NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anon752, Feb 16, 2009.

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    EXSMB, new lawsuit against CO$ over suicide

    Vewwy interesting:

    Another Suicide..Another lawsuit - Ex Scientologist Message Board


    There is no autopsy posted online that I can see, not any police info, nothing except what is written in the complaint, filed Feb 13 2009. The complaint is readily available online:

    Interestingly, one of the defendants is Denise Miscavige as Chaplain. Per the complaint, Kyle - a non-Scio - was visiting his father in Clearwater. His father was advised by the Chaplain to remove his son's Lexapro as it was a psych medication, and they tried to reg the son and his mother - also a non-Scio - for a Narconon program. Neither bit. The son slept overnight in a room provided by the father and apparently shot himself with a loaded .357 magnum that he readily found. The police were called 45 minutes later, after the local Scn people were. Neither the pistol nor the bullets had any identifiable fingerprints. I don't know if it means they were wiped off, were merely smudged, or what. The attorney is Ken Dandar, well-known anti-CofS lawyer.
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    Is there any mention of the strange path that Kyle supposedly traveled to get to florida?

    If I remember correctly people where saying he went from his mother's house on the northern east coast to visit someone in the Midwest was reportedly seen in California and had a cell phone bought in Hawaii (or someplace) then was found in Florida.

    Are there genuine dox on the travel anywhere ? or was this all rumor ?
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    Mom sues Church of Scientology in son's death February 17, 2009, Jonathan Abel, St. Petersburg Times
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    Have they changed the course? From various ex-member accounts, it ranges from a day or two to a working week. Always under a full week. (And when CoS suddenly needs a "reverend" for PR, people get zapped with instant ordination.)
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    This is why:
    [ame=]YouTube - Kyle Brennan: A Mother Remembers[/ame]
    There are links at the end of her writing.
  8. Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    Tommy Davis is sounding more and more like the infamous Iraqi Information Minister everyday.


    Harpoons anyone?
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    Hmmm... he was attending college in Charlottesville, VA. That means he was attending the University of Virginia. The student newspaper there is the Cavalier Daily.

    Should we consider sending them a tip about the lawsuit? It might be relevant to their interests & help educate those unfamiliar with scientology or Narconon.
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    from the obit

    The Forum (Student Newsletter)

    Description: An opportunity for students to gain journalism experience while providing news and opinions of interest to the college community.

    Faculty Advisor: Andrew Smith,

    Student Contact: Emily Traylor,

    I think Kyles death should be brought to the attention of every college they try to slime their way into.

    Signs, flyers, poons ?
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    The kid was doing what kids do: bumming around the country seeing the world, having adventures.
    What would almost anything he did before getting to clearwater have to do with what happened?
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    Probably. COS regularly changes its courses and that checksheet was old. But it does give an idea of what Scientology considers for training to become ordained. Unlike other religions which may take a lengthy course of training to become trained - usually years.

    A "day or two" would be those tiny Volunteer Minister Course checksheets I mentioned earlier. Each of those "booklets" is a single chapter from the Scientology Handbook, a large and heavy volume of glossy pages. I think there are about 20 chapters. So, it can be said that it only takes a day to become a Scientology (cough cough volunteer) minister.

    Here are some examples.
    Scientology Completions - Viewpoint 372
    Search on the page for the word "minister". See that all of these courses are VOLUNTEER minister completions.

    A volunteer minister is NOT an ordained minister. Often the words "volunteer" and "ordained" are not included in a sentence and it is just said "I'm a scientology minister."

    It's actually quite rare that someone would take the formal "Scientology Ministers Course". It's not on the Grade Chart (The Bridge to Total Freedom) and is not a prerequisite for anything in Scientology (not any course nor post title). So doing the course is reserved for people who want to marry other people or for some reason they want that moniker "Ordained Minister".

    During my time in Scientology, I only saw a handful of people who took the minister's course.

    On this page
    Scientology Service Completions - Celebrity 361 [circa October 2004 ]
    there is ONE (count 'em... one!) ministers course completion.

    And the term "Reverend"? There doesn't appear to be any policy about who can and cannot use that term. COS will use that term to attribute religiosity to someone or given them credence. It doesn't even mean the person has done a scientology ministers course nor that they are an ordained minister.

    I've read somewhere that earlier in the Sea Org people were required to do the dinky ministers course because COS wanted more religious recognition. Maybe I read it in regards to the visa stuff I saw earlier on WWP . But after COS got their new status with the IRS in 1993 there would no longer be a reason to put everyone through the course.
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    A mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Church of Scientology

    CLEARWATER — A mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Church of Scientology, its Flag Service Organization and three parishioners, claiming they brought about her son's death by denying him access to his antidepression medication.

    Among the three parishioners named as defendants: Denise Gentile, the twin sister of the church's current worldwide leader, David Miscavige, as well as her husband, Gerald Gentile.

    The lawsuit stems from the death of Kyle T. Brennan, 20, who shot himself in the head on Feb. 16, 2007, in Clearwater, while visiting his father, who is a Scientologist.

    Police determined the death was a suicide, but Victoria Britton, the young man's mother, said Scientologists are responsible.

