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Discussion in 'Finished Projects' started by Rachel Summers, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. I think most of us became a part of Anonymous for basically the same reason—we look at the world and see it not only as it is but as it could be. The very fact that you are on this website and reading this right now strongly suggests you see, as I do, the potential for a better and brighter future. With that said, we all have our own models of the world, our own notion of what that potential future looks like and our own philosophy of how it will best be realized.

    I wanted to create a video dedicated to my personal world view and philosophy, which can be summarized in three quotes:

    "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." -Dyer
    "We must be the change we wish to see in the world." -Gandhi
    "What we see, we become." -Chopra

    High definition in 720p.
  2. WhiteNight Member

    Yeah, good luck with that. I think I'll stick with misanthropy personally.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    "Gandhi" is spelled this way ----> G A N D H I
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  4. mongrel Member

    Good for you. Let's see what you have.

    Oh dear Lord Xenu!

    If you're a Chopra devotee, you might as well become a Ronbot. Same pseudoscientific bullshit parading as real knowledge.

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  5. grebe Member

    Oh Chopra, founder of quantum Chopra-woo.


    Whether you look at things or not, and whether you look at them one way or another, things will be the way they are.

    Throw off the self absorbed hippy thinking you inherited from your parents before its too late.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Looks like an ad for Scientology.
  7. 00anon00 Member

    Anonymous once again beating up on ideological poster. My critism is it includes a talented pedophile as an example of what is good and true.
  8. Fixed.

    I completely disagree on several levels. The first being the point that when you look at something, what you look at is less important than what you see. Or in other words, it's what you focus on as opposed to what is there; it is possible to miss things and it is possible to see things that aren't even there. The second being when you look for the good in others, only then can you really find it in yourself. It's hard to love yourself when all you do is focus on how other people are wrong, selfish, insensitive...which again, may or may not even be the case.

    Also, if you've ever had the experience of someone seeing you as actually being more than what you are, it's interesting in that you begin to take on those characteristics. I've had this happen myself several times and it led to a great deal of growth. I'm also familiar with a study wherein several young children with average IQs were told they were geniuses and then went on to be the best students in their class. It's basically conforming to your identity. We act like the people we think we are and oftentimes that is based on faulty perception.

    My parents aren't hippies, have never heard of Chopra or Dyer and don't agree with me on any of this. Also, I don't agree with Chopra on everything, or accept him as some all knowing guru. I just think he's right about more than he's wrong...and I'm not even a spiritual person.

    But thanks for your opinion!
  9. Obviously I don't agree with the characterization of Jackson as a pedophile. He was never convicted of anything and in fact it became very apparent the people who attempted to sue him were total shysters. With that said, I don't entirely find him "innocent" or perfectly healthy and adjusted. Whether or not he was having sexual intercourse with the kids he spent time with, the relationships he had with them were not healthy or the behavior of a well adjusted adult. I just don't vilify him for it; it wasn't normal but that doesn't mean it was malefic. In the end, I think the only thing Jackson was ever "guilty" of was being different lonely, ostracized and terribly stunted in his growth as a human being by a bad childhood.

    He was included in the "Be Genius" section for being a musical genius, not as an example of anything preceding it.
  10. 00anon00 Member

    He was guilty of being a talented pedophile.
  11. I think at one point I would have given a like hateful response to your hateful comment but I'm thankfully no longer at that place in my life and have no intentions of going back. You see, negative people are unhappy people. When you tell people to DIAF, you don't punish them. You punish yourself. You punish yourself by continuing to be a person so filled with unhappiness that it oozes out of your pores every time you get behind a keyboard and a monitor. You can change this at any time by actually doing something about the source of your unhappiness, whatever it may be, thereby growing as a person as opposed to continuing to wallow in your stagnation.

    I used to be just like you and it wasn't a lot of fun. With that in mind, I can only wish you all the best in your journey through life.
  12. eddieVroom Member

    We are also wired in ways that create illusions, sometimes outright hallucinatory in effect...

    Then there's the phenomeon of the "mind's eye". We are prone to "reflection", and being as visually oriented as we are, we are prone to visualize abstractions of problems. We also tend to "sound out" things in the process of self-editing ideas before they fall out of our mouths. Less so on /b/.

    The thing is, when we engage the machinations of these artifacts of self-awareness, or sentience, we are working in the same visual space as dream imagery. And it is possible to be "seeing" a real-life shoop, worked up on the spot.

