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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Jaymax, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. What is interesting about the statement is the AmbASSader claimed she was shot in the head by the cia operative, I saw the vid as did the rest of the world, so who do you think is full of shit?
  2. money is moving out of iran

    Copapasta from link: money is moving out of Iran

    Cyberwar Iran 2009: Part XVII – Follow the Money – Ariel Silverstone’s Security Blog Ariel Silverstone

    Google’s automated translation translated it as follows:

    “…About the beginning of mass withdrawal of money from Iran has learned from the words of an Italian intelligence sharing with the newspaper La Stampa the information that banks Saderat, Bank-e Melli, Bank-e Sepah and Melat in the last 48 hours have begun to transfer funds to Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia and the UAE. Money derived small tranches to $ 10 million According to the Italian secret services, abroad are transferred funds from various non-governmental funds under the control of the Islamic leadership of Iran.”

    Allow me to focus and clarify first of a single word in the Translation:

    Bank e-Sepha

    SEPHA, as a name, is the name of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. As seen on Wikipedia, the definition is:

    “The Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (Persian: Sepáh e Pásdárán e Enqeláb e Eslámi)” is a branch of Iran’s military, founded after the Iranian revolution.

    Therefore, I assume that the bank is, in fact, owned by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Running money out of Iran. Nice.

    Even “nicer” is the CORRECT Russian translation of the article above. Allow me to focus on the latter part of the paragraph:
    My Russian is rusty, but not that rusty… here is what it is saying:

    Many tranches (portions, amounts) of 10 Million USD$ are being sent out of Iran to locations [in Europe]. These funds are coming out of Islamic Leaders [PERSONAL ACCOUNTS] and not from accounts controlled by the official Government of Iran.

    Double nice…
  3. Swarm Theory Member

    Michael Jackson more effective than Shah Khameini

    Reports are that the news of Michael Jackson possibly being dead killed the Internet for a bit.

    Traffic to my site doubled on google searches about him.
  4. Huh, money out of Iran: story from wed

    probably what the above first site read before posting. seems to contain the same basic info as his and cites "La stampa" as its source. That failed a google search and translation of the paper's website to find any story to back it up before (btw thx! google) & no followup was posted.

    copapasta from link below :

    Power and opposition in Iran start mass money export from country

    Azerbaijan Business Center

    Baku, Fineko/ Political crisis in Iran has led to mass outflow of capital from the country.

    La Stampa, citing Italian intelligence service, reports that Iranian large banks started active money transfer from the country. Money are leaving both banks which are under control of Islamic Leadership of Iran and those relating to Rafsanjani that stands behind opposition presidential nominee Mir Hossein Musavi who has refused so far to admit his defeat in elections.
    According to La Stampa’s data, over the last 48 hours banks Saderat, Bank-e Melli, Bank-e Sepah and Melat have started transferring finances to Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia and UAE. Money are transferred by not large tranches up to $10 million. According to Italian intelligence service, finances transferred abroad belong to different non-governmental funds submitted to Islamic Leadership of Iran.
  5. I can't translate the historical search of "la stampa' in english.

    if someone can read that secret lang Italian then the orginal source of the money news could be confirmed.

    Otherwise, I dunno.

    meh. am bored now. bye
  6. Western media tells viewers to wait while they get more updates from Iran...

    Michael Jackson dies...

    Western media switches to non-stop coverage of Michael Jackson's death...

    It all adds up! The Ayatollah killed Michael Jackson to distract western news outlets from Iran! We should have all seen this coming!
  7. Swarm Theory Member

    There's precedence. The Canadians shook their shiny keys in front of George Washington at Valley Forge. That's why he spent the winter there.
  8. Never liked the mans music much but this one is apropos for today.

    [ame=]YouTube - Michael Jackson - Heal The World[/ame]

  9. Jaymax Moderator

  10. I don't disagree, but maybe there is a lesson to be learned here. MSM was going to cycle away from the news in Iran eventually. Possibly the current event of MJ's death hastened that inevitable departure, but I think not.

    What IMO has happened is that AN's clamp down on information flow has worked to their interest. As gruesome as it sounds, no new horrors are available and the concious public has drifted away, back to the easy.

    Not being negative; round one was won by the Iranian people. The lesson for round two; find a way to defeat Internet choking and don't rely in just one data path for the dissemination of electronic information, lives depend on it.

    Just thinking of tomorrow... ....

    Didn't mean to take the thread off track, but It's late and a new thread will start soon so I saw no harm. I've followed this site for the last week and am appreciative, no disrespect intended.

    My thoughts are with the people of Iran tonight, I wish you well.

  11. Scandinavian paper show picture of demonstrators killed by ax

    Nordisk Tribune with a story claiming they have picture of demonstrators killed by ax. They have had the picture for some days, but hesitated publishing it as they were not able to verify it. Anyway, they have published it now

    Nordisk Tribun - Iran: Demonstranter drepes med øks

    Translated to english:
    Google Oversetter
  12. News Cycle

    The Michael Jackson thing is going to go away soon. I know that the world is messed up in its priorities. I have been amazed at the people who do not know about what is going on in Iran. That being said, I have been educating quite a few, as I am trying to raise awareness with everyone I know. Unfortunately, most don't even watch the news.

