New Target: Julian Assange

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by KittyKatSpanker, Aug 8, 2017.

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  1. The Internet Member

    That Aug 4th 2017 Wikileaks tweet about 8 FBI agents who went to Iceland to interview an 18 yo Wikileaks employee back in 2011 points to a Daily Mail article published last December. One wonders why this old leftover is being re-heated now.

    Reading the Wikileaks Twitter feed is as disorienting as a trip to Infowars. I've been known to indulge in wild speculation from time to time but I will set it aside if I don't find good evidence. But the Infowars people take tinfoil to new levels of dedication.

    I liked Wikileaks when they hosted Scientology documents and a few other useful things that should be in the public domain. It's sad to see them getting sucked into the cray cray.
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  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

    I don't understand the title of the thread as the main point in OP seems to be the content of the article Assange tweeted about.

    And please keep in mind that people and organizations are not around to please you.

    FBI, like any law enforcement agency, has its own understanding of what has to be done. Mueller is not a saint; Hoover wasn't one either.
  3. 11/08/17
    In early May 2015 I was in my home in London, when I followed a link to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page. It was regarding a charity initiative for the victims of the Nepal earthquake. I proceeded to follow Mr. Zuckerberg, as I was impressed by the example he was setting.
    Within a few days time, I felt his presence in my home; at the time I thought that he was using a cyber surveillance system to monitor me. Gradually, the stalking intensified to an unbearable level, as I became aware that I was being monitored 24/7. I felt extremely intimidated and decided to relocate back to my native Bulgaria. In August 2015, I moved back to Sandanski, Bulgaria and started employment in Sofia in September 2015. I knew that Mr. Zuckerberg was never too far, as I could feel his presence the whole time. Shocking as it was to me, I knew that he was always around and I had no idea why it was happening to me, I thought that he had taken an interest completely at random.
    Over the two years that followed, I was subjected to the most extreme type of stress, 24/7, to the point I was unable to hold down a job and survive. I moved backwards and forwards between Bulgaria and the UK and the stalking continued throughout. I became extremely stressed and due to my inability to work to full potential, my retired parents had to go back to work, in order to help me out. Mark Zuckerberg was always around, to intimidate me out of my skull the entire time. I often broke down in a nervous meltdown, both at home and at work, in public, in front of friends and family. Nobody knew what was happening, including me. I kept this a secret for as long as I could, for more than a year. I became concerned about my safety and my family’s welfare and shared my fears with my cousin, Ivan Mavrikov and a couple of my closest friends: Atanas Kostadinov and Nina Koseva.
    I was also aware that Mr. Zuckerberg was monitoring some of my female colleagues, as well as myself, even in my bathroom, my bed, each day when I woke up, he would be there, he followed me everywhere I went. Due to the extreme stress, I became completely disorientated and was at a loss as to how to handle the situation. I sought legal advice on stalking, no names were disclosed and no traces were found on any of my electronic devices. In January 2017, I moved back to the UK in the hope to regain some financial stability, as my family was unable to cope. Mr. Zuckerberg followed me, as usual. In April 17, I reported cyber stalking and harassment via the Metropolitan police website on 2 occasions, the reports went missing and the Police confirmed that the submission reference numbers I quoted were not recognised on their system. I had sufficient evidence to proceed with legal action, however I could not afford it. In my desperation, I decided to contact Mr. Julian Assange via Twitter. A few days later, I noticed the same thing happening, whereas I was aware of his presence around me, as I believed he used cyber technology to stalk me in order to investigate the case.
    The situation got out of hand and I could not bear the stress at work any longer, I had to leave work and could no longer afford to pay rent, bills, even food, Mark Zuckerberg watched me starve. At that point and about a month after Mr. Chris Cornell’s ‘death’, he appeared and joined in, as I felt Julian Assange was pushed out of the situation. Chris Cornell told me that I was about to die soon and encouraged me to kill myself. He told me of a drug ‘ALF’, that I was supposed to take. He encouraged me to slash my wrists with a knife and watched me as I almost did it, out of desperation. I was on my own in the room that I rented in a shared house, with Zuckerberg and Cornell stalking me the whole time, telling me to kill myself or that I was going to get droned. I went through hell on Earth. My former employer contacted my family without my knowledge, telling them that I had a psychological disorder and that I should go back to Bulgaria to be looked after. Later on, I understood that she had also been involved in the conspiracy against me. The situation got out of hand with my relatives and ex-husband trying to organise my relocation. Mr. Assange stopped appearing and only occasionally ‘connected’ telepathically when his name was mentioned in conversation with Cornell and Zuckerberg. The last time he appeared was just a few days before my departure from London. I knew that he was there when I was on the Tube, together with my two stalkers- Cornell and Zuckerberg. I felt that he was eventually going to do something to help me.
    On the same day, we were joined by Mr. Yordan Kamdzhalov, a world famous Bulgarian conductor and a friend of my former employer, both involved in a Bulgarian sect called ‘The White Brotherhood’.
