News updates part 5 - 24 June

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Jaymax, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. What happened today in Baharestan is a key moment. We CANNOT lose the communication battle, we have to keep helping these people get word around as it's vital. Disinformation will kill this uprising if fear and pain don't. I feel so helpless...
  2. Did you get the banhammer from basijis?
  3. CNN continues to talk about the woman and what she said, how it was a massacre. everyone is clearly very disturbed by these new developments. her pleas for help broke my heart. this is a senseless tragedy, and even though the government is trying to shut the iranians up, this will bring even more support for them. the world will not stand for this!
  4. God that's awful. I'm sitting at my desk at work in the US right now and cannot imagine what you guys are going through. I'm having a hard time just doing my day to day tasks knowing that something so important, scary and serious is going on, even if it is half a world away. I wish there was something I could do to help! You guys are incredibly brave! Far braver than myself or anyone else in the US, the last time we felt the government lied about election results, we just sat back and let a liar lead us into the ground. . .you guys are incredibly, amazing, and I hope you get everything your fighting for!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. several independent sources in Tehran hospitals and clinical centres have counted the dead from Saturday at over 150; yes more than 150. Doctors have been silenced from speaking about it...In an unbelievable event in the hospital, of which I have a report, security forces have shot and killed the wounded persons before transmitting them. When doctors and nurses bacame mad and went out on the streets, they have opened fire on them too.

    normblog: Communication from Tehran
  6. reform Member

    another day, another protest, another beating, hopefully not another day of mouring

    BBC NEWS | Middle East | Protesters 'in new Iran clashes'

    nothing 'new' here. the information flow is so poor in timeliness and quality, twitter-verse will be exaggerating for days. time for a real bodycounter -- like was setup for iraq -- UN, get in there !

    besides, nothing can beat an Iranian government like excessive martyrdoms and viral emotions.
  7. vienna Member

    Neda Soltan's family 'forced out of home' by Iranian authorities

  8. People dont believe this and other "experts"!!!Entreat u!
    Look back into the history and you'll find MANY examples and precedents of current situation, this is just a confirmation of system. BBC, NY times, NPR, ABC and others are instruments of manipulation, they claim only information pleasing to shadow capital government; system of manipulation is very simple but the most dont see or dont want to admit that they are being manipulated. Today every huge mass-media corporation serve the interests of international bankers, which are : to colonize the hole world.
    When Iran's election finished they thought "Hey, we dont like that" and they started the 1 step of program of colonization - convince the world that Iran is not "democratic"(!)
    For this they bought the opposition, employed several terrorists to destabilise situation.
    Now we watching this step in action. If this step will fail, those monsters will start 2second step - convince the world that Iran threatense the peace and democracy(this is very suitable cause Iran is building nuclear reactor). And, after all they will start the war.
    The most terrible thing is that noone thinks about WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON. You know only what you see on tv,inet,papers, the most convincig lie is - the most true-like it seems.

    Each thinking human, recieving information have to ask himself 1 simple question :
    "FOR WHOM SUCH THINGS CAN BE PROFITABLE? " U will be shocked when find the answer
    PS Situation In Tehran is calm, i was there yesterday

    Reagards, LastEenemy
  9. As calm as one can be when being held at threat of violence, I suppose.
  10. What you are doing there is called propaganda or negationism. Negate all the facts, the images, the videos, the evidences is an insullt to what people in Iran are living right now. I hope a moderator will quickly take care of your message.
  11. I love how these government agents are simply clueless.
  12. I think this is an insult to anyones intelligence. except yours maybe...
  13. Fancy Member

    Obvious they are.
  14. this is going in a downward spiral, the world are either going to have to arm the protesters or step in with military force.. the People of the world who currently enjoy freedom cannot watch these people get slaughtered at all much less with axes...
  15. Fancy Member

    A few days I would not have agreed but now I do. I am starting to think your way. Sometimes ethics of the hard way has to be put in.

    I found this on ESMB but I think it is good here too.

    YouTube - Fighter-Christina Aguilera with lyrics

    This is to show I care.

  16. Wait...what axes?!
  17. I believe one of the women who called CNN reported the Basij weilding axes at the protesters (as well as throwing them off pedestrian bridges) at the protest outside of Parliament.
  18. ramin.ger Member

    Is Zionism - whatever this should be at last - really worser than that ?
    I would be glad to be a controlled from the West.
  19. Puzzle

    Yes, it is a great puzzle for those who love peace. How can peace stand without physical protection? How can unarmed protestors defeat monsters with axes?

    What is the answer?

  20. I still hold that the key to this revolution is strikes. They're both nonviolent and in the end there's very little the government can do about them, if the people are committed to it. What are they gonna do, send the police in factories to supervise people while they're working and check the quality of their work?

