New Project-- Publication Research Request

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by anonincognitus, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. New Project-- Publication Research Request

    Request for research (Science):

    Need listings of "IN PRINT" publictions from which scientology recieves profits. If anyone has this readily available, please assist. (Note: New Era Publications, Copenhagen, Note: Bridge Publications, Los Angeles) Do they have more publishing houses?

    WHY: We are working on setting up a project elsewhere... where all in print publications from which scientology recieves profit will be sold on the internet for $0.01 cents as used books Just pay shipping (3.99 at moment), all will have pages stamped with appropriate websites, and contain info from us about scientology, and also info for scientologists about how to leave and why. We are also encouraging online booksellers --RETRACTED--
    Refinements as it goes on: UNDISCLOSED

    Feel free to join in on this portion of the project. NOTE: you can ASK used bookstores to accept copies of dianetics etc in their buy-used-books program for you.... I have one who is doing it and giving them to me for free.... FOCUS on INPRINT items.

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