News updates part 5 - 24 June

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Jaymax, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Hidden chains across road

    In other conflicts concealed chains have been raised suddenly to dismount motorcycle riders.
  2. What the Arab world is--and isn't--saying about the protests in Iran.


    The take on Iran in the middle east countries...
    Egypt, Saudarabia and Syria muted...(afraid over internal copycats)

    The New Republic
    Mixed Media by Josie Delap and Robert Lane Greene
    What the Arab world is--and isn't--saying about the protests in Iran.
    Mixed Media
  3. Visionary Member

    Hmmm. I'm not sure what to think about this:

    The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan

    Maybe she was at a different place or different time from when/where the big violence was and missed a lot of what was going on. Cause this seems different than all the reports so far.
  4. skollie-IRAN Member

  5. Visionary Member

    Iran updates – June 24 niacINsight

  6. tim new Member

    Iranian Diplomats to miss US July 4th celebration

    Iranian delegate invitations revoked

  7. tim new Member

    Yep different from what known reliable sources posted on Twitter and what others have reported. 'Blood everywhere' in fresh Iran crackdown - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Maybe time/place or gov't pressure
  8. tim new Member

  9. I am surprised that their faces are not pixalated (sp?) or something else so as to protect their identities.
  10. Tony C Member

    Protesters have been attacked with rifle bullets, pistol bullets, batons, clubs, axes, knived, rocks, tear gas, stompings and more. Whatever they can grab to use against them, the Basij has been using.
  11. How The Iranian Military Can Be Flipped: A Field Guide

    How The Iranian Military Can Be Flipped: A Field Guide

    As the protests in Iran continue and reports of violence in the streets proliferate, we started to wonder what could make members of the Basij and other paramilitary groups abandon their ties to the regime and back the opposition. So, we called founding chair of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict, Peter Ackerman, to see if he had any advice. First, he stressed just how important it is to flip the troops: "If loyalty shifts don't occur, ultimately the movement will sort of dissipate and vanish. With these shifts, the movement's progress will accelerate and it will become an even more potent force than it is currently." Then he got into specifics:

    Use the clerics. "What you need to do to create the flip in the loyalty of the military is to have third parties of moral authority come to them and their families and argue for that change. That's why it is important to consider the significant split among the clerics. This dissenting faction is dispersed throughout Iran so they could be the ones to start the dialogue. They in turn would lay out an alternative version that, with all things being equal, is more attractive than the existing reality."

    Make the troops see a better alternative to the present. "Whoever you're dealing with in the military, you're not going to appeal to them just by saying violence isn't nice. You have to say, Look--we're trying to build something that is more attractive to you long term.' We've seen this work before in South Africa, Poland, and Chile."

    Hold your fire. "If the dissidents start shooting and throwing rocks, it will be very difficult to get defections from military."

    Consider what groups you're working with. "In general terms--the more elite the unit, the more their culture is insulated from everyone else in society, and thus the harder it is to flip. The Basij, as I understand it, would therefore be the last to flip, as they represent some of the more extreme and isolated elements of militarized society; they have been trained to elicit a ferocious response from their actions. The more the people come from a variety of places around the country, and the more they interact with society, the easier it is to flip. So other elements in the police and traditional military would be good candidates to flip, particularly since many of these members have business interests and the police come from all parts of society; they are not as rabid and extreme. However, all security forces are relatively young and thus they have a stake long-term of what the world will look like. Despite other factors that would likely make the Basij the hardest to flip, its organization, as I understand it, is decentralized, which presents an opportunity because you can break off pieces."

    Diminish personal risk and instill a group mentality. "There need to be tactics so that the Basij or the police or the military can act in a disloyal manner in a way that doesn't create enormous personal risk. You need to reduce the risk in the minds of each individual member of the military that they can express themselves without getting themselves killed. That comes from two things: One, collective action, where others in their group act together and to let them know they are part of a collective mutiny; in effect, so they can't be singled out. The other is to take action that is not overtly disobedient. So, for example, if the Basij are given orders to go to a certain place to repress a certain strike, they could use less than 100 percent effort. The act of that and the communication that they are expending less than 100 percent effort reaches others, but it does not make it so clear to the people at the top. And if orders aren't fully obeyed, the legitimacy of the Iranian theocracy is called into question."

