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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Sonichu, Oct 26, 2012.

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    Hi ihaz. Here are threads to look thru if u have questions. Since its almost Halloween you can try costume stores for a mask but we will accept you even without it.
  3. Anonymous Member

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    Hi Chaos, your questions can be answered here.
    What to do about he WBC is controversial here. Some say ignore them because they feed off publicity and others say they should be confronted. Use the search box to find out more.
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    Hi storm welcome to WWP.
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    Hi lie, look at Forums and find something you are interested in. Help is always appreciated.
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    Hi Danon, good to see an organizer here. Maybe you will find other Johannesburg anons here
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    Ho Officially Me. You fit right in.
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    Hi Lilith, evil bitches are welcome here.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Davidius here; embarrassed by and ashamed of the leaders of this country; the usa. I've had more than enough of our growing plutocracy and its global misdeeds and want to help. I plan to educate myself more fully and pitch in where I can.
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  12. Ima old fag that's watched all my other sites fade and die. Guess this ones longevity has proved its worth ;) I will either find some lost hope here or I'll finally give up and accept defeat!
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  13. Mosca Member

    Hi guys! I'm from Brazil... As we are also starting a revolution in here I wish to share some news with you.

    I'm sure I have a lot of things to learn with you "warriors" from all around the world...

    Let's keep moving forward...
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Mosca. A very nice New Orleans Italian restaurant. Welcome. Do share your news.
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  15. Mosca Member

    Mosca in Brazil means "fly"... Hehe

    Brazil is a country of "unlettered" people, and every Brazilian over 18 must vote... It means that is really easy to put someone in power, you just have to spend the right amount of money...

    A few Company Groups are responsible for most of the elected politicians... We want to get free of them.

    The society is trying to organize, but as we are a big country it's almost impossible to reach them effectively. I hope in here I'll be able to find international help!
  16. Hey everyone my name is ScientologyKills and I'm alittle nervous but I support some of Anon's goals but I like that I can like some and not others but I hope to talk to other people and meet others.
  17. EnSaBaNur Member

    Hello. I'm just a pissed off geek looking to help make the world less shitty for people. Be nice to apply my skills to something beyond getting a paycheck. Interests : Civil Rights/Social Justice, Freedom of information, Press Freedom, Open Internet, Crypto-Anarchism

    Skillset : webdev, databases, research
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  18. A.O.T.F Member

    Welcome Mosca, We've been watching with great interest. Watching the millions marching truly did bring tears to my eyes. Brazilians have instilled a great and inspirational example of solidarity. We are in awe of you all.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Nice Skillset!

    Welcome to WWP!

    This thread can help you get oriented to the Site:

    And if you have question, send a Personal Message to a Moderator or use this thread for those:
  20. Anonymous Member

    Don't morn, organize.
  21. Mosca Member

    Thank you man! I'm starting an event to show the people the real interests of the politicians, by showing the companies that pay for their election campaigns...

    I'll try to share it in English with you guys! I'm sure that the Brands (of the companies) that support corruption in Brazil will be in a really bad situation if the international community starts to complain about it... First we want to change ONE big group of companies which spends a lottt of money in the elections... Bradesco... We chose it just because his competitor has a "better" way to "donate" money... It's far from perfection, but it is a big victory to the people...

    As soon as learn how to use the forum properly I will share the plan in English with you!!

    The world should care about Brazil. Most of the world food is produced in here, we have raw material to supply all the world needs, and we are being "ruled by gangsters"... Real gangsters... People from abroad can't imagine...
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  22. Anonymous Member

    This multilingual Forum may be useful to you: Other Countries
  23. Mosca Member

    I posted there, thank you... I think there isn't a lot of Brazilians in here... It will be nice to share our <re> evolution with you!
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Hi David welcome here. Take a look at the initiatives here, choose one you are interested in.
  25. Dubstap Member

    Hello all. I am Dubstap. I am more of a physical activist, ie protests and that sort of thing. I don't know much about hacking, hence why I mostly stick to physical stuff. I have met a few members while protesting and thought it was time to join forces. I hope to be helpful to the cause.
  26. I am new to this sort of thing , but when I heard the Declaration of Independence of the people I couldn' t but to seek out Anonymous and feel the need to join the cause. I believe it to be just and completely necessary in our time of need. All I need is for someone to explain how I can get involved and make a difference for the better of my People and the ones I love so that one day we may have a truly free country.
  27. bonjour a tous je suis un nouveau membre d'anonymous, je suis fran├žais et j'ai 21 ans
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  28. SilentInForms Member

    I Only can hack Xbox, ps3, and Regular stuff like that only because i have a jasper j-tag (RGH) But i want to learn how to do like Anonymous So if you could help on that would be very much appreciated..
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  29. hello all, i'm from indonesia & i'm is a newbie of Hacker:)
  30. Anonymous Member

    WhyWeProtest are dedicated to legal activities only. If you are looking for illegal stuff then you are on the wrong website.

    Thread locked.
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  31. System Member

    Welcome to WWP!

    This thread can help you get oriented to the Site:

    And if you have question, send a Personal Message to a Moderator or use this thread for those:
  32. Anonymous Member

    We don't need no steenking hackers, bro' - stay forever from wherever you're from.
  33. chrisvball Member

    New and interested...I have been feeling so helpless and unhappy with the way things have been being run. I am looking for a way to make a difference and get involved.
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  34. How can you find cells?
  35. Anonymous Member

    Seth...just Seth...just recently learned about Anon's and look to make a difference
  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. gingertomboy Member

    Hi Everyone
    I've just joined from Australia. I live in a remote aboriginal community at the tippy top of Queensland so will most likely be unable to join protests. But I feel I have a responsibility to help bring down Scientology which I have been researching for years and am totally against. I need to know how I can help from home e.g. I can produce flyers for protests, do research online, etc. Please let me know how I can of be of most use to your very worthwhile cause.
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  38. Anonymous Member

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  39. f0rsaken Member

    My name is f0rsaken, I'm new here. I am Anonymous.

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