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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Jaymax, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. Jaymax Moderator

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  2. MerlinTKD Member

    I hope they can keep the pressure on Khameni and the hardliners, but it's understandably hard to keep going back in the face of what awaits... those of you there, know you're supported, no matter what.

  3. hope this doesn't sound too stoopid

    all the vids of bike riders show them in traffic or near parked cars.

    any one who has ridden a bike knows how vulnerable the rider and pillion passenger is.

    (i have canned off at 60mph,slid (grateful for my helmet)ended up in a ditch,pulled the bike out and been pissed off at the holes scraped in my beautiful leathers)


    cars can push a bike over easily and those riders are rigged out in all sorts of protective gear so the non-violent paradigm is not violated.

    slowed down and shaken up and on foot but it wouldn't make them any more malevolent than they already are.

    pity about the bike.

    am i wrong to think like this?
  4. nah man, that sounds like a good idea. it hurts the Basiji in a non-fatal way, perfect for what the protesters seem to want.
  5. NPR show on Iran Tuesday, top 9 points made

    Understanding Iran's Turmoil: An Expert Weighs In Understanding Iran's Turmoil: An Expert Weighs In : NPR {45 mins-Very good NPR interview} <-- via Steve Garufi on Twitter

    Tuesday's Fresh Air NPR show: Understanding Iran's Turmoil: An Expert Weighs In (Karim Sadjoadpour)

    The 9 points are the most important points he made during the show:

    1. Regime prevents massive congregating by blocking roads and so can easily control and overpower smaller groups

    2, The government knows how big the support of the opposition is and isn't backing down.

    3. Targeting oil ministry, merchants & arteries of the economy via national strike could bring the economy to a halt.

    4. Mousavi has nickname 'The Stubborn Turk' (he's from near Turk)--he won't back down. He is ready to die for his cause.

    5. Women: incredible role + vanguard of reform movement, have suffered most since 1979 and treated as second class citizens.

    6. To retain power they have to use overwhelming force, since they don't have legitimacy with the people.

    7. People don't want a turban wearing modern day shah--this is THE issue now.

    8. The people who have taken against the streets are incredibly brave; the Basiji are targeting people indiscriminately.

    9. Iran has essentially been under marshall law for several days now.
  6. MassuUnion Member

    Is there anything confirmable about how substantial a coallition against Khamenei has been assembled at this point? How possible is it right now that the Assembly of Experts could successfully remove him from power as Supreme Leader?
  7. baghalizer Member

    I'm 100% sure that they won't do such thing!!! it's just a rumor.

    Todays plan is to protest peacfully near the congress, but I have confirmed information that members left the congress early today in order to have a meeting with Mr. Khamenehee.

  8. When will these demonstrations end??

    they are playing games on you and who is losing?? The people are killed everywhere.

    They will finally sit together and drink some tea and end this laughing..

    You are foolish to beleive these politicians.
  9. i'll say this much. i am fairly certain that at this point things have gone too far. the regime may be able to stop demonstrations by blocking roads and preventing mass gatherings. they may beat up and imprison thousands, and force confessions from them. they can crack heads all they like, and show video after video of unruly 'hooligans' and 'thugs' in support of the so-called legitimate government. but night after night there are still the chants of 'Allahu Akbar' echoing throughout Tehran and across Iran.

    this movement will not die - it won't just go away by itself. you in the government will have two choices - either you in the establishment are going to have to become a real dictator like Stalin and make an example out of thousands of people by murdering them and becoming like North Korea worshipping their 'Dear Leader', or you get out of the way and let the people of Iran take the reins of their country back. the choice is yours...
  10. I just read this in the news:

    Speciale berechting betogers in Iran
    Uitgegeven: 24 juni 2009 11:13
    Laatst gewijzigd: 24 juni 2009 11:12
    TEHERAN - Justitie in Iran gaat een speciaal tribunaal samenstellen om de aangehouden betogers te berechten.

    Dit heeft een van de hoogste magistraten in het land, Ibrahim Raeissi, woensdag aangekondigd.
    Het tribunaal zal daarbij zaak voor zaak onderzoeken wie achter de ongeregeldheden zitten. Toen de officile uitslagen van de presidentsverkiezingen van 12 juni bekend werden, gingen honderdduizenden Iranirs verontwaardigd de straat op.

    Translated it means: They are going to set up a "special tribunal" to try the apprehended demonstrators. case by case. :-((
    So a high magistrate Ibrahim Raessi said.

    This is NOT good news. :-((
  11. i tell you...we have never let a stalin model rule in iran and never will..iran has seen many dictators in its 3000 years of history...but that just dosent work. the more they kill sooner they will be gone.
    and to my fella iranians we are just a mullah away from freedom...
  12. Visionary Member

    Iran Updates (VIDEO): Live-Blogging The Uprising

  13. MerlinTKD Member

  14. Al Jazeera TV saying they are expecting the protests to resume in Tehran today
  15. vienna Member

    یک واکنش غیرمنتظره به انصراف محسن رضایی از پیگیری شکایتش

    Google translation (for wont of a better one):

    A reaction to the unexpected cancellation of Mohsen Rezai Shkaytsh track

    Parlmannyvz: Office of Communications popular Mohsen Rezai, the open letter to Mohsen Rezai, the action in the Council of Guardians Bazpsgyry Shkaytsh severely criticized.

