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Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by K_Anon, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. K_Anon Member - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    From: Tom Cruise wants Katie Holmes to avoid Victoria Beckham | Herald Sun

    Tom claims Victoria Beckham is to blame for Katie's physical condition. (But I couldn't remember the last time the press mentioned Katie and Posh together....)

    Could this be a hidden message? Tom could have failed to recruit the Beckhams into Scientology and is now 'disconnecting' from them? Has any other outlet reported on this?
  2. Apology Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Yes, versions of this story are all over the tabloids today:

    (sorry, no permalink for this story, but it's on the front page)
    And it's not just in the American tabloids either:

    Posh and Katie act is wearing thin for Tom Cruise | the Daily Mail

  3. xaxa Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    well...i'm no fan of Tom, but didn't Katie suffere from an eating disorder in the past? If so, being around someone else so thin and always on a diet really might trigger her disorder again.
  4. Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    I never see anyone talking to Katie about this stuff. It seems like it's always Tom speaking for her.
  5. eksef Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Tom Cruise, you are one fucking crazy nutjob.
  6. argh Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    I think he is using Posh as the excuse for his wife's ill health, rather than him.

    Seems he also could be setting Posh up as the Third Party who is causing all the trouble, and if Katie doesnt disconnect from her... there's his divorce excuse.
  7. Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    I call BS. She's thin because the Church and Cruise are half-starving her to brainwash her. She's no longer seeing Posh because Posh is trying to get her to eat, or even out of the Church entirely. Disconnection!

    If only we could get Posh to rip this wide open...
  8. I Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

  9. Anonomum Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Um... yeah...

    Victoria is to blame. It's complete coincidence that Katie started looking like this when she hooked up with Tom.

    Even if Posh is partly to blame, I'd say the pressure exerted on Katie by hubby is the foundation of it all.

    Think about it world, Katie BT (Before Tom) smiling, relaxed, healthy. Katie AT (After Tom) thin, pale and never a genuine smile to be seen....

    Can anyone say Disconnection Time for Posh?
  10. DarkSim Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Sounds to me like posh is being PTS/SP to Katie. Just wait for the disconnection. And then for Katie to leave Tom
  11. Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Do you think he'll still let Victoria star in "The Thetan?"
  12. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    The following is off topic: Posh is really hot in this article (first pic). God damn, her face has the right balance of bitchiness and cuteness.
  13. Anonymeep Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    I thought that Posh hasn't been seen with Katie in months.

    I always had the impression that Cruise tried really hard to recruit the Beckhams when they just moved to the US, but that they eventually wisened up and turned CoS down.

    This seems more of a move from Tom to blame Katie's visible poor health on something else than her home situation..
  14. anonhuff Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Tabloids are going to have a field day if/when the beckham's refute his statements.
  15. A.Non Hubbard Member

  16. MollyBloom Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Tom really buys into that whole 'what is true is true for you' thing...

    Now he is making up some fooked up reality about other people being the cause of the problems he is exacerbating.

    Everyone from the outside can see the real truth.

    As said earlier in this thread, I hope Posh can step up and blow this thing wide open.

    Katie really needs a good friend by her side right now, not have Tom disconnecting her from the world.
  17. ElRondo Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    If this is true, Posh scares the crap out of me in a whole new way.

    It's recommended that people dieting do not drop below 1200 calories per day for food intake. The reason behind this is that somewhere not too far below 1200 (varies from person to person) is the amount that will trigger your body to go into starvation mode. If you're already very thin and you go into starvation mode your body will start cannibalizing itself. Very bad things can happen to almost every body function.

    It sounds like Posh and Katie need a sammich and an intervention.
  18. anonhuff Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Where is Kirstie Alley in all of this? If any scientologist can fix being too thin, it is her!
  19. Skambren Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    I really really wish that we could help Katie somehow. It's just so sad watching this.

    Several years ago when my life was falling to hell, the stress made me stop eating. I was just not hungry and every time I tried to eat anything I vomited it back up involuntarily. I started off at 126 and ended up at 106 in six weeks, I even started having what are considered "classic eating disorder symptoms" which have been proven to be caused by malnutrition. So even though it may look like an eating disorder this could also very easily be caused by intense stress.
  20. Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    I am very disturbed that Katie has no voice of her own and that Tom talks about her like adults talk about small children. He didn't do this with Nicole so I think his mental state has declined since his last marriage. He isn't married to Katie as much as he owns her like property and I think she is going to suffer longterm psychologically for it unless she takes drastic measures to free herself. Also, Suri will also grow up with the perception a man owns a woman actions and voice, and Scientology owns her thoughts and soul. It sickens me seeing what her future holds. I never thought I'd see that money can buy you a state of total slavery. It's a cruel joke.
  21. Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Also, an eating disorder will appear in a person when they feel they have no ability to control their environment and think "well, at least I can control my body."
  22. Anonymeep Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Wanted to make a demotivator poster but can't find the right image...