    The news will cycle away from Michael Jackson pretty quick. Unfortunately, some spectacular stuff is happening in Iran, so you will make the news.
  13. Actually, al ot of Iranians grew up on Michele Jackson and I'm pretty sure he's got a big following there. So, was just posting the link for those in the country who may not be able to get international news...
  14. Visionary Member

    Tehran dispatch: The regime shows us movies | Salon News

    This is mostly unrelated to the article, but I found it cool and interesting to see the children taking part as well.

  15. Visionary Member

    Iran crisis: live - 25 June 2009 | News |
  16. Visionary Member

  17. Visionary Member

  18. Visionary Member

    Not to mention that one of them was apparently: Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani,

    Latest Updates on Iran’s Disputed Election - The Lede Blog -

  19. Wow.

    I can't get a good feel for what's actually going on in that video, but from the looks of it, the crowd was definitely in the thousands (not 200 like the government claimed), it was indeed violent as described, but it actually looks like the protesters won that fight!
  20. skollie-IRAN Member

  21. Visionary Member

    From Thursday morning (US EST) (didn't see it posted anywhere) and I think it helps give an idea of why news can be slow to come out at times.

    Iran Uprising Live-Blogging (Thursday June 25)

  22. Visionary Member

    American woman describes Tehran ordeal: 'I was terrified' -

  23. nildor Member

    what time is Khamenei's speech today?
  24. German Newspaper on your work!!

    In this article german TAZ (Tageszeitung/Daily Newspaper) writes about who to follow on twitter or in blogs. They write, that the green brief is trustworthy and well recherched, that anonymous iran is their favourite internet site.

    in german (let me know, if you wanna have it translated)
    Welche Blogs, Videos und Tweets taugen: Netzsignale aus Teheran -
  25. Visionary Member

    I think it should have started by now, but it is not on BBC...they are having Michael Jackson coverage all the time now it seems.
  26. dom_perignon Member

  27. tim new Member

    It has happened but it was A. Khatami - a conservative cleric - if I understood the twits correctly. He called for killing the "rioters".

    From what I gathered on the little news trickling in from Iran, there is a major behind the scenes action going on. This idiot's call for more violence against protesters could help in the cleric revolt
  28. You are speaking of Khatami (a different one than the ex-president) who is a member of the Guardian Council (the group of clerics that are closely tied and support Khamenei)

    I heard Khamenei was to address the nation today, but that may have been wrong...
  29. tim new Member

    Good news, bad news

    Bad news first

    Good News

    Dubai held a candlelight vigil in honor of Neda

    The speech of Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami could be what galvanizes the more moderate clerics to support Rafansjani and remove the existing Supreme leader.

    The refusal of the Guardian Council to acknowledge fraud will mean the popular masses will not accept the result.
  30. tim new Member

    Yes I read it wrong Khatami rather than Khamenei. Like you I had heard that Khamenei was to speak, but I think they switched to this "enlightened" cleric instead probably to try and show that there is broader support for Khamenei's version of the truth.

    I think it will backfire on them and end up helping the protest.
  31. tim new Member

    "Recent events in Iran have filled me with shock and mounting horror, and I send my heartfelt sympathies and support to all my friends and fans there who may have been caught up in what has become a huge international story. Many people all over the world have reacted with anger and dismay at what appears to be blatant violations of basic human rights to freedom, health and happiness, and I sincerely hope that there will be a proper and fair resolution to these serious and opposing points of view, in this country with such a rich and important history, and a place that I have come to regard with respect and affection."

    Chris de Burgh (June 22, 2009)

    The Official Chris de Burgh Website
  32. tim new Member

    Green Balloon day

    Is this from Tehran? Anyone know?

    They ran out of balloons, so they started filling up trash bags:
  33. tim new Member

  34. Moar on money out of Iran: New story

    Another story of money out of Iran: cites both western and Italian intell so maybe this reporter got confirmation? Anyone know him & can he haz email asking?

    Sounds more firm that money is moving out of Iran.

    copapasta from

    Iranian protests prompt cash flight

    Iranian protests prompt cash flightDamien McElroy in London
    June 27, 2009
    MILLIONS of dollars in private wealth have begun flooding out of Iran after the mass demonstrations that have paralysed commercial life.

    Fears of new crippling sanctions are also thought to have fuelled the exodus.

    Western intelligence agencies have reported that prominent private businesses and wealthy families have moved tens of millions of dollars out of Iranian banks into overseas accounts.

    The Italian foreign intelligence service is said to have detected multiple transactions, each of up to $US10 million ($12.4 million), by Iran's big four banks on behalf of families seeking a safe haven.

    (snip about various govt & companies stopping businness with Iran)
  35. Zindagi Member

    It would be wonderful if these wealthy families did something to help their less-wealthy brothers and sisters escape this horror.
  36. tim new Member

    Finally seeing some endorsement of protest (imo) from Arab world

    Jordan Times
  37. tim new Member

    Protesters in Stockholm, Sweden attacked the Iranian Embassy, Police needed backup

    Google Översätt

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