    A couple of days later I bought a ticket to Podgorica, Montenegro, to stay with my ex- husband for a while and try to recover from the stress. On the day of the flight, I could not bring myself to leave the house, due to the extreme stress I was subjected to. I had to contact Ivan Mavrikov (1st cousin) and ask him for help. He bought tickets and came to London to pick me up from London. On the night of his arrival, Mr. Bill Gates and Mr. Donald Trump joined in the group. Around that time, I became aware that it was not a case of cyber stalking, but it was more like ‘remote viewing’ or 4-D, I do not know quite how to articulate it or explain it, but evidently Illuminati like to keep it a secret, so that they can retain control over the ancient knowledge and the world. On that night, they threatened me with an explosion and they followed me around town as I went to pick my cousin up from Stratford station. His flight was delayed, so I went back home to wait for him. I was being intimidated by all of them: Gates, Trump, Zuckerberg, Cornell and Kamdzhalov, as each one of them proceeded to propose marriage to me and tell me that they would kill me. They told me that I had to sacrifice myself and join Cornell ‘in death’, as they were organising a coup, starting with ‘the other side’. They said that we were meant to get married and I was supposed to die either in fire, explosion of some kind or by slashing my wrists, to resemble Jesus’s death.
    As my cousin and I organised my departure, we were closely monitored by the entire group, even to the airport and on the plane. They insisted that Mark Zuckerberg’s second child (still on the way), had been born, that her name was Karen and that I was required to ‘swap’ with her, so that she could rule the Earth and that I was going to rule the other side of the system together with Chris Cornell. On the morning of the flight to Sofia, they threatened me that I was supposed to ‘accept a swap’ with Karen and that the house we were in was going to explode at 5 am. I urged my cousin out of the house, as I stayed over to finish packing. We left for the airport with the entire group following us closely along the way and to the airport. Mr. Trump told me that I was to kill myself at the airport using a pin to slash my wrists, I was threatened that the plane was going to explode, I was intimidated by the entire group and encouraged to kill myself. The situation only got more unbearable, as I was hypnotised and could hardly maintain a normal appearance during the drive back to my hometown with my cousin and my parents.
    In the weeks that followed, different stories were being told, all to do with me and my mother having to die in sacrifice. I was being constantly threatened with droning, the murder of my mother, I was being encouraged to convince my mother to hang herself and for me to kill myself, only after I ‘accepted’ a swap with various other females, picked amongst my colleagues and family. The extreme harassment continued on a daily basis, even at my new work place in Sandanski area, as well as at all times in my parents’ home. Boris Johnson also joined the team. They explained that they were planning to bring down the system. They looked through my life and tried to intimidate me with episode of my private life, my sex life and my work life, they went out of their way to try to make me kill myself. They continuously visualized different scenarios, where I was being pushed into a grave dug out by Trump, Zuckerberg and Cornell. With time, I realised that Cornell’s death was a hoax, as well as Chester Bennington’s death and it was all a part of a plan for a neo nazi coup of the system, to allow them total authoritarian control over the population, as well as genetic modification of the genome, in order to promote inbreeding of the species and prevent cross breeding. I understood that humankind, the various species had crossbred with various animal species and that the world was currently dominated by reptilians, Mark Zuckerberg a hybrid of lizard and other species, Mr. Trump- a turtle, Mr. Cornell- snake, etc. etc Mark Zuckerberg’s bloodline currently represented by himself as a chief of the Illuminati/ Masonic lodge, as assisted by above crew. To my complete shock, they actually revealed that indeed reptiles currently ruled the world and that my family on my mother’s side, of Greek origin, were the rightful ‘rulers’ of the world, by bloodline. Only then I understood why Mark Zuckerberg constantly told me “You rule” since day one of this ordeal.
    With some research on the internet and various conspiracy theorists posts, I uncovered details of the coup, planned to take place following a CERN assisted cataclysm, to enslave the entire planet and cleanse any species they did not approve of, mostly resulted from cross-breeding. As various members of my family, as well as some former colleagues were suggested for a ‘swap’ with myself, I found out that recent terror attacks across Europe were all linked to a plot against my family, due to our bloodline. The London terror attacks on 03/06/17- London bridge, 03/06/17- Manchester at Ariana Grande’s concert, 14/06/17 at Grenfell Tower and various other explosions around London were all planned to cover up a potential murder of myself, as well as to send an Illuminati signal for the upcoming coup <MOD EDIT ILLUMINATI LINK DELEETED CUZ WWP COMPLICIT >
    Furthermore, my 1st cousin Stella Frediani, who lives in Nice and who had just left the national celebration on 14/07/16 before the terrorist attack on that evening, was also being offered as a more suitable replacement for my alleged role in the whole story. Then just a week ago, the terror attack in Konstanz, Germany happened just after my niece, Gabriella Goceva had left the night club, where the most recent terrorist attack was carried out. She is also one of the females, who had been selected as a potential ‘rule’ to replace me. These events helped me understand that the plot against me was very serious indeed. In addition, Zuckerberg explained that they had intimidated Julian Assange to his suicide and I can confirm that following that day in mid July, I was never able to connect with him telepathically again. Then I noticed that his posts on Twitter did not resemble his style at all. I understood that he had committed suicide to help me survive this as and disseminate the information world wide and prevent the ‘coup’.

