button is still heavily used.

    Of course, like most things Co$, that only goes one way - try asking a staff member to "disagree" with policy to help you out.
  31. Anonymous Member

    It's magical!
  32. i'mglib Member

    What a great idea!

    I'm going to try this.
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  33. ^Careful now, Glibby. You might find you have so much space, you won't know your mest from your arslycus - I know I didn't.
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  34. Sponge Member

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  35. Sponge Member

    Who cares? Think of the "STELLAR GAINS"!!111!!1!!!

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  36. Smurf Member

    Noelle has more than proven she is as Cause over Life. She &amp; her husband, Michael Norris, had to sell their home in Sherman Oaks last May and rent an apartment in Van Nuys. Ah, well, the bimbo still has her Happiness Band.

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  37. xenubarb Member

    Gosh, I hope we didn't impact her tiny life by exposing her assholery at a Subway...herd she lost her teaching job, was that a repercussion?
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Noelle is magical at teaching any crowd to do any dance (ballroom, Latin, disco, country -- you name it) and then she gets them up on the floor having fun.
  39. Anonymous Member

    I heard that she lets older men spank her for free.

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