    However I have seen little progress so far on this front..
  21. skollie-IRAN Member

  22. Axes are nothing more than barbarism...
  23. demos June 24

    amazing that these youths don't wear helmets. Not even harm and legs protections...
  24. The Prince Khamenei

    I hear them calling this in the protests and from the balconies.

    "Death to the Dictator"

    next they will be calling

    "Death to Prince Mojtaba Khamenei"

    Now where did he get all that money from? All 1.6 Billion$. I wonder how much AHmad has stached away?

    The Iranian People are truly brave people.
  25. they charge bullet fees while the supreme leaders son has managed to invest $1.6Billion into UK banks??
  26. Fancy Member

    I have only an inkling of what it is like there now. Only a tad knowledge for I could not sleep as a child safely and yet I know I don't know how they do it but it has to be done now.

    I don't have a solution. Ghandi tech works and maybe that is the solution but many will die using it.

    Also someone pointed out to me as I said I am very upset about the state of affairs. She said evil wants us to be upset so we will be weaker. That is world wide too.

    Those fighting this battle I guess try to be like Spock of trek Fame and don't fall for the mind control fear gives. This is a mind game as well as anything else.

    I know for I fall for the fear myself and when fear wins the person loses.

    That is all I know.

  27. Fancy Member

    It breaks my heart too but it is part of the game to break the soul of people world wide. Don't allow it to be so. The Iranians are the primary target so they become slaves.

    It is a mind game and they are taking people's lives playing their sick evil horrible games.

    We out here who want to help must stay positive or we will be not effective in the help.

    This may be a bit of Scientology talking here but if one fights up tone one has a better chance than fighting down tone. Means better to be angry than sad fighting.

    I am angry but I can't do much about it so I am trying to keep myself up by doing things around my home and keeping tabs here and praying for the Iranians.

  28. Peace

    Passive resistance has been effective in the past. It is just so painful to watch, and it seems like the peaceful, good people are taking all the damage, and the warlike, evil people are just passing out the lumps.

    I am a great beleiver in peace, but this is testing my resolve. I have only prayed for war and vengence once, I got more than my belly full from that request. I will never pray for it again.

    Bless the brave martyrs. They deserve all the rewards that the afterlife can give.

  29. Fancy Member

    I agree.

    We all need to stay on the up side if there is any upside.

  30. At last it appears the Iran Regime Change is underway


    Iran the Fracture of the Regime is unfolding in Qom June 2009

    At last it appears the Iran Regime Change is underway, the fractures of the Clerics in Qom is wide and seemingly unbridgeable

    The only way forward appears the election of a new Supreme Leader, as the divide around incumbent Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is no longer marginal, the divide between him and the opposing Clerics is a chasm

    Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has been in the holy city of Qom, working to assemble a religious and political coalition to topple the supreme leader and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    Rafsanjani has succeeded in knocking the supreme leader off his pedestal by revealing Ayatollah Khamenei to be a political partisan rather than an above-the-fray spiritual leader. In other words, the supreme leader has become a divider, not a uniter.

    Among those who are now believed to be arrayed against Ayatollah Khamenei is Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the top Shia cleric in neighboring Iraq.

    Rafsanjani is known to have met with Grand Ayatollah al-Sistanis representative in Iran

    Rafsanjani has assembled a near-majority of the Assembly of Experts to oust Khamenei,

    Al-Arabiya report citing a "high-ranking source" in Qom who stated that Rafsanjani already has the support to oust Khamenei, but that it is yet to be agreed how he should be replaced.

    To a certain degree, hardliners now find themselves caught in a cycle of doom: they must crack down on protesters if they are to have any chance of retaining power, but doing so only causes more and more clerics to align against them.

    Ayatollah Khamenei has forfeited any claim to legitimacy as Supreme Leader. It has been apparent for days now that his only choices were to impose dictatorship without any religious veneer, or to step down.

    The world is watching around the clock 365/24/7 as the grip of terror and oppression of Khamenei is slowly dismantled

    Free Iran - For a Democratic Iran
  31. Ezhdeha Member

    Hasta la victoria siempre
  32. Not my favorite quote

    Not my favorite quote, but I understand. The history that I read on it was embarassing to me, and should be to any peace loving American. Sometimes all true Americans hate what our country does(unrightously) in the name of the common good.

    Things didn't work out for the man who made that famous. Let us hope not too many Iranians will share his fate.

  33. tim new Member

    There were several reports out of Iran of thugs using Axes and other weapons against the peaceful protesters. I know of 2 reliable sources that posted it. This am was reported as the bloodiest to date - axes and bullets along with other beatings.
  34. tim new Member


    If you have some spare computer time, then you can use RefreshBee - if you want to barrage pro Ahmadinejad sites. Hopefully take them down, or at least make the more sluggish.

    Set the timer to a low number, like 5 sec. and enter for instance:
  36. tim new Member

    And it will be blamed on the FBI of the USA :) ????? ???? ??????? ??? ????? ?? ???? ????? (in farsi)

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