    --Amanda Silverman

    Posted: Tuesday, June 23, 2009 12:46 PM
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  13. tim new Member

  14. strong images

  15. skollie-IRAN Member

    From Dom's link.

    Unbelievable !

  16. 1 0 flute

    I like this. And I point out that 70% of Iranians are no older than 30, or so I am told and now approaching twice that age I assue you that every older person (sociopaths excepted) have some reasonable regard for the future, i.e., younger people. I sense that the authorities there might be somewhat restrained (not overlooking the atrocities to Nada, etc. and not overlooking the scapegoating of the stereotypical bad Americans and Limies) already by such a view.
  17. Please, no stone throwing

    I'm very sorry for another martyr for the cause. But, I implore the rock throwers to reflect on their own violence and how poorly it plays out in the eyes of the world and the minds of paranoid authorities. Please remember Ghandi and Marin Luther King, Jr.
  18. That field guide needs to be implemented. Already, we have seen videos of Iranians sheltering lone members of police that are mobbed by angry protesters. Those same police could doff the uniform and use their knowledge and expertise of their former unit to help the protesters. At the very least, we could get them to be neutral or be a mole within their own force and inform protestors of imminent raids et cetera.

    The Army is already keeping out thanks to Rafsanjani and possibly their own sentiments, so maybe that could be worked on.

    Would help if we knew anything definitive about Rafsanjani. Already there are stories that he has the votes necessary to oust Khamenei.
  19. Forget that Ghandi/MLK crap. Peaceful protests only work when the gov's actually give a shit about the people. Iran gov does not. Peaceful protests don't mean shit to a government that is more than willing to shoot/beat/stab their own people. Look at history, peaceful protests in Czechoslovakia= crushed by gov. Peaceful protest in china= crushed by gov. Can you imagine what would have happened if there was a peaceful protest against Hitler? Crushed. These governments were all tyrannical and all based one some fucked up ideology. They cared little about the people and did not hesitate to kill when came to protests. Iran is no different.

    The time for peace is over. Now its time to raid armory and start sending lead back at those fuckers.

    1 more from the history books. Protest in romania 1989. Protests get increasingly violent, ending with crowd being fired on. Protesters fight back, arm up, and within a week, the bastard in charge was executed.
  20. Violence is the last option

    And to those who say violence doesn't work. It always works when it's a rag tag group of people vs the state. Look at Hezbolah. Algerians vs the French. An armed populace with snipers all over the city would send shivers through this dictatorship. Fire and run. Never get caught. Use walkie talkies and code language to organize ambushes. Split up into cells loosely coupled, you don't know the name of the people in the other cell, everyone has a codename. You know of the person below you in rank. If you don't see your contact in another cell then assume he/ she's dead and take over. Use women with baby carriages and bombs. Work with Jundallah if possible. The Iranian state can teach Hezbollah but they cannot defend against such a thing unless they bomb all of Tehran via plane.
  21. North Korea Threatens to Wipe United States off the Map

    is this is a conspiracy between the madmen kim jung il/Ahmadinejad we se here...?
    Trying to dominate the world....
    or is it just Plan B by the Supreme Leader and the Dear Leader...?
    Trying to dominate the world....
    something like: if you wipe out usa - so can we handle our ppl here - and after that - we wipe out israel....
    and then we dominate the world...

    crazy stuff!

    North Korea Threatens to Wipe United States off the Map

    In what has to be their boldest public statement yet, Communist North Korea has threatened to Wipe United States off the Map.

    About a week ago, a ship, the Kang Nam left the North Korean port of Nampo on its way to Myanmar allegedly carrying weapons, or materials to build weapons. Given the new U.N. Security Council resolution that requires member states to seek permission to inspect suspicious cargo, the USS John McCain, a U.S. Navy destroyer moved into position to intercept the Kang Nam.

