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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Jaymax, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. get it. go get my rope to swing on. can't learn a thing from it till i hang from it.
  2. BS: nothing on their website current about that. show cite or STFU.

    A story from WSJ Jun 14, 2009 (english) talks about a transfer in top google search but no story. date wrong anyway.

    Italian newspaper,La Stampa,large sums are being transferred from Iran to foreign bank accounts by senior clerics. - Google Search
  3. be careful

    I think we all want to see things turn out for the best in Iran, but those of us outside of the county need to be careful about the advice we give. It's all well and good to give moral support and show that the rest of the world admires them for standing up for what they believe, but we also shouldn't just be cheerleaders shouting from the sidelines, sending others into harms way. This is an issue of iranian freedom and should be left to the iranians to do what they think is best. I can't with clear conscious ask people to march into harms way just because I believe in freedom. The Iranian people have shown the world their bravery and it is up to them to decide what is the best next step for them to take. To the people of Iran I would say this. You are there. It is your voice that matters. Don't listen to people who tell you to turn to violence, or that your must protest or must stop. This is your decision. You have already sacrificed so much for your freedom. You have our respect and support no matter what happens. I hope that you will know peace again soon.
  4. skollie-IRAN Member

    Very well said. It's impossible to fathom what the Iranian people are going through at the moment and the best we can do is support them.

  5. tim new Member

    A response that needs to be saved .. needed daily it seems
  6. Visionary Member / UK - Tehran dwellers enter twilight zone

  7. Good post it is not us in harms way but the Iranians, and they are the ones that will ultimately decide what should be done. Just know that no matter what action you choose to take, we support you. It is not that violence would be unjustified, we just do not want to see deaths come about to any of the brave patriots of Iran from this ruthless violent regime. Some are inevitable when dealing with a violent dictatorship like this but I pray you can find a safe peaceful way to win your deserved freedom.

    We are all humans and all humans have the right of dissent when faced with corrupt and violent leadership!
  8. Visionary Member

    Latest Updates on Iran’s Disputed Election - The Lede Blog -
  9. Visionary Member

    Not sure if this has been posted before...feel free to correct me if it has.

  10. tim new Member

  11. Visionary Member


    Iran Uprising Live-Blogging (Wednesday June 24)
  12. Visionary Member

    Iran Uprising Live-Blogging (Wednesday June 24)

  13. tim new Member

    ????? | is definitely back up - I could only get this link to open though.

    I have the one page dl'd as pdf if anyone needs me to post it
  14. been away from a full functioning computer all day - was only able to catch one string of tweets from a trusted source on the ground there to know, earlier today in Iran, was a particularly bloody and monstrous day to add to the list of crimes that will soon spell the end for these swine blooded basij and their mentally impaired leaders of blasphemy ...

    i'm running back through the thread to catch up and one thing that has struck me is that even though Mousavi's twitter site indicated a planned march for today (yesterday: wednesday) at the Baharestan and a couple of other sites also RT that info AND there was sort of a reasonable amount of confirmation that it was truly a "go" with even him being in attendance

    he (purportedly) never showed up...mainly because, as i understand it, he was detained (or at least his residence was surrounded) preventing him from with just this cursory info i am left wondering...

    what is the general thought about today (or yesterday's) march - where the attacks on not only "the innocents" seemed so much more brutal and coordinated, but also the severing and tracking of communication was intensified - was actually a "set up"...

    not to infer that Mousavi personally misinformed others...but to suggest that his site and perhaps most of iranianelection# twitter was/is infested with the fleas of this regime and today/yesterday (wednesday) was a trap

    thinking about inside iran and dan x and few other "things" that havent emerged today???

    sending best wishes to all treading this path toward the city of final victory - there are surely pot holes along the trail but soon a garden will fill in the divots... none of you on the front lines are forgotten!
  15. wow...

    Wow...I was totally thinking the same thing last night when I heard the news that the protests will be held at Baharestan Sq. .That's where the parliament is, and I'd read news from previous days that they've the parliament surrounded with extreme numbers and force. Also I was a little surprised that on a second twitt, I read they were asking people to go to 6 different squares in Iran, which looked like government might be trying to send people to different squares so they'll have less numbers and they can be oppressed easier.
  16. skollie-IRAN Member

  17. Visionary Member

    I've been wondering about such a possibility since it was announced that Khamenei would be talking to the Parliament elsewhere. Also the fact that Mousavi's site/or Mousavi himself is supposedly mentioning protests and yet never seems to show up anymore.

    Is the regime doing this to catch more protesters? Also I have been worried about FromIran and others.
  18. ewsteen Member

    I hope the clerics decide quickly to rid of Khameni. This has got to be the most evil leadership in the world. As an outsider I'd to help in any way to support the voters for their rights.
    Is there a mobile phone (cell phone) list available anywhere for any of the leaders, the president, assistants, ministrty of information, etc. Where can I obtain this so I can start an SMS campaign.
  19. Something on your mind?

    Something on your mind? Contact the government of Iran directly. This URL has all the contact information U will need:

    Modedit -this is phone numbers, email addresses, reputedly of presidential offices etc
  20. The BBC has posted a video clip of an interview conducted Tuesday by "Newsnight's" Jeremy Paxman with

    IRAN: Journalist Roxana Saberi discusses election protests with BBC | Babylon & Beyond | Los Angeles Times

    Iranian American journalist Roxana Saberi.

    In the clip, Saberi discusses her imprisonment in Iran earlier this year and her views about the protests over the country's disputed presidential election.

    "I know that a lot of Iranians are very angry at the way that these peaceful protesters have been treated, confronted with violence, and its not clear yet if the violence will continue, and if it does, will the people be scared into silence or will the opposite happen, will they be more aggravated. But even if they become silent, these ones who are protesting and the ones who are upset now, that doesnt mean that their emotions or their contempt will just disappear. Instead I think these emotions will remain and theyll just intensify."
  21. from-iran Member


    Neda killed by snippesrs
  22. What is the Source?
  23. use your head plz saying sources will put the sources in danger, so no saying of sources
  24. New on twitter.

    Can someone please send me the link to that twitter page ,where all the people we're updating news about Iran?

  25. from-iran Member


    (I personally try to find confirmed news)
    as i mentioned 2 days ago, 2day @ Marghade Emam , @5 pm
  26. from-iran Member


    i cant tell how i get my info ,sorry
    7 high poisons in Sepah r killed by Lebase Shaksia couple of days ago at their houses (members of N,opo - Intel - Sepah's intel - Sepahe Ghods)
  27. from-iran Member

    to admin

    plz admin double check ur security ,this the 2nd time ,ur server went down
  28. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    support this idea , tnx to this newspaper
  29. from-iran Member

  30. Today is the big day!

    'CNN NOW: Mousavi not arrested officially, or officially on house arrest, but He is under "Control" of Gov.'

    Is this something that is confirmed, or are they just trying to scare people??
  31. from-iran Member


    this is wat i heard bout it (in farsi)
  32. from-iran Member


    dude i personally dont follow their comments , i follow other sites which relate to some commnets, u can search bout musavi or karubi related fans , they better than others (cuz ther r zillion pages)
  33. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    2day is also a big day
    n time to go , keep doin wat u doin best
  34. Let the protesting begin.

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