NN Quebec Human Rights Complaint

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. McLOVIN_1982 Member

    This ^^^ made me cry my man.... I just can't believe the total disregard for anyone of these victims emotional needs during this tragic time in their life, let alone the fact this is just a total fraud! Now that I am done crying I AM SOOOO ANGRY!!!
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  2. snippy Member

    That's some medieval crap, but congrats for hitting a nerve and getting sent straight to "Ethics" :D
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  3. Intelligence Member

    ***AN AWESOME DAY*** - - The Wins Keep Rolling In ♥
    We are engaged in a struggle against a dangerous Cult that is guilty of horrendous abuses, harassment, extortion, intimidation, fraud, and deaths. People must not be subjected to the suppression of intrinsic human rights and freedoms - - all people have equal worth and value - - freedoms to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way. ♥

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  4. Intelligence Member

    LOL - Just posted on FB by Bert Leahy - - LMAO :) <3

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  5. BigBeard Member

    For some reason this gave me a flash-back to the bad old days when it was very common to hear, "That next major software release will be out 'Real Soon Now'" from most of the software vendors. Only now it's governments going, "Real Soon Now".

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  6. Intelligence Member

    If you only knew how frustrating this entire ordeal has been. It's about 5 months off schedule now,
    due to a few issues, including addtional Case files of FIVE total now, which even include allegations
    of harassment and potential witness intimidation. Another issue was the language barrier - - all dox
    are officially in FRENCH, but must be translated into english because ALL the Complainants are
    Anglophone only :)

    So, it's quite a lengthy Report that has taken about one month to translate.

    The Investigators had to travel outside Montreal for interviews and sworn affidavits and
    the evidence documents are staggering indeed.

    I anticipate having to submit only a few hundred more pages in response to the Report?

    Because the Commission has NEVER had a Case of Exploitation of a Handicap outside of
    the Exploitation of a Handicap in an Elderly Care Facility, this one is a new one.

    First we had to establish and prove that the Victims were disabled due to addiction, prior to
    being at Narconon, and while there. The Supreme Court of Canada's decision that an addict
    is disabled and instructed all Provinces to abide by and recognize as such, was a big win.

    The Cult law firm argued otherwise, but failed in their attempt thus far.

    The Exploitation aspect, is pretty clear cut, with no forseable problems - - quite blatant.

    However, I always expect the unexpected with this evil, such as one website and leaked
    emails claiming that I was a paid Spy by Biog-Pharma who wanted to shut down NN TR
    so they could open their own Rehabs without competition from NN, and I was sent into
    NN TR to sabatoge the program and have them shut down.

    The Cults Dead Agent attacks on me, Health Ministry, College of Physicians, and other
    government agencies, has made them look stupid and paranoid.

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  7. Quentinanon Member

    And Leonard Cohen is an ex-scientologist!
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  8. Intelligence Member

  9. Intelligence Member

    I MUST stop looking at Bert's face - - my GUT is killing me from laughing so much :) :) :)

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  10. Intelligence Member

    Here is an photo from INSIDE NARCONON TROIS-RIVIERES withdrawal unit.

    When I was there, about 7 of us of mixed gender CRAMMED into this TINY eating area.

    Just off camera at the bottom of the photo, is a staff desk where a Victim sits in the wooden chair
    off to the left and does "Light-Objectives" and TR's.

    The Sauna area, with 3 Saunas, could hold up to 20 or so - - mixed genders shared one TINY
    toilette and bathroom.

    Bed capacity at NN TR "WAS" about 100 beds or more.

    I didn't take this photo, but have envelopes full of disgusting images that will be used at the
    Human Rights Commission Hearings - SO SAD :-(

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  11. jensting Member

    Uhm, that's "Sea Org" so-called "ethics." As Tommy Davis said "crew of tough sons of bitches." So much for narCONon not having anything to do with the $cientology "religion."

    Reference: Hubbard, "Ethics Chits", Policy Letter of 1 July 1965, reprinted in The Organization Executive Course, vol.1, pp.703-704, 1991 edition
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  12. Intelligence Member

    Here's one of the NN TR dox on violations, including mention of an "Ethics Hearing"

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  13. Anonymous Member

    OMG they are control freaks!

    if questioned in court, how the hell would they answer the question, "What is out hygiene, and why do you use that term"
    I don't believe I have heard anyone but scientologists use that term.
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  14. Intelligence Member

    Chipmunk on brain-wheel won't let me sleep, so back up at keyboard at 5:22am,..., Grrrrr!