    ILNA reports, this letter states: the presence of honest and enthusiasm combined with your new addition for economic and cultural programs in the tenth presidential elections, a lot of passion and delight the heart of many compassionate our dear country and the Islamic Revolution had created and especially with the debates held scientific, moral authority and show you Brnamhhaytan, so hope the fans and wave Dvstdarantan created success and hope you found the elections to Rahyaby the second round of presidential elections and health Mynmvd obvious topic areas from voting day afternoon different country Stadhay spontaneous report was covered. Strange and incredible results with the announced vote and see that the greatness and psychological Sabouri Mzlvmyt finally, all the peace and Pnahavrdn Mykrdyd invite legal institutions, be another tact and sympathy and of course you passed Hqvqtan because of wastage of materials Bzrgvaranh country.

    In another part of the letter states: Cancel your track complaints sent to the Council of Guardians, which was announced without explanation Qanknndhay, neither the fans and members Stadhay you can not believe people, and reward those who Byhych Mzdy, days, weeks and even months Vqtshan spend to promote the ideas you had big and brave. Track your insistence on accurate information Votes bustling ballot boxes, and be serious and determined to restore your vote on a wave of fans hope, the heart not only fans, but in all conscience Hmvtnany believe that despite the stable men and the Deathly Imam martyrs in this no major violation of election can not occur, the shape was, hope that your letter last night turned into despair.

    The letter cancellation Reza'i compared with the Guardian Council to pursue a complaint with the cancellation of the previous nomination, states: Cancel your new explanation and justification for اینجانب and Asay Home Stadhay you may not particularly severe and caused major frustration will Hvadartan youth. The cancellation of the complaint, passed off automatically considered personal and not passed to the right of the people and speaking to voters, but fans all over the right continuity of progress, prosperity, freedom and honesty in the country will be considered.

    In another part of the letter states: If determined to continue to scenes of political and administrative presence in the country are, of course, that justify the current events and performance seems difficult, in Zrvryst Jlshay immediate members Stadhay people all provinces and cities clear reasons for this action and honesty among the books had to be this destructive action minimized.

    Head office at the end of this letter of popular communication has stressed: If the proposed session or meeting was formed to attract successful potential comments and criticisms Bhhq Online Stadhay people resolve not to continue Headquarters Office Bhslah unknowing people and speaking to potential loss occurred cortex, especially in the young of at least understand the consequences of this sudden decision.

    Published: 3 July 1388
    Time: 15:46
    News Code: 1311
  16. Isn't it suppose to be the biggest protest today/right now ?
  17. Conflict at Baharestan Sq.Even police attacks pedestrians who are just passing by,by tear gas.
  18. Thousands of detainees family members have gathered in front of Tehran's revolution(Enghelaab)court. The force police has surrounded them.Fervent atmosphere in place and conflict is possible at any moment
  19. No dude, that's tomorrow.
  20. Please be patient everyone is trying to keep track of events as they happen and post here

    The problem is that the news is only trickling out of Iran due to the crackdown both the physical brutalities and the electronic data block

    Free Iran
  21. vienna Member

    If it is the biggest protest, then they're all protesting. Patience.

    (If patience doesn't work - Twitter #iranelection)
  22. Arrested journalists have been threatend to write in support of Ahmadinejad and his government and not to support popular gatherings anymore.
  23. I read somewhere that 25 journalist were arrested last night!
  24. Baharestan subway is closed. Police & plain cloths in Baharestan sq. & nearby streets

    When they write "plain clothes" do they mean civil cops?
  25. Yeah, it's supposed to be Thursday....but over the week I the crackdown on cellphones has been getting more severe, so it's a lot more dangerous to be filming.
  26. A girl has been shot on baharestan sq!
  27. girl shot

    source on that?
  28. dario-IRAN Member

  29. vienna Member

    from Shahrzad News:

    does anyone know this site?
  30. The girl who got shot is in a private hospital, best hopes.
  31. ~Deliria~ Member

    I've been following the Guardian's updates here...

    Iran crisis: live - 24 June 2009 | News |

    *Latest update*

    I'm hearing the same reports mentioned in the comment below that a girl has been shot in Bahareston Square. This is impossible to verify.

    Meanwhile, the regime continues to blame the British for stirring the unrest.

    Iran's intelligence minister Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejeii told the Fars news agency: "Britain was among the countries which, in violation of diplomatic criteria, sought to aggravate the problem through massive propaganda and other measures."

    "The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Persian also played an eye-catching role (in this regard). There were also a number of people with British passports who also played roles in the unrests [sic]"
  32. vienna Member

    from Zeit Online:


    [afterword: Bahar is not the woman's real name, which has been changed in the article for her safety]

    i wonder how far this crackdown will go? The more brutal, the more resistence. That is their downfall.
  34. More than 3 people have been shot in Baharestan's conflict, The shooting is still continues and conflicts increasing!
  35. Hezbollah Attcked to some people trying to gather at Tajrish Sq.

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