NN Quebec Human Rights Complaint

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Intelligence Member

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  2. Intelligence Member

    This would be an interesting interview considering some of the culprits she's climbing
    into bed with, are naned in the Quebec Human Rights Commission cases and other investigations:)

    And I think some Dox would most likely be leaked to McLeans Magazine AND the
    Toronto Globe and Mail Reporters.


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  3. Anonymous Member

    So far, she appears to be some kinda media slut, so this could get lulzy!!!
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  4. Intelligence Member

    I'd rather she just "pull-out" now (pun intended - LOL), than me have to fight another fight
    of this magnitude? We'll see :)

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  5. Intelligence Member

    Sent her message by Email direct to Company she works at and a message to her Facebook PM.

    If she's worth her salt, she'll no doubt Google me and perhaps only 50% chance of response?

    If no response, I could call company direct, I guess?

    Tel: (416) 929-1618
    Fax: (416) 929-0736

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  6. Anonymous Member

    Comin' t' get ya, cult!

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  7. Anonymous Member

    Nice, but I would personally like to see dossiers of facts regarding Narconon,and the docs of each of the lawsuits against it, addressed to each of the MDs (Marked private and confidential ) in the practice at Elements Wellness.

    The attached cover letter could provide information regarding Dr Sara's intentions to get involved, and ask one simple question of these Docs, 'How much does your professional reputation mean to you and your bottom line?'
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  8. Intelligence Member

    The "dossiers of facts" regarding Narconon, can NOT be released or posted until the Commission
    renders a decision - which will be approximately 4 months from now.

    We now have the "Factual Reports" from the Commission - just waiting now :-(

    IMO, many of the facts will be published before then, but we'll see?

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  9. Anonymous Member

    By dossiers I mean just the publicly known facts. Those IMO are enough to rattle any sane doctors cage. These guys are specialist plastic surgeons whose reputations are very precious to them. They would not wish to be associated with such out and out quackery.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    This ^ fer sure. These big time earners wouldn't want to be associated with low life
    Narconon detox scumbags.

  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    media junkies, live by the sword, die by the sword.
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  13. Intelligence Member

    May as well plop this here :)

    ***OUCH -Narconon Staff to Face Federal Investigation*** - - Registrar, Ethics Officers, and Executive staff at Narconon conspired to defraud Canada Federal Government out of several thousands. Following a discussion with a Federal Investig...ator a few months ago, additional evidence documents arrived today. Will meet with Investigator as soon as next week. This Case also invloves the Canada Federal Charities Commission and Income Tax Department. A Narconon staff member was issued a Tax Deductable receipt for these Insurance funds paid to Narconon.

    time :)

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  14. DeathHamster Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

    Nice practice you got here. Shame if anything happened to it...
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  16. RightOn Member

    Happy stats! MWHA HA HA !
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  17. BigBeard Member

    narCONon = Fraud

    Lots of that finally coming into the light!

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  18. HellRazor Member

    The woo is strong in that one - Dr. Sara. Please note, she is not a Medical Doctor but a Naturopath. Her regulatory College is not the CPSO, but the College of Naturopaths of Ontario:

    I'm not sure, but she may still be regulated by the "Board of Directors of Drugless Therapy - Naturopathy" (BDDT-N):

    I gather from the website that they are still "transitional", whatever that means. Also, I am sure they have a much higher tolerance for the woo and quackery. I doubt David Love will get much love from the College and I don't think she would be sanctioned for working with Narconon.
  19. Random guy Member

    With the authorities having shut down NNTR due to health issues, and with a number of recent deaths in teh US, even the naturopaths may want to tread careful here. However, if she is not a licensed MD, will her support mean anything?
  20. DeathHamster Member

    In Ontario, the government got really stupid and granted naturopaths various things: primary health providers and some prescription rights. (Yes, I know.)

    I don't know if a naturopath could give a medical exam. (By definition, they couldn't, but we're dealing with very stupid people.)
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  21. Intelligence Member

    As with NN TR being shut down so abruptly and with only 24 hours notice received
    by me - - and now the NN AH Senate BILL 295 being passed, I do expect that the
    Quebec Human Rights Commission decision may be the next big WIN:)

    Hoping for sometime this Spring? We'll see and keep on top of them like 'flies-on-honey'.

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  22. BigBeard Member

    You've got a slight typo there Dave. The OK senate bill is SB295, not 285.

  23. Intelligence Member

    Tx BigBread - FIXED :)

  24. Intelligence Member

    Just dropping these here to suppliment other dox that hook Scientology to Narconon.

    These first two are from David Miscavige's TWIN SISTER under oath:



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  25. Intelligence Member


    Received email from Commission yesterday, stating all files are still in their lawyer's hands.

