Next Vancouver Raid

Discussion in 'Canada' started by MediocreNinja, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. MediocreNinja Member

    Next Vancouver Raid

    Hallo, forum newfag here, just noticed there was no thread planning the next raid in Vancouver.

    Shall this be the new thread to plan, or can you point me in the direction of one already created?

    Also, can we keep it to a weekend schedule, a long weekend preferably. Or maybe we can plan so far ahead as to the summer?

    Lets get started!

    P.S. - Anyone know if there is any Narconon groups in Vancouver or such besides the Co$?
  2. jadedanon Member

  3. Re: Next Vancouver Raid

    oh i hope we can plan one for van.
    just tell me date and time and ill be there with bells on ^^
  4. Re: Next Vancouver Raid

    sorry its been so long since ive been here guys :(
  5. spy Member

    Re: Next Vancouver Raid

    I really want another
    VA raid ,
    I missed the last one due to the fact I was 10 :confused:

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