    If I told you what the little bugger Chip-Munk was drawing on my mind's black-board, someone
    might call a wagon with stiff men in white jackets, so we'll leave that right back in my mind, where
    it is safe for now - LOl :)

    Had a long chat with a couple people in the USA today and without a doubt, Narconon Arrowhead
    is in trouble from many multiple fronts for sure.

    Perhaps should post over in other Thread, but this one will do. More for my own notes than anything.

    The question of the day was, "Is Senator Ivester going to have new legislation in place, similar to
    what immediately shut down NN TR, or did the Scilon lawyers who visited his office alter some
    thinking? We'll see soon.

    Still waiting on the pending Criminal Charges from District attorney???

    Still waiting to see if Oklahoma Department of Mental Health will do something???

    So, in the interim, will proceed with three other legal avenues in the State and Federal
    juristictions. ONE for sure, NN AH is facing a devestating BLOW like never expected
    or anticipated by anyone:) "Thank-You Chip-Munk :)

    Canada is on target and moving forward as expected:)


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  15. snippy Member

    So its a chipmunk spinning that wheel! I wondered what could keep it going all night. Thanks, very helpful factoid. Sometimes taking an advil slows him down. Strange but true. Try this YouTube. It shut down my brain a few minutes ago:
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  16. BigBeard Member

    Under "Minor Violations" I find this one very telling:

    "Omitting or refusing" makes it pretty clear this isn't voluntary work that's being tracked. And "work exchange" makes it pretty clear the work is being done in return for something. So it's not talking about 'work therapy', or some such, that's part of the program. Same with the "daily assigned chore" a couple of items down in the list. Exploitation much??

    And what's with dinging people for "unintentional omissions or mistakes"? Unintentional omissions and mistakes are just part of what makes us human. Or is the idea behind this to force people in to the "Novis" mold?

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  17. snippy Member

    That last minor violation is so vague it could mean anything. One hallmark of a cult is having many unwritten rules. Worse, what you have to do to get privileges back is even more vague;
    "demonstrated he has corrected himself and gotten his own ethics in"
    How do you demonstrate you have corrected yourself? This is way too subjective and ripe for abuse.
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  18. Intelligence Member

    You have a clear image of what's happening concerning Exploitation. I spoke to a couple
    people in the USA today and I anticipate "HELL TO RAIN DOWN" on them asap. Will
    be working dox for submissions very soon (2-3) of us to get er done FAST! Prefer to have
    a Victim Name on Doc, but in two of the matters, it's moot - - only the violating of Acts,
    Regs, Laws, is what's important right now :)

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  19. Intelligence Member

    AND another VERY serious matter, that the Authorities are aware of, with dox for NN TR - - and
    authorities are aware of at AH & Georgia, is that of Staff Drug use!

    We have documented evidence by way of witnesses and emails from the relapsed staff members, that
    both Ethics Officers, 2 Reg's, 2 Course Supervisors were using Cocaine and drinking, as well as a few
    other drugs during the work-week - - some arriving from being up all night and red-eyed. I had to take
    Taxi downtown and litterally pull two up off the side-walk and take back to the drug invested staff
    apartment complexes. Other evidence of staff using, was 2 were sent to NN Alberta for Repair; one
    was Course Sup and the other a Reg. When we went back for the 2nd protest at NN TR, we have the
    other Senior Ethics Officer on film, doing a Repair at NN TR. I had Dox that he had relapsed out
    on the street, but there he was.

    AND, with this ^^^ comes more insideous, intentional EXPLOTATION, icluding a few other
    frauds, misrepresentations, coercions, and abuses to persons with a hadicap or disabily.

    Pretty SHOCKING-SHIT, eh'? Very sad for the Victims :-(

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  20. Anonymous Member

    The whole thing is a shocking chaotic mess, I am now quite convinced that they are simply lucky not to have had many more deaths than have occurred.
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  21. Intelligence Member

    Narconon Staff are well know as "Party-Hard" addicts just out of the program and
    recruited onto staff. I have some more Audio and Video, but must save for Hearings etc,
    and they are far worse than these and quite sickening.

    Narconon Staff Partiers:


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  22. snippy Member

    I suspect there are many more deaths we just never found out about. Narconon doesn't step forward with that information, especially if they can get the person off premises. No hard proof, but they are good at cover ups.

    Also, they seem to pick and choose which rules they want to enforce, like the drug rule above and the sex rules. Yes, it is a is "a shocking chaotic mess" so much so that I'd bet what goes on there doesn't even register in a lot of peoples minds just because it is so bizarre.
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  23. snippy Member

    Our posts keep crossing. That's good woo maybe. Those are some wasted people in those pictures. wasted in more ways than one. :( Over and out. :)
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  24. Intelligence Member

    For now, I can only say, YES, more have died because of NN TR negligence,unprofessional care. I
    have TWO (2) Autopsy Reports from Coroner and confirmed evidence of serious attempted suicide
    at NN TR, with another underage sent away for abortion!

