New York, NY Post-Game 11/19/2011

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by conatus, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. conatus Member

    NYC Anons held their second annual Fancy Raid this past weekend, with exquisite haberdashery and lexical eloquence a-plenty. Over 20 people showed up, including another extended fly-by from femanon icon Tony Ortega.

    The org resorted to rental-truck-tech for something like the third month in a row, but that did not deter us from spirited faux-posh yelling and general hilarity. Plenty of love from passers-by and pedestrian interaction.


    . 6370244885_294b35f1aa_z.jpg 6370244903_611e3624f8_z.jpg 6370244919_9df44ecb2c_z.jpg 6370244925_71968876d3_z.jpg 6370244931_284453a990_z.jpg 6370244941_d9f89bf491_z.jpg
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  2. conatus Member

    And additional fancification . ..




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  3. Loving the fascinator!
    New York doin it up like only NY can!
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  4. conatus Member

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  5. James Spader Member

    No dirty hippies here.
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  6. Anonymous Member

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