    Just a couple of days ago, I was told that I inherit the Throne by bloodline succession and that mark Zuckerberg did not want to surrender power. In light of these events, I understood a lot of things, which had happened to me over the years, such as I had always been on the side of the resistance and never wanted to fit in the system, I had always been thinking of a revolution and how to bring down the system, which enslaves us all. In 2009, accidentally, The One Ring appeared on my work desk in my office and I always joked that it found me, because it belonged to me. In recent years, I had been thinking of a way to connect all people via telepathy, in the eventuality that the Internet went down. I had been planning of a way to bring down the system, by organising a protest over seven days, where nobody goes to work and in order to cause a complete collapse of the financial system.
    More recently, the group was also joined by Boris Johnson, Chester Bennington and Warren Buffett. All of them continued harassing me, telling me to ‘suicide’ my mother and myself. Mr. Gates also joins in more frequently and I now understand that he appears to be ‘top dog’. With a bit of research online I understood that Cornell and Bennington (although judging by his behavior, Cornell seems to be an extremely nasty individual) were about to expose an Elite pedophile ring, as run by Bill Gates himself, also incriminating various other schizophrenics in the top richest list, such as Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, the Clintons, Podesta, etc, etc.
    I understood that Mr. Assange had been preparing to expose this information to the world and he was either assassinated around mid July 2017 or committed suicide to inspire me to continue and reveal the information I had.
    The intimidation/ stalking continues to this very moment, as Mark Zuckerberg and company keep threatening me to kill my mother. Over the past few days, Chester Bennington has not been around, I have a suspicion that he has been killed or intimidated to commit suicide. The entire group is extremely schizophrenic, I have never witnessed anything so cruel in my lifetime, I have a suspicion that Mr. Trump is on the good side, but he is being blackmailed to assist this insane plot against my family and the world. I suspect that both Kamdzhalov and Cornell are also being blackmailed into it, however they are consistently cruel and disgusting, so I quite doubt that they are actually on the right side of things. I have encouraged everyone to come forward and expose the real villains; however everyone seems to be too stressed out and cornered to be able to assist me. Mr. Trump has been continuously kind to me, however as far as I understand; he is being threatened with harm to his family.
    I have approached an individual via Facebook, asking him to assist in sending the information out to the world, I have been told that he is also being monitored and at risk.
    I would like to provide full details as soon as possible to all world media, the Internet, TV stations, I am available to do it right away. My life and my family’s safety are being threatened 24/7, particularly by Mark Zuckerberg, who appears to be extremely schizophrenic and mentally unstable, Bill Gates, who seems to suffer a serious case of God complex and Chris Cornell, who seems to have been contracted to do their ‘dirty work’ and is more than happy to.
    I appeal for immediate assistance.
    Anastassia Gotzeva
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  4. julian asssange still best vladimir's friend ?
  5. Julian Assange has lost the plot, he kisses Trumps ass and Putins ass now.