    Have evidence dox and photos of Staff taking Patients to apartrment on weekend for sex!

    There were events I had great difficulty in putting into a book chapter - - blood all over the room
    and hallway, blood curdling screams, smashing doors down, fist fights during humiliating bull baiting
    seesions where one would tell the other that he screwed his mother and sister etc, etc.

    At first, like I do with governments, I try to only post in gradients and work my way up to the
    most unbelievable - - increasing a little at a time, with DOX - - OGTFO!!! _ LOL :)

    Can you imagine one Reg bringing in $800,000 and a $40,000 commission for the FSM/REG???
    This strory that I was involved in (no money for me), was the caziest I could remember for a long
    time. The deal was to sign up 40 First Nations intakes in one single transaction. Mmmm,..., maybe
    I better wait till it comes out in the Book :) The deal was done, but it was done is the "007 Movie" :)

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  25. peterstorm Member

    Is that S. Burgess in the red dress?
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  26. Intelligence Member

    Yes, and you know WHO the Senior Ethics officer is on the left that we filmed at the protest
    when he was back on repair?

    And this one I took at the Staff apartment complex bedroom I was staying in for a few days after Grad:
  27. Anonymous Member

    Note to chipmunk/hamster/squirrel whatever you are in David's head.
    Thanks for helping him collect and express his thoughts but do let the man get some rest, at least a nap,

    If not its rodent poison for you Chipper!
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  28. Quentinanon Member

    "Type 2: Major Violation"
    "Discourtesy toward another student or staff;"

    Ironic that in scientology, senior staff are routinely discourteous to junior staff, and staff are discourteous to public.
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  29. Intelligence Member

    The "Chip-Munk" home is up and awake now - - few more cups of coffee with some Red-Bull
    and I'll be awake soon. Decent sleep:)

    UPDATE JUST IN from Government:

    Two days ago, received letter from Department of Justice and Attorney General and
    today received a letter from the "President" of a Government entity.

    Nothing ground shaking; just additional promises that my concerns/ legal matters, are
    being addressed and attended to amd I will receive Government Report next week.

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  30. Anonymous Member

    Christ, no wonder chipper runs around and around all night, remember red bull and wildlife don't mix!
  31. Intelligence Member

    LOL ^^^ - - As long as I don't put too much Red-Bull in my coffee and begin to see noises, I'm fine :)

    Just got off the phone in a conference in the USA to do a LIVE Radio Show tonight with Axion for Liberty,
    and other Com concerning NN AH and their imminent DEMISE. *Tick-Tock*

    Get to relax tomorrow and have some fun at a Protest:)

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  32. Anonymous Member


    Caffeine Overdose Symptoms

    There are some common symptoms that indicate too much caffeine consumption. These symptoms should be recognized and further caffeine intake should be stopped to avoid more serious and even life-threatening symptoms.
    Sometimes people ingest massive doses of caffeine all at once and this is dangerous because it doesn’t give the body time to react with the normal warning symptoms that indicate too much caffeine is in your system.
    Here are the usual symptoms in order from the first ones to be exhibited to the severe, later stage ones.
    1. Jitters
    2. Increased heartbeat
    3. Nausea
    4. Anxiety
    5. Heart palpitations
    6. Insomnia
    7. Sweating
    8. Dizziness
    9. Vomiting
    10. Cardiac arrest
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  33. Intelligence Member


    According to reliable Source, will recieve REPORT in 2-5 days :)

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  34. McLOVIN_1982 Member

  35. BigBeard Member

    Translation: "Real soon now..." ;)

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  36. peterstorm Member

    Are we there yet????????
  37. Intelligence Member

    LOL - - Had to go to the Mall today to Canada Post to pick up a package of DOX that
    wouldn't fit in my mail-box! NOT the Human Rights Commission dox, but others.

    ***TICK - TOCK*** you Human Rights & Freedoms ABUSERS and negligent Human KILLERS of mind, soul, spirit, AND Body! - - TIME TO SQUEEZE SOME BALLS :)

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  38. Intelligence Member

    And for the Ex-Narconon TR Staff scattered about and Trolling here; you can
    run, but YOU can't hide - - your crimes will be EXPOSED in due course.

  39. Intelligence Member

    Just waiting for more Dox to fill in the blanks and Publish by this Saturday
    evening, I hope:)

  40. anon walker Moderator

    The undercurrent of sickness in that photo makes me want to puke.
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