New photo set.

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Re Tweeter, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Fierce_Guppy Member

    The crowds are just so massive. They must make even the Pope jealous.

  2. thanks

    ...for these impressing pictures. Fight for your right! You will win, because you are brave and on the right side! Greetz from germany
  3. after the dust settled many of these people will get to know that theres nothing in it for them. THEY ARE FIGHTING SOMEBODY'S BATTLE.
  4. Thank you!!!

    I just wanted to thank you for youre pics. My heart starts burning for the people when I see these.

    Were making history in a hole new kind of way, this is for the future and our freedom.
    PEACE and LOVE
  5. No new vote/new goverment

    Bastards in the media say Iranians want a Reelections, NO! NO! NO! Down with the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC! Lets vote for to have an islamic republic or the republic of Iran! Long live the Loin of Persia! Long Live Iran! Down to Arab-Dictators!
  6. When the people rose against the Shah, the will of the people was noble, true and just. When the people now rise again, against its new oppressors, the will of the people is suddenly not good enough anymore. To the powerful, as ever, nothing is more important than power itself.
  7. M&M-IRAN Member

    Flickr not possible

    Hi All,

    Would there be a way someone can repost the pics that are on Flickr as it's banned here in the UAE.

    Appreciate anyone who is willing to upload them somewhere else.

  8. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Did you try a webproxy to see flickr pics?
  9. Encouragement from Switzerland

    Whishing the best to Iranian people, your pride is the one of wideworld opressed.
    Might your demonstration be successful and show that Ahmadinejad's face does not represent the one of Iran.
  10. peaceful protest

    A simple run on the banking industry withdrawing individual funds could gain more recognition to your cause.
  11. you wont have freedom with god around
  12. May the spirit of people power prevail ! Never give up, the truth will set you free.
  13. re: whatch this

    The upper picture shows Rezaee with 633,048 votes at 09:47; the lower shows the same candidate with 587,913 votes at 13:53 later that day, a decrease of 45,135.

  14. Said from the safety of Austria. Seems to me that they have already given him a chance and he just proved what an idiot he is.

    Keep up the pressure, but be as safe as you can be. The whole world is watching.

    We are with you in spirit...Freedom for Iran.

    Richard in California, U.S.A.
  15. Damn right, You nailed it amo! Barikala
  16. "good to go way" in Your planet not Iran
  17. Peace for Iran! I'm with you all.

    greetings from Poland
  18. Many in the US support you Iran, not because we think you should be like us, but because your unarmed masses continue to push hardly and bravely against the ones that say you aren't allowed. Your bravery and camaraderie is admired by everyone...please keep up your fight and the rest of the world...ALL OF US, are behind you and your resolve!

    greetings from the US, with sympathy and support for your cause since I found out on Sunday.
  19. twelve Member

    Forgive my ignorance, but is there any straightforward way to download the whole set in one go? Or at least a relatively small number of goes? As I'd rather not wade through two or three hundred images and download them individually.
  20. i wonder when us americans are going to get this pissed. we should be.
  21. You can't stop the signal....

    I love you, netizens of the world for taking action to help these people
  22. Who are the civilian looking guys with the guns on the bikes around 25 pictures in to the set?
  23. these are the Basiji, the loyal Ahmadi thugs that killed 5 girls in the student dormitories the first night of the attacks. They are responsible for most the bloodshed, killing and maiming.
  24. تمام جهان است که با رعایت

    We love you!
  25. A message from Central Texas

    I'm in the USA and I support the people of Iran. I can't help but feel for you. My prayers and thoughts go out to all protesting and wanting a better government and change for your country.

    The reason why it is so personal to me is becuase my bf is half Iranian. And he has family over in Shiraz. Over the past year I have learned a lot of about the culture and people becuase of him.And I have nothing but respect.

    The news in America only has been showing pictures/videos from Tehran. But tonight I found out that their has been many protest all over the country. I don't know why they aren't showing it here.I know the Internet is mostly shut down now.And I have seen a recent video right after that on youtube. I know there is a way to go around being band access.
  26. yes but i cant see
  27. If it didn't happen the first time W stole the election, it is take something HUGE to get it to happen.
  28. They are Basiji. Picture extreme right wing nutjobs, that are able to volunteer to be able to uphold and attack those who don't support their extreme agenda. If you are in the U.S. it would be the as if Fred Phelps ( wacko church in Kansas) was suddenly given police power to enforce their view on everyone else, but without any of the restrictions that are put on the police.
  29. Fight for your Rights

    As an American who grew up watching bloody protests on TV, I can understand the Iranians plight. We lost 4 college students on their campus during a protest when the military was brought in. Sad then, sad for Iran now. It is not the people who are the problems, it is our governments.

  30. thnx ;) but i think there is a small problem in google translator :D

    تمام جهان با شماست
    تمام جهان شما را میبیند

    is the right phrase
  31. He and the rest of those clowns have had there chance. No more chances. It is over.

    The people have spoken. the people have stood up.

    The time for change has come and the Iranian government is afraid. They SHOULD be afraid as well, because they know that if the people are un happy and they are not afraid of their government and the brutality they are commiting, the government is in trouble.

    Change is coming now no matter what the Iranian government says or does.

    Power to the people!
  32. Iran 4 Ever

    Keep the movement going, as the battle has just begun. The strong will prevail over the weak, and the tower of power will crumble underneath their feet. Once again the weak will rise up to speak, and the shadow of freedom will overcome fear and pain. Faith and courage will complete the battle for peace against the beast. In spirit we are all amongst you as one, and we succumb to the fire and death that surrounds the warriors of change.


    Greetings from New Jersey (USA)
  33. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    plz go to this website which ask google to change its logo for one day for us
    Where is our vote
  34. Tony C Member

    Cowards with guns killing young women. Unbelievable. Any government that condones and allows such people to run free to inflict such violence in their name should be removed from existence. The world needs to take notice of these images and rise up against these attrocities.
  35. chick_tabu Member

    When some American minorities get this pissed behind of unjustly killings, corruption, oppression, & the building of more prisons by some rogue police, rich business men, & our government, most Americans take the wrong side & never fail to instill RACISM. We make war that we may live in peace

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