New Materials to be released - and new defections!

Discussion in 'Marc Headley v. Church of Scientology Internationa' started by blownforgood, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. blownforgood Member

    New Materials to be released - and new defections!

    2010 has already proven to be a very active year in terms of people coming out of the woodwork to talk about their horrible experiences in Scientology.

    It has just begun.

    I can tell you that just from the sheer numbers of Scientologists that have been writing in about the BFG book, there are A LOT of people that have been waiting for the chance to break free from these guys and take their families with them.

    I am betting that you will see more high profile defectors in the coming days, weeks and months, but that they will also do so publicly.

    Someone told me that there was an article up somewhere about Tom Cruise and how he and Dave Miscavige have been palling around more and more. Well, it reminded me of how Dave Miscavige had all these new E-Meters made. New E-meters that scilons will have to pay $4,500 for. They will have to chuck out their old E-meters that Dave Miscavige forced them to buy just a few years back. Well, these new meters were made in 2004. They have been sitting in a warehouse in Los Angeles all this time and no one gets to use them in scilonville except for one person. Tom Cruise. In 2004, Dave Miscavige had Golden Era Productions take a shell of an old Mk VII Quantum E-meter and put the guts of a new Mk VIII Ultra E-Meter inside it. It looks like an old meter but has all of the new fancy pants electronics that Dave Miscavige will ultimately spin into the E-Meter that “LRH had designed years and years ago before the technology was available to produce such a thing.”

    So the old meters are useless and the scilons will all have to buy new ones. But that did not stop Dave Miscavige from selling them to all scilons for the past 6 years.

    Well, here is another reason why there will be mass defections. Dave Miscavige will systematically re-release EVERY SINGLE THING that exists in all of scilonville over the next few years. Each time he does so, another bunch of fence sitting scilons will make the leap. Here is a list of just a few of the things that have been being worked on for the last 10 years to get ready for a re-release:

    1. OEC Volumes
    2. Tech Volumes
    3. Grades processes
    4. E-Meters
    5. More lectures
    6. More books
    7. LRH Tech Films
    8. LRH Public films

    Here is another big one. When LRH was about to die he had cash being brought to him in bankers boxes. The reason for this was that he did not trust Dave Miscavige and Scilon management. He knew that they were backstabbers and that’s why he wanted the cash brought to him. This story has been told many different ways by different people that were there at the time. Well as the story goes, LRH had all of the upper level OT materials there with him and the only people who knew where they were located were Annie & Pat Broker. Well, after Hubbard’s death, Dave Miscavige tricked Annie and Pat into handing over these materials under the false pretense that there was an FBI raid about to happen and they could not let those materials get into the hands of the FBI! David Miscavige got those materials and overthrew Pat and Annie once he had them.

    Now, this is what has not broadly been told, LRH had more upper level materials that NO ONE HAD EVER SEEN except for him. NO ONE. He had these locked up in a special super duper safe that ONLY HE knew the combination for. Before his death, he had this safe placed in one of the secret underground vaults in the mountains and LRH said that when he came back in the next life, HE himself would open the safe and share the goodies in there.

    Well, no doubt Tiny Fists has gotten that safe open by now and at some point will release some NEW, NEW, NEW, never released kool-aid recipe that will blow any scilon’s socks off no matter how many vats of the stuff they have choked down so far.

    So besides all the stuff that the scilons have been being forced to buy all this time, David Miscavige has at least another 10 years worth of new things worked out to sell the scilons to keep up the real estate grabbing and luxury lifestyle he leads while the lowly scilons struggle to make credit card payments, foreclose on houses, and take their kids down to the local thrift store to get them some clothes.

    Now while these scilons leave in droves and Tommy Davis keeps trying to tell everyone that David Miscavige is really not a bad guy, none of that will matter. It will be far too late.

    Oh yeah, and a ton more people will sue them too.

    Until next time…
  2. TomVorm Member

    Re: New Materials to be released - and new defections!

    In January 1986, there were no CST vaults that had been constructed. So these materials were placed elsewhere?
  3. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: New Materials to be released - and new defections!

  4. amaX Member

    Re: New Materials to be released - and new defections!

    I have two things to say.

    1. I saw a cherry red e-meter today during the protest.

    2. It's too fucking bad that ole dead L. Ron taught David Miscavige so well.

  5. Re: New Materials to be released - and new defections!

    BFG, It's always good to hear from you. I know when you say it will happen. IT WILL!
  6. urbanhawk Member

    Re: New Materials to be released - and new defections!

    "Always two there are... A master and an apprentice"
  7. Re: New Materials to be released - and new defections!

    lol "State of the art"

  8. Re: New Materials to be released - and new defections!

    It sounds great and I hope lots of people leave.

    Miscandage sounds so bad that Scientologists just may wise up to him. Will they still think that old dead Ron was kindly old St. Nick though?

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