New York, NY Post-Game 10/22/2011

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by conatus, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. conatus Member

    Rental Truck tech in effect at the org did not impede a loud and raucous monthly raid in NYC.

    Highlights included a re-creation of the "Obscene Devil" Incident, a representative from Team Rocket, Tom Cruise / Kim Jong Il, and possibly the creepiest "Hi"-saying guy ever. Brief confront from a petite Filipino Scilon livened things up too, although he quickly fled when we took his pics, leading to a derisive round of "You Can't Shatter Suppression" . . .

    Why yes, Jenny - Chanology DOES have a dental plan! Why do you ask?

    Eddies in the space-time continuum. I just don't know which one is Eddie.

    Scilon Hand Jive Technique in progress - or is this just a facepalm?
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  2. Cudgel Member

    Any sign of Thalia Ghiglia, the TARU videographer wannabe? She hasn't been seen in Cincinnati since that debacle...
  3. enthaeon Member

    <3 the NYCAnons!
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Thmell kitteh?
  5. Anonymous Member

    Great work.
  6. amaX Member

    You glorious bastards! <3
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Any mention of the butt church?
  8. Thank you for keeping it Real, NYC Anons! <3 it!
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  9. skeptic2girl Member

    Okay, I don't know how to word this without it sounding ironic, but you guys really do inspire us! Best possible response to a**hole Scilons has been recently taken up by enthaeon: "GOOGLE BUTT CHURCH!"*

    and love love love! (fave troll tech: "Your pants fit weirdly!")

    *I did google butt church the other day and I've gotta say, I came up with lots of awesome NYC Anon stuff but other results were confusing AND note to self: never (again) google butt church at work :)
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