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Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by K_Anon, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Has anyone thought maybe she is just so miserable at the hands of Tom Cruise and his cult, that her health problems are due to this? Tom just wants to use Posh as a scapegoat since he can't recruit them, and now he is making her dissconnect from them. How fucking controling?! She isn't allowed to have any friends, she's a prisoner in her own home, and she's being mentally fucked over by these goons. I'd be an hero by now if I were her! People should write articles blaming Cruise and his batshit cult in response!
  2. britanon Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    To: Amerifags
    Re: The Beckhams

    sorry guise :(
  3. anonEmouser Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Anyone posting the copypasta on disconnection at OhNoTHeyDidn't and Perez and the other celebrags?

    I feel like I need a shower when visiting those places, but they might be nice info dissemination locations.
  4. Prometheus1 Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Katie Holmes and V Beckham haven't been seen together for a long time, every of their outing is well recorded and they haven't hung out as much as before. Between 2005 and 2007, they were virtually inseparable, next to Cruise, Posh was the next person she spent most of her time with but it hasn't been like that in recent times. Whatever is happening to Holmes, it has nothing to do with Beckham. The Daily Mail has been kissing the Cruises's arses for some time now, I think they should leave Beckham out of it. Katie Holmes is going to be 30 years old this year, she is not a child by any means.
  5. K_Anon Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    ^^^ This is what concerns me, the press used to go nuts over Posh and Katie's outings, and Katie employing Posh as her stylist for a while (when she changed her hairstyle and clothing style to mirror Posh's).

    It surprises me that they haven't mentioned that Katie and Posh don't get seen in public often now, but I think is owned by the James Packer (Scino). This could explain why Scientoogy was left out of the article.
  6. Anonymous21 Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    To be fair, I wouldn't want my wife hanging around with Victoria Beckham either

    and also I would be VERY VERY VERY surprised if Tom wasn't trying his hardest to recruit the Beckhams. They are worth about £100m and have a HUGE following in the UK. If they ever spoke out as scientologists, it would be devestating
  7. Apology Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    I'm not posting the copypasta, but I am countering Scientolobots there.
  8. Prometheus1 Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    I think the media has gotten tired of both of them. They are not that interesting, there is only so many times a columnist can write about them shopping, chopping off their hair and Cruise driving them to have dinner at some restaurant.

    That is commonsense, isn't it? but the friendship never bothered Cruise before and he knew the Beckhams before Holmes came into the picture. For some 2 years, he was only too happy to watch the media follow the friends around different countries while out shopping or sitting at fashion shows even finding time out of saving people to drive them to dinner. The feedback is now so negative so something needs to be done or someone needs to be blamed.

    The Beckham-Cruise friendship is already ending, neither one of them is getting anything out of it anymore.
  9. ThetanCluster Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    As is David Miscavige

    Church of Scientology desperate to land Posh and Becks as followers

  10. anonymous44 Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    dats what i'm sayin. 4 x 4.
  11. MsCabbage Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    I wonder if Tom's sudden dislike of Victoria (assuming its true) has anything to do with her doing an interview recently on (was it fox??) saying "She is not interested in Scientology".
  12. anonhuff Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Haha that's the most juvenile thing I've read all day.
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