    [photo of sickly looking Katie]

    You need it. We have it.
  23. tiggernew Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    ^^^ THIS.

    Beat me to it.

    This is all complete speculation. I don't know him, I don't know her, I don't know Posh... I know nothing other than "media" reports, so this could all be complete bullshit.

    However, I do understand people, and how they "work" in many cases. We all do.

    If she's being controlled in every other aspect of her life, denying herself food and showing it in that highly visible way could be a cry for help, or just an exertion of her own will.

    I read a report that there have been "security" systems installed in that house, including a camera in every room. He could watch her every move on CCTV, which must be a horrible feeling. His family all live with them, so she is watched every minute of the day. But people won't necessarily notice her NOT eating, so that may be her one and only way of showing resistance.
  24. SamuelAdams Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    And why do you believe a word that comes out of Tom Cruise's mouth? He's trying to set other people up for the blame. Not himself & the environment he has shuttered her into.
  25. Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"


    [Photo of sickly Katie]

    If you won't let us help you, at least talk to Kirstie Alley

    [Photo of Kirstie Alley]

  26. anonhuff Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Maybe someone could order her a pizza with a prepaid debit card :eek:hyeah:
  27. Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Large pie with sausage and peppers, hold the thetans, coming right up!
  28. anonymal Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    "Really hot" seriously? She looks like a walking corpse.
  29. britanon Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Or maybe Victoria Beckham is having a poor influence on her eating habits. Come on guise, you sound as bad as OSA. You might well be right, but it's most likely a combination of her being unhappy in her marriage, as has been reported by the gutter press, and her trying to be like Beckham. Two sides to a story, even if half of that story involves Scientology.
  30. Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    you don't have to believe TC, Posh has openly talked about her diet 'fads', and recent pics show her thinner than ever, that does not mean Posh has 'forced' Katie to diet, but as has been said several times already , eating disorders are about lack of control in life and asserting control in the only area she can.
    Posh is NOT to blame, but may have shown katie the way to get a bit of control back.
    TC of course will use the blame card, 'attack never defend'.
  31. ElRondo Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    1: The quote about the 900 calorie diet was not attributed to Tom Cruise (or anyone... and that's why gossip columnists bug me)

    2: "If this is true..." translated that means "If what is being said is correct, factual and right" in this case pertaining to a possible 900 calorie diet that Posh might be pushing on people.

    Putting words in peoples' mouths is not a hobby people should engage in. Please refrain from insinuating that I believe the ramblings of a possibly unbalanced individual.
  32. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    I like her eyes. ^_^
  33. Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    lucky for you, cos soon thats all that will be left.
  34. Jigore Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    She need less of hubbard (with no capital letter in the begining because he doesnt deserve any) bullshit vitamin
  35. gizmogirl Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    What I find amazing are these two statements: Katie is on a 900 calorie a day diet. Katie is unable to get pregnant which she is (supposedly) desperate to do.

    Hello? Anyone talk to Mother Nature lately? You DON'T get pregnant when you are starving.

    Maybe it's Katie's way to avoid producing another Suri-bot.
  36. Yoni Alter Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Oh please Tom never shut up, everything that comes out of your mouth turns into a bullet and falls into your foot.
  37. Skambren Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    It's not ONLY that. They did a study on re-feeding the malnourished after WWII and found that their subjects all became anorexic... becoming obsessed with their appearance, feeling fat, odd eating rituals, binging/purging; one had to be thrown out of the study for cutting off his own finger (these were all healthy carefully screened MEN, mind you).

    So just the act of being malnourished can cause the appearance of an eating disorder. This is a sort of a Chicken v. Egg situation here and in the end it doesn't matter because it's all speculation. It's just an interesting bit of info.
  38. anonymous44 Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Both Posh and Katie need to eat a Double-Double. (Left coast Anons know what I mean)
  39. Whanonstler Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    And the problem with that...?

    My problem with Posh is that she looks like a monkey-muzzled creature that eats its own young
  40. r00tdenied Member

    Re: - Tom talls Posh to "Stay Away"

    Animal style mah brotha.
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