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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by TheFallenAngel, May 21, 2012.

  1. I have been thinking recently about how most Anonymous videos are focused on a single subject such as fighting for internet rights, or against scientology. These videos are a great way to get the word out, and create emotion towards a subject, but another important aspect is to gain followers. People who believe in the cause just as much as all of us do. We should inform people about our initiatives, and why our cause is important. So what if we collaborated to make a video talking about what everyone can do to help out. It could also help this website gain more members who could help with future projects/protests. We would need a decent amount of people to work on this, and we would also need a youtube/Vimeo channel to upload it on where it would receive more views and attention. Any suggestions?

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  2. Zak McKracken Member

    Which cause?
    You haven't said which cause you support, so I don't know if I believe in it as much as you.
    It's more likely that I don't.

    Effective videos focus on a single cause.
    Videos that attempt to inform about many causes or unify everything into one bucket, fail.
    They just do.
    The videos that recruited me, and the ones that recruited most people I know, were single-cause vids.
    There may be another way, but I've never seen it work (and I've seen plenty of ones that didn't).

    One at a time, or all at once?
    In YouTube there's a panel on the right for "Related Videos". That can be a nice way to browse.

    Which? Or do you mean all of them?
    I wouldn't agree that all Anonymous initiatives or causes are important.
    At least not to me.
    I would agree that many are valid. Perhaps many are worth considering.
    But they don't all fit on the same page, and some are incompatible with eachother.

    Before you begin collaborating, before you begin working on a video,
    figure out: "what everyone can do to help out" first.
    That's gotta be way more important than a video.

    If recruitment IS your main interest, I'd have to ask "what are you recruiting them for?"
    because that will be the first question they would (or should) ask.
  3. fist off, Thank you for your input, I was worried that everyone would just ignore this thread.

    What I hoped to accomplish in this video was to inform people about how easy it is to be involved, because i'm sure that many people have heard of the name "Anonymous" but only see it as "Those people who hacked PSN" (Yes I have actually heard that) , there is so much more than that... and I hate that all we are portrayed as is hackers when in reality we do so much more and have much more of an impact than that. A lot of people probably feel like they want to help, or have useful abilities, but just have no idea how to go about helping. Thats what happened to me, I had no clue what to do until my good friend told me about WWP. Once again thanks.

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  4. Zak McKracken Member

    WWP has several Initiatives that cater to different groups of individuals.
    Within each one you have a core group who generally agree on a given subject or cause.
    Between the Initiatives there's much less agreement.

    However, you may be correct that there are things that concern everyone, and are of interest to everyone.

    * Anonymity, the reasons why this is good, the reasons why it's bad.
    * How to be Anonymous IRL, how to be Anonymous online.
    * How to effectively assert your opinion Anonymously in the public forum.
    In a physical protest, in an online information campaign, or otherwise.
    * How to protest without getting your ass handed to you by the people you're protesting against.
    * Cats

    If you make a video discussing one or two of these in some depth,
    offering helpful hints that the general public might not know, great.

    If it's too broad it won't work.
    If it's more than 5 minutes long it won't work.

    One clever trick might be to educate people on something they think they know, but may not really understand.
    (bad ideas follow)
    Even something as stupid as "how to wear a mask".
    It's not as easy as you might think. :)
    Get a dust or medical mask, and try wearing it. Try wearing it for hours at a time,
    even after it gets annoying. Figure out what the problems are, and ways to work around them.

    Make a video with your cat (or dog) or another household companion if you have one.
    Use them as a prop, or an active participant.
    It will gain more attention than some dork sitting there covering his or her face.
    You and your cat teach the world about (say) Facebook- why it's dangerous.
    You and your cat teach the world how to protect your privacy on Facebook.

    Or... perhaps a very different approach....
    You're new, you don't have any particular investment in any one of the WWP major initiatives,
    so you can be a little objective.
    Pick one of the Initiatives, one you know little or nothing about. Find out about it in as much depth as you can. Make a video supporting and promoting *that one thing*. Just that one.

    Then, pick another one. Study, research, investigate, and then promote IT. Make a new video. Just that one alone. Consistent look, consistent feel, consistent branding. Same gloss over everything, but each one will be separate.

    Keep them super-short. < 3 minutes.
    Make sure you tell the audience this is YOU (or your own secret private video cabal) and not WhyWe Protest, even if you're just funneling them back to this site. Probably better to use something like "Super Anonymous Video Encounter Media Enterprise" or something with a catchy acronym.

    don't bite off more than you can chew
    or expect other people to bite off anything :p

    As soon as this starts being "work" and not "fun" it will get old and you won't touch it again.
    So keep it "fun".
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  5. Zak McKracken Member

    Another idea:
    make a video explaining that Anonymous aren't hackers.
    You could illustrate it with some silly animation or even sillier IRL exercise.
    (e.g. a lumberjack hacking down a tree. this is not anonymous.
    put a wet paper bag over your head, and try to hack your way out. this is not anonymous)

    end with something they're not expecting. Like:
    "Anonymous is about communication. Read more, at http://somewebsite"
  6. Zak McKracken Member

    another idea, if you're trying to recruit someone with some particular set of skills,
    make a video appealing to just those people, and explain why their skills are useful to others.
    Teach them something they didn't know about their unique skill.
  7. Zak McKracken Member


    by the way, this web site you're on is a very tiny portion of the Anonymous world.

    WWP used to be just the bubble labled "Chanology"
    It's grown to maybe twice that size, and the chart needs updating,
    but most of Anonymous still has little or nothing to do with what many of us do here.

    Most of Anonymous is not "useful" activism or even activism at all.
    Please read this again. :)
  8. Zak McKracken Member

    and good luck
    (assuming you ever come back)
  9. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, but people need to know WHY to be involved...

    Or did you just go ahead and join NAMBLA without asking what it was?

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  10. oh dont worry... i'm not going anywhere.... thank you for your insightful comments, I will come up with some ideas as to subject/ scripting. I will however need some help if you are interested, or anyone else who is interested.

  11. Dragononymous Member

    WhyWeProtest Youtube Channel.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Cats is most interesting of all those, but other are important too.
  13. Anonymous Member


  14. Anon-uouV Member

    Im here aint I ? Zak i thought you knew me ... lulz
  15. Anonymous Member

    does that help?
  16. Anonymous Member

    which videos inspired you?
  17. Anon-uouV Member

    :l All of them because the thought of someone standing up for what they believe in makes we wanna do something . specifically theses ones.
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