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  1. anon0004 Member

    it has been nearly 6 month since ning has gone beyond the paywall.

    We Hamburgers thought we'd be smart and buy the smallest ning plan to keep the domain we printed on our flyers.
    But really the restrictions smashed our balls.
    The 150 member restriction is a total pita and we're constantly struggeling to suspend inactive and approve new members.
    The loss of features is another bummer, we do not dare to delete widgets and boxes from our frontpage simply because its possible that we
    cannot get them back.

    So what to do now?

    Two options:
    1. move to another social Network provider.
    We moved to and it went behind the paywall as well short after.
    Socialgo is another possibility, but its features suck.
    it is still an option though.

    2. Build your own treehouse.
    In our case, we originally didn't want to do this, because it means responsibility and work.
    And admins tend to forget about thier plattforms and leave only spam infested dead ruins behind.

    So both options suck?

    Oh yes, you have to choose what sucks better for you.

    We went for Option 2. and so far it worked out well.
    We did choose mybb as our new cell board.

    you can find it here:

    Why mybb?
    - because it is easy to manage
    - it has a gazillion of useful plugins and themes
    - its easy enough that you can add custom code without beeing rocket scientist
    - Anonymous posting is easy implemented

    what you need:
    - webspace
    - mysql or postgres db access
    - brain

    1. Use your google fuu to find free webspace with Mysql support,
    somthing like this:
    or this :

    Optional get a free domain here:

    2. Download mybb here:

    3. Create a database on your webspace control panel, and note Host, Database name, database user and password.
    4. follow the installation instructions:
    5. get a theme: or
    6. implement anonymous posting:
    7. add referrer to all links:
    8. get the overview plugin for latest threads and posts:

    enjoy your new board.

    here is ours as an example:

    If you don't want to go through all this for your city cell, you can ask us for a city board.
    just write a pm.
    but its not very decentralized then.

    To fully replace ning we're beta-testing the Buddypress wordpress mod.
    When we're good to go We'll post a tutorial as well.
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  2. Shinythings Member

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial. Did you test Joomla with the Community Builder extension? I'm having a bit of a hardtime with it, but it seems once you've learnt your way through it it's really flexible and useful. I have also been told good stuff about elgg...
  3. anon0004 Member

    I know joomla, but I have not tried the community builder extention.
    go on and add your joomla tutorial.
  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    We are still at option 0 (paying ning) with the problems you mentioned.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Protip: Register a domain name for your cell. That way you can always direct it to whatever website is being actively used without having to change your flyers.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    yes, but you have to give away personal data to register a domain, and you have to pay for it.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Use WhoisGuard.
  8. anonymous612 Member

    Yeah, well, you get what you pay for, so if you don't want to pay anything at all, expect shitty websites like Ning and SocialGo.

    Thanks, 0004. Assuming we ever buy a domain locally, this will be useful.
  9. anon0004 Member

  10. sooleater Member

    fuck oyu
    we paid ning
    but the make less service for moar money
    and this sux hard with he "member" limet form 150
  11. sooleater Member

    yes we wukk did with the ning
    make some bypass

    but the url life ~3years
    therefor its popular
    and on the new flyer we make some Domain we own.

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