    Personally, I'm a fan of Arthur Koestler, and recommend a reading of his "The Ghost in the Machine". Koestler starts with the evolutionary nature of the different brain structures, and goes on to propose a heirarchal object-oriented model of the mind and cognition. It suggests that we spend a lot of time on "autopilot", which is to say, unless something is malfunctioning and/or signalling distress, we tend to ignore it. It also suggests the possibility of "reprogramming" ingrained habits. The phenomenon of "leg memory" is routinely seen when putting a paraplegic on a treadmill; a M2F transgendered person would essentially "train" to modify the nervous system's default behavior on that level such that her gait will retain feminine mannerisms when she's not thinking of it.

    None of this requires an invisible friend to be a valid concept, though it does seem to have a tendency to pile up in libraries favoring philosophies of the esoteric.


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  13. 00anon00 Member

    After a great deal of self reflection, including examining my negativity..... Michael Jackson is still a pedophile.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Moonbats + power tools = it never ends well.
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  15. grebe Member

    Less important to whom? Oh wait, you mean to you. Cuz it is all about you and how you feel, amirite?
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  16. Anonymous Member

    What's this charlatan Deepak Choprah doing in there?
    What's all this talk about spirit voodoo thetans at the end?
  17. Anyone seeing anything at any time.

    What you focus on determines how anyone feels, including you. Focus on things you have no control over and you'll feel dis-empowered; focus on things you can control and you'll feel empowered. Focus on what was done to you and you'll feel resentful; focus on what was done for you and you'll feel grateful. Focus on the bad in others and you'll feel outraged and disgusted; focus on the good in others and you'll find it in yourself. You can say all of this is trite and it may be a valid criticism...but that doesn't make any of it untrue.

    It's hard to feel inspired or moved to take action when you focus on nothing but the worst of all actions by all people. It's easy to convince yourself the world is a much worse place than it is or life is a lot more unfair than it is just by turning on the evening news. I think it's good to balance that out by focusing on positive things, people, deeds, etc.

    I don't believe in the existence of a spirit or soul but you don't have to in order to get what he is saying. Basically, ego driven behavior is a display of insecurity and rarely leads to anything good. If you just follow Kierkegaard's advice to "be that self which one truly is," you'll be a lot happier and more productive. If you're getting put off the words "soul" or "spirit," you're missing the point completely.

    I also don't believe in God but neither does Wayne Dyer, at least, in terms of a personal God. He's just reiterating Gandhi's point, don't pray for change, be the change.
  18. Yes, I first watched that video (or one just like it) about a year ago when David Blaine tweeted about it. He's worth following, if you're on that site. His Twitter page is nothing but random cool images and links. That's actually where I got my avatar.

    That's interesting as I read an article by a professional poker player not long ago wherein he arrived at that same conclusion independently, stating the difference between a very successful high stakes player and an average player is the need for the average player to call upon the ghost in the machine.

    ^^That guy made millions of dollars playing internet poker before he even turned 21 and is definitely someone whose opinion I respect.

    I'm currently reading the Berger thesis in another tab and have added that Koestler book to my to-read list as well. Great post, thanks for all the interesting info!
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  19. grebe Member

    Forget your precious fucking feelings for five minutes, go outside and focus on the birds. It's springtime and the males are trying to impress.
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  20. nik Member

    Outside (& inside) is capitalism trying to kill no-profit birds or humans
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  21. JohnnyRUClear Member

    These thoughts are mine lately as well.
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  22. Internetzin Member

    Oh for god sake!, quick someone alert the media, apparently the US legal system is now working perfectly 100% of the time.
  23. Hacker + Ego = Captured
  24. Why is it that every time I see something that has the potential of positive impact is often critisized by people that are on the same basis. Is it because thse people who are critisizing cant do there own thinking or simply gain pleasure from putting ideas down. Those videos have opened millions of eyes including my own, I often dont post on forums such as this due to the people who seem there attempting to do good are only capable of critisism and put down any ideas that arent of there own or of their 'clique.' People are fighting against eachother while they fight on the same side, its pathetic, this thread is a perfect example.
    ' a person with a vision puts that vision to the public only to be shot down by a kid behind a computer with a big ego but at the same time is about as pathetic as the corrupted politicians of the world.' Work together for a change, that way you can obtain change.
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  25. Anonylemmi Member

    You necro a thread that has been dead over a year to say what? Your prose is unreadable. The tech has failed you.
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  26. Yeahh I didnt pay attention to the date until shortly after I posted that, my bad, but the point I attempted to make still stands, atleast from the forums I do read.. and I didnt really read the introduction thrwad fully at first, now I understand the trolling isnt necessarily trolling, more or less just internet culture, I apologize and take whatever responsibility there could be for my previous post, I need to pay attention to dates. why not learn from my own mistakes?
  27. I agree with you 100%
  28. Django Member

    And Chopra is spelled this way ----> B U L L S H I T
  29. The person that posted this is the TRUE FACE OF ANONYMOUS
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