    In response to the U.S. ship moving in, North Korea issued a statement via the official Korean Central News Agency that If the U.S. imperialists start another war, the army and people of Korea will wipe out the aggressors on the globe once and for all.
  22. evens terday

    I agree 100%. Couple of people said same thing but the mods banned them for promoting violence!!! Makes you wonder who operates this website.

    We've seen that peaceful demonstration don't work anymore. They even beat people walking for no reason.

    Unless other countries get involved or army joins chances are slim.
  23. Fancy Member

  24. They are asking us to do more DDOS attack. JUST REMEMBER....those of us running Tor relays and other proxies should probably stay away from participating in such DDOS activities, this to avoid having our bridges and relays IP's tracked and blocked by the iranian government.
  25. You are very naive my friend...
    In October 1985, Alfa group (KGB Spetnaz elite formation) was dispatched to Beirut, when four Soviet diplomats had been taken hostage by militant Sunni Muslims. By the time Alfa was onsite, one of the hostages had already been killed. The perpetrators and their relatives were identified by supporting KGB operatives, and the latter were taken hostage. Following the standard policy of 'no negotiation', Alfa proceeded to sever some of their hostages' body parts and sent them to the perpetrators with a warning that more would follow if the Russian hostages were not released immediately. The tactic was a success and no other Russian national was taken hostage in the Middle East for the next 20 years, until the 2006 abduction of Russian diplomats in Iraq.

    Do you think about their revenge on civilians?
  26. Moralfags. That's who run this site. Same cancer that killed chanology.
  27. Money flows out of IRAN

    According to Italian newspaper,La Stampa,large sums are being transferred from Iran to foreign bank accounts by senior clerics.

    That could be an early warning of some major shifts at the top.

    The writing is on the wall?
  28. Have you even seen the history of the British Raj? Have you ever heard of Jallianwala Bagh? They saw the Indian people as little more than slaves, which is a worse outlook than even the current Iranian regime has, which is acute apathy.

    We're not even a full two weeks into this yet. This is going to take more time no matter who or where you are. And this particular situation, with the Army sitting on the fence, violence will not help the cause with regards to Tehran. It will just cause more casualties.
  29. tim new Member

    Why do I have the feeling that the ones advocating violence are Iranian Gov't agents? Currently Iran has no justifiable reason for attacking the protesters. Their stance in the world as a "Pure Religious" gov't is suffering with each blow they strike against innocent Muslims. Only Countries like North Korea support them. They are destroying their own regime. The Koran does not support their actions.

    If the protesters turn violent they only give Iran Gov't the excuse they so much desire. That would be stupid.

    Stay strong people of Iran; your day of victory is coming.
  30. It's entirely possible that the time will come that aggressive violence is necessary.

    That time is not yet. Strike only in defense of your neighbors and fellow protesters, and try avoid that as well whenever possible.
  31. This is true, save your heavy DDOS for individual machines you can one-off attack from. Machines at work, school, parents, in-laws, whatever. I know people launching attacks taking advantage of their morning and evening commute routes and coffee shops, public libraries, etc. Same goes for slowloris, even.

    Your hash/key and ip are WORTH WAY MORE than an attack that has only a percentage chance of contributing. Keep your Tor and your proxies on the machine you can forum or tweet on, but nothing on offense.

    You really do need to break it into offense/defense or even ministry of information/army etc.

    tHe fRaNt
  32. Right but don't go so far

    We are in the day of daily topics violence will write you off if it happens too soon. If it happens too late the chance is lost. I love that people seem to care and i am jealous that we in the US seem to have forgotton that some things are worth fighting for. Apathy shall be the death of all nations.
    DON'T BE SHEEP, USE YOUR HEAD. If GOD is omnicient then he knows everything you do but more so he knows WHY YOU DID IT. I wish you the best on whatever path you choose and wish there were more ways I could assist you in getting there. ""THe teacher stands in front of the class but the leason plans he can't recall the sudents eyes don't percieve the lies bounced of every fucking wall. Guess his culture is well kept. Guess he is finished playing the fool. Should the complacient students sit and listen to the bull shit that he learned in school."

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