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Discussion in 'Youtube and Vimeo Problems' started by The Shadow, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Lorelei Member

    Re: New Schaper info

    Oh, I dunno. WOuld there be anyone gullible enough to fall for that?

    We should disguise it as an earth-shatteringly new and brilliant technological advance in the science of the mind.

    I know JUST the folks we can steal ideas from, too!

    Are ya in?
  2. Smurf Member

    Re: New Schaper info

    Orange County Court - California

    Case Number: C50191 Defendant: Schaper, Oliver
    10/03/2005 Unsafe starting or backing on highway IMPLIED NOT GUILTY 11/29/2005 Found Guilty by Court 02/08/2006 *Paid $35 fine & $141 costs.

    Case Number: 43098DQ Defendant: Schaper, Oliver
    05/04/2007 4000(a)(1)-NP VC I No evidence of current registration, no proof per VC 40610 Dismissed - Proof of Correction 08/17/2007

    Case Number: 08CM01122 Criminal Defendant: Schaper, Oliver (released own own recognizance)
    12/19/2007 602.1(a) PC M Obstruct/Intimidate business/customers NOT GUILTY 02/13/2008 Dismissed 08/18/2008

    12/19/2007 415(2) PC M Disturbing the peace: loud and unreasonable noise NOT GUILTY 02/13/2008 Dismissed 08/18/2008
    District Attorney OCDA Harvey, Matthew J
    District Attorney OCDA Hasan, Noorul
    District Attorney OCDA Hunt, Seton

    Case Number: T367082 Defendant: Schaper, Oliver
    03/09/2008 21651(a)(2) VC I Driving across, over or upon divided highways NOT GUILTY 08/19/2008 Found Guilty by Court 08/19/2008
    The Schaper Company - company & home address the same
    The Schaper Company Incorprated (T S C) - Tustin, California (CA) | Company Profile

    NOTE: All of the DMCA complaints to YouTube from Oliver Schaper are listed under his last home address at 12577 WEDGWOOD Cir TUSTIN, CA 92780, which went into foreclosure because Schaper could pay the mortgage either. The house is now listed under a new owner.

    Oliver Schaper is not only a deadbeat, lies about his education and being a lawyer (which he is not), calls himself a doctor (which he is not, and engages in fraud using various shell companies and then files for Chapter 13 protection? This loser makes a great Scifag.
  3. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: New Schaper info

    Schaper is a JD Juris Doctor, what you get form law school. That would be the place to check. UCLA schoool of law
  4. basil Member

  5. mollie2810 Member

    Re: New Schaper info

    I live in Hesse and Oliver and Olaf are both common names here. Oliver is just far more famous than Olaf and like iaxiloll said it's more old people that are called Olaf today. Olaf is a nordic name and because of that also more spread in the north of Germany than in the other parts, but also in Hesse.
    And the short versions of Oliver are Olli, Oli, Ollie but in no way Olaf. Olaf is a complete different name. And usually nicknames that base on the abbreviation of a name end on a vowel and not on a consonant.

    But why is that important anyway? Do people don't think that oschaper is German, do you?! His German is way too bad for that and his mistakes are typical mistakes of someone who speaks German as a second language or third or fourth or whatever...
  6. Grunce Member

    Re: New Schaper info

    Now that sounds very consistent with the Ollie we know (the NOT GUILTY part excepted.) I think it might be very valuable to document the circumstances of this case: did Schaper obstruct the business by filing baseless copyright claims on their material, by any chance?
  7. muldrake Member

    Re: New Schaper info

    tl;dr I go off on a rant here, somewhat irrelevant to oschaper, so ditch it if I get boring. But if you're really interested in Scientology and the science studying it, continue on, even if I start to seem like a verbose douchebag. I insert the warning here because I seriously doubt more than 20% or so of the people reading this will read to the end because of my Old Guard rambling and war stories. The first paragraph is good, the next couple are okay, and the rest are probably bullshit.

    If this is true, it's not at all unusual. An alarming number of Scientologist "businesspeople" are either bankrupt or in grave financial distress due to the money-sucking attributes of the cult. It's one of the worst aspects of the cult. Those people you see in their magazines with fuckloads of course completions are usually brokedick motherfuckers with no money whatsoever, borrowing debts they never repay, often getting their credit limits increased by "helpful" registrars just to blow it all on cult courses. One of their worst disasters of the past decade is the wave of OT7s and OT8s they had in the late '90s and 2000s, who were catastrophically fucked up, often physically ill, and generally just fucked up people. Since the cult obviously couldn't present this batch of people as the greatest and best that the tech could produce, DM came up with this astounding fucking bullshit that the cult had previously only been "using 3 of the 79 tools" that LRH provided, so all these people needed to cough up $20-30K more to fix Scientology's own fuckup and get them to the awesome OT level they belonged at.

    This is probably the best single argument against Scientology. The further you get up in the OT levels, the more fucked up you are as a human being, at least statistically. I am not going to name any names, but look at MOST of the public critics of Scientology, especially OG types. Look at how they got up in OT levels. Look at how fucked up they are. Graph it if you like. The higher they are in the OT levels, the more fucked up they are.

    There are obviously some exceptions. Michael Pattinson was an OT8 and is a pretty cool guy. (So is Ariane Jackson but I guess she went away.) But look at most of the high level OT exes and Christ they're crazy motherfuckers.