  6. Assange is targeting Mueller for his Sugar Daddy Donald


  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Your binary vision of the world is troubling.
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  8. Your optimism is envoking.
  9. Ann O'Nymous Member

    What optimism ?
  10. That my binary vision of the world is troubling

  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Julian lost his internet
    “Ecuador cuts off Julian Assange's internet access at London embassy”

    “This decision was taken due to Assange's failure to commit to the written agreement he agreed with the government at the end of 2017, where he was obligated not to release any messages that would interfere with other countries' matters.
    "Ecuador's government warns that Assange's behavior through his social media messages puts in risk the good relationship the country has with the UK, other EU countries and other nations."
  12. I trade you a Trump card or your Julian

  13. Julian Assange banged a swedish women without a condom beginning with her being asleep, yea he banged her awake the evening earlier.

    (If you have those feteshishes better upfront the info before you bearvigina a girl)
  14. No blowback from any blowhard on this ?
  15. Ok
    I’m not sure thT is sexual assault
  16. What is the point of this thread other than to speak harshly of Assange?
    Granted he deserves all you throw of him but if that's your idea of him being a target it's not hurting him in any way.
  17. Ann O'Nymous Member

    You are so cryptic that I do not know what you are saying.
  18. Julian ArseHinge has gone Cambrige Analyica on your ass.

    He colluded with some Trump dick

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  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  20. Roger Stone appeared on the InfoWars radio show the same day he sent an email claiming he dined with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange -- and he predicted "devastating" upcoming disclosures about the Clinton Foundation.
    Stone's comments in his August 4, 2016, appearance are the earliest known time he claimed to know of forthcoming WikiLeaks documents. A CNN KFile timeline shows that on August 10, 2016, Stone claimed to have "actually communicated with Julian Assange."
  21. Ann O'Nymous Member

  22. A better target would be Mark Zuckerberg for acting in the most duplicitous and dishonest way imaginable by allowing users private and public information to be used and abused without their knowledge in ways we can't begin to fathom.

    That shit Assange is getting his comeuppance but smug smirking Zuckerberg is not.

    It's time he was made aware just how damaging his company is.
  23. Zuckerburg belongs in the Trump thread sucking his cock.

  24. Your Superhero has turned into a Villain. Boo Hoo Hoo.

  25. Ann O'Nymous Member

    He did more than you and I will never do.

    Having said that, he is far from perfect.

  26. I agree

  27. DeathHamster Member
    I wouldn't uncritically accept Kevin Poulsen's interpretation.
  28. Han Chollo Member

    Cmon Julian is Dead and we all know it. Protect your time stamps!
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