    If the anticipated decision is what we expect, the human rights abuses evidence that will be
    published is astounding, expecially including the evidence documents that I will post.

    Whether a "Summary" Judgement (very possible), or taken to a Quebec Court for full
    Trial of all five Cases, it does entail far reaching ramifications, including bad PR for
    the phoney CCHR. An organization, such as Scientology, being convicted for Human
    Rights and Freedoms violations, is no small matter.

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  26. jensting Member

    Well, it's a common complaint that the words "awesome" is overused. However, I have to say that your work is awesome :)
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  27. BigBeard Member

    Well, $cientology has already been convicted in Canada for 'Breach of the public trust'. So getting nailed for Human Rights and Freedoms violations shouldn't be totally unexpected by anyone. Except David Miscavige.

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  28. Intelligence Member

    Appears ex-NN TR staff are still dabbling in the drug rehab business and other Scientology
    business ventures:

    ^^^Ex- NN TR Staff Member.

    There is also word from 2 sources that another NN will open in the Toronto area, but not holding
    my breath considering the credibility of these sources - LOL :)


    Another ex- NN TR Staff Member (Head Course Room supervisor & E-Meter Auditor)

    Registered a new company - Education Solutions:

    Mr. Philippe Dubreuil, President

    150-705 Cosburn Ave
    Toronto, ON, M4J 2L9
    Phone: 1 416 559-9063

    Phillipe talked to me about opening a business for teaching children COS style when I was at NN TR.

    Pretty smart guy, but limited to "inside the cult box" thinking. Was involved in some hanky-panky
    at NN TR that will be exposed in due course once book is published.

    Whats sad about this ^^^ family, is their disconnection to their father.

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  29. Intelligence Member

    We all have a common "WHY" and some have a personal "WHY" that helps them press on - - this is my "Personal WHY" ♥ ♥ ♥

    Published on Mar 11, 2013
    March 11, 2013 - A remembrance video of a very special person I met at Narconon. She helped me through a lot, and still does. May she Rest in Peace. We will never forget.
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  30. peterstorm Member

    Three more months to go now?
  31. Intelligence Member

    Could be 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months or more? Will request a meeting at QHRC soon.

  32. Intelligence Member

    *I'm Such a Tease - Spank Me* - LOL :)

    With Lucas & Eric on the NBC Rock Center to be aired soon, AND what will
    come from Canada soon, I dare say "Narconon is in for severe Butt-Hurt".

    Not just in Quebec from NN TR, but right across our Nation [Dave bites tongue] :)

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  33. Anonymous Member

    Do not bite your tongue off, Davis Edgar Glove, or you won't be able to tell all "in due course"?
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  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. Anonymous Member

    Cover image HARD DRIVE small.jpg
  36. Intelligence Member

    Published on Mar 31, 2013
    March 31, 2013 -- Scientology drug rehabs, Narconon, are the most dangerous and deadly rehabs around the globe. With lawsuits of wrongful deaths, fraud, breach of contract, civil conspiracy, exploitation and discrimination, Narconon could be facing extinction in North America in 2013 or soon thereafter.

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  37. Intelligence Member

    Had to rush out to a meeting about the many Dead Agent attacks and
    Book progress and decided the D.A.'s will indeed be an interesting Chapter,
    naming NAMES and events in detail.

    OSA accusing me of Extortion of more than 1/4 million in August 2012, prompted me to
    review some tape recordings and transcripts from a meeting back on Good Friday 2012
    with the Dierector of NN TR.

    I met in a cafe with the ED of NN TR and his minion tag along, the ex-NN TR ED. I was accompanied by someone who placed a cassette tape recorder on the table when we sat down. The meeting was to give me a certified check for my unpaid wages and give me my T4 Tax document. A couple minutes before the meeting ended, the ED asked “how much it would take to make all the other complaints go away."



    I, and the other Complaints didn't go away even though they tried on a few occasions with
    cash offers to me and such.

    I and the other Plaintiffs, haven't gone away either --- as so many do; and they most
    likely expected I would have by now.

    Will be talking to the Human Rights Commission again this week after I deliver
    another package of documents.

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  38. Anonymous Member

    D. A. doesn't matter when the dox from 3rd party is real.
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  39. yoshiyoyo Member

    The last I checked this thread is all about NN Human Rights Complaint NOT lets dig up someones past and shove it in there face and everyone else. We all have skeletons in our closet and we went to rehab to keep them there BUT the rehab we happen to go to better our lives took once again an advantage of us so lets keep on topic and keep the past in the past and the success wins against Narconon and Scientology our future!!

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  40. hushpuppy Member

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