    Snapping, by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman, one of the few attempts at a real statistical study of cult ex-members and their actual outcomes after leaving cults, was subjected to a barrage of criticisms of its methodology and sample selection (mostly people leaving cults who encountered people who specialize in treating cult victims). However, of all the cult groups they encountered, Scientology was the absolute worst. Their study indicated that "hour for hour, Scientology's techniques may be more than twice as damaging as those of other cults and self-help therapies, and up to four times as damaging per hour as the rituals of some other major cult groups." Also, as compared to other cults, where there was a linear relationship between participation in cult rituals and the subjective complaints of distress, participation in Scientology rituals (auditing and other horseshit) was correlated with subjective complaints of distress on a GEOMETRIC scale.

    While there has been serious criticism lobbed at Conway & Siegelman's methodology, I don't think most of it has been launched by people with a real grasp of how difficult it is to study these groups. I strongly suspect that the obscurity of Conway & Siegelman's work has largely been the result of lobbying by Scientology and other cult groups, whose financial subsidies of "cult apologists" have corrupted the whole field of study. (If you think I'm being tinfoil-y here, check When Scholars Know Sin which is an article called "When Scholars Know Sin" by sociologist Dr. Steven Kent and explains the tinfoil.)

    Anyway if I have any conclusion in this at all it is that people like Schaper are pretty much fucked-up individuals who have been abused and lied to, often financially bankrupted, driven out of their own homes, and swindled with bullshit that this is for their own good. While I would certainly not urge that retribution against their idiotic actions is unjustified, and I would do ANYTHING but say they should be cut slack for being such grotesque fuckups, it's probably good to temper justice with mercy when dealing with these turds, and focus revenge on what hurts the corporate cult. As much as Schaper deserves a certain amount of misery, it's more functionally useful in the long run to figure out how to turn this revenge against the real cause of these problems, the Scientology cult, which specializes in USING people until they destroy them.

    That's the ultimate gripe against the cult. It doesn't treat people as the individuals they are, but as means to its end (of acquiring as much money as possible). Scientology in particular does this shit. Go after Schaper, to the extent he did this, obviously. But you will also need to stop the source of bad memes which generates asshats like Schaper. . .rather in the way a monster generator in the old Gauntlet games generates a bunch of shitheads to eat your health. As long as Scientology exists, it will send out douchebags like Schaper in scores.

    There comes to be an efficiency of scale, in which orgs themselves need to be shut down in order to stop them generating creatures. I think a lot more effort has been exerted against Schaper himself than necessary.
  8. Re: New Schaper info

    MWAHH toldja he was a German..and a German lawyer...but is he a LEGAL IMMIGRANT to the U.S.??? That is the big ticket item here...IS HE LEGAL???

    Also WTF was he doing in Ohio??? is there a time frame on that?
  9. Shellback Member

    Re: New Schaper info


    Just so, I've been in a position to meet many people who have or had gotten into Scientology. To a man they are on what I would call a far right wing radical new-age fringe.All of them in whatever situation we were in have brought up some pro-conspiracy thing. This is not a tendency with them, it seems like all of them get off on lots and lots of pro- conspiracy stuff.
  10. Lorelei Member

    Re: New Schaper info

    muldrake, I found your post interesting, and whereas I haven't made a point of really seeking out evidence to prove the fucked-up-ness you describe, it certainly does seem to be endemic with the folks that the cult had its claws in the longest. It takes nice, earnest "save the world" types who are having a vulnerable or gullible moment in life, promises them the sun, moon and stars, and delivers nothing but crap, then offloads them when they aren't able to open their wallets anymore or they finally escape, and have to "catch up" to the real world that went on truckin' during the years they were playing Scilon in Blunderland. The programming and emotional and psychological damage inflicted on these poor souls just disgusts me.

    Shellback, I've noticed that trend, too. Scientology seems to reinforce it by feeding the indoctrinated a number of conspiracy theories (Anon is funded by psychologists from Germany, or Big Pharma, or a secret cabal of 12 world leaders, or Marcabian alien invaders (I still hope that was a joke and not a legitimate leak from within), or [insert rich critic here]). The trolls on YT and on blogs and in forums inevitably blurt out some whackadoodle paranoid rant about Anon being paid (WHERE IS MY CHECK, DANG IT?) or Anon being 'represented' by Kaiser-Permanente or Pfizer or Glaxo-Smith-Wellcome-whatever, and when their goofball conspiracy theories get hooted down by both Anonymous and the general public due to their hilarious stupidity, ignorance and inaccuracy, the focus shifts back to Anons being 'religious bigots' or 'terrorists'. If that fails, or they tire of trying to make it stick, they then shift to personal attacks against so-called "leader" Anons and accuse them of being 'child molesters' or 'bombers' or 'vandals' or 'hackers on steroids' (heh, thanks FOX NEWS).

    It's all very sad, a bit tedious at this point, and does underscore your observation that these folks get molded into aluminium foil-chapeau-wearing wingnuts.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I see a yellow van, and ANON HAETS YALLO VANZ. Duty calls. ;)
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    Re: New Schaper info

    Interesting. I know that area. It's not far from Eastgate Mall I think.
  12. iaxiloll Member

    Re: New Schaper info

    I lost touch of this thread but bumped into a comment from Oschaper on this channel that convinces me that he is German or writes it fluently.

    YouTube - ShinDhara's Channel
  13. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    As far as I know , He has been around San Diego since 2010 with a German woman named Andrea Maier (Pfenningsdorf). In my opinion, Up to al kind of schemes, shenanigans, and possible extortion attempts. Beware!
  14. Anonymous Member

    Oliver Schaper was arrested in October of 2016 in San Diego. A jury found him guilty of five counts of committing a lewd act upon a child and one count of contacting a minor with the intent to commit a sexual offense. The victim was nine years old when Schaper started molesting her. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison and is currently incarcerated at Mule Creek State Prison in Northern California. He will be eligible for parole in 2029. Apparently he changed his legal name to Hendrick Oliver Stone.

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