    Filed in Tampa federal court Friday, the lawsuit claims Gentile and her husband persuaded Kyle Brennan's father to take away his Lexapro, which his son was taking for depression and anxiety.

    The suit, which also names Thomas Brennan as a defendant, states that the defendants tried to put Kyle Brennan into a Narconon drug treatment program.

    Kyle Brennan was not a Scientologist, the suit states.

    The suit is being brought by attorney Ken Dandar, well-known for his extended legal battle against Scientology during the Lisa McPherson case. McPherson, a 36-year-old Scientologist, died in 1995 while in the care of church staffers in Clearwater.

    Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis said the lawsuit is an attempt to "draw the church into something that we don't have anything to do with."

    None of the Scientologists named as defendants were church staff members, he said. They were all just parishioners. And Davis emphasized that the events took place on private property without church involvement.

    Even Narconon, the drug treatment program that uses L. Ron Hubbard's teachings, is a separate entity from the Church of Scientology, he said.

    Still, the case draws attention to Scientology's opposition to psychiatric drugs like Lexapro, which it deems to be mind-altering.

    The Web site for Lexapro warns users not to go off their medication suddenly, even if they are feeling better. Changes in dosage, it says, can cause patients on antidepressants to worsen their depression, show signs of mood changes and exhibit thoughts of suicide.

    Before his death, Kyle Brennan lived at home in Charlottesville, Va., where he was attending college, Dandar said. He was in the second year of a liberal arts degree when he left school and traveled around the country, Dandar said.

    Kyle Brennan made a number of stops, going as far west as Hawaii, but in February 2007 he found his way to Clearwater, to stay with his father, whom he hadn't seen since the summer before.

    Dandar said Kyle was taking a 10 mg dose of Lexapro, which he descried as "moderate." It was prescribed for him in early 2006 to help him with depression and anxiety.

    He continued to use the drug while staying in his dad's two-bedroom apartment at 423 Cleveland St. in Clearwater, Dandar said.

    But a week into the stay, Denise Gentile and her husband prevailed upon Kyle's father to take away the Lexapro medication and lock it in his truck, the lawsuit alleges.

    While Scientology spokesman Davis said Denise Gentile was not in any authority position at the church, the suit alleges she had the title of "chaplain" and was held up as an authority of sorts on helping families with emotional matters.

    The Gentiles and Brennan also phoned Britton, the young man's mother, to try to persuade her to put Kyle in Narconon, the lawsuit states.

    The mother, who is not a Scientologist, was adamant that she and her son did not want anything to do with the drug treatment, the lawsuit states. She insisted that her son be put back on Lexapro.

    The medication remained locked away, the suit states.

    On Feb. 16, 2007, just after 11 p.m., Kyle Brennan shot himself with a loaded .357 Magnum that he found in his father's apartment, the lawsuit states.

    His father found him dead, his head slumped in a laundry basket.

    The lawsuit said it is unclear how he got ahold of the gun, but it blames "one or more of the Defendants."

    "They locked up his medicine, but not the loaded .357 Magnum. That's the story line," Dandar said. "I think that's the case."

    Thomas Brennan did not return a phone call left on his voice mail. Neither Denise nor Gerald Gentile could be reached for comment.

    Times researcher Will Gorham contributed to this report. Jonathan Abel can be reached at or (727) 445-4157.

    By Jonathan Abel, Times Staff Writer
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    Re: A mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Church of Scientology

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  17. Re: A mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Church of Scientology

    Bastage! xD
  18. Re: A mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Church of Scientology

    it was on the front page ,,,win,,
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    Re: A mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Church of Scientology

    Love how the abbreviation is "SP Times". So appropos in their case.
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    Any word on a paypal site to contribute to the litigation? Maybe Dander would help get one set up. I am willing to put in an effort to try to get some donations. Could have a pic of Kyle on there, a paypal button, visa, a brief description of the lawsuit.
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    I did the Scn Minister's Course back in 1979-80 while I was staff of the Guardians Office. I don't remember the reason why, but at that time all GO staff were ordered to take it. As I recall, it had something to do with a potential draft and the C of S wanted us all to be exempt from being drafted. Doing the Minister's Course was the first step in this. I think the course took about a week part time.

    Gerard Renna did the "ordination" He brought a bunch of us into his office, said a few words, proclaimed us ordained and told us to get back to work. Total sham.

    Reverend Pooks.
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    LOL so much my sides hurt ...
  24. noname99 Member

    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    Comments now running at about 30 anti cult to 5 pro cult (also clearly have not read the court docs)
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    Yeah well to be fair, a year ago there weren't organized efforts to [STRIKE]spam[/STRIKE] "poon" articles with comments.
  26. subgenius Member

    Re: A mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Church of Scientology

    Miscavige even made this "joke" during the speech he gave gloating over beating the criminal charges in Lisa McPherson.
    BTW, re: paypal, or other donation site....stay tuned is early in this case....something will be done..
    And MODS merge threads???? I'm so confused I don't know where I am....
    (Too early for situation room(????) but sometimes the dog has to wag the tail)
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    queue pat harney... came across this summary of a local radio show via digg, where mention of the case was made

    Dan York l The Tampa Bay Experience |

    i'd be interesting in hearing this bitch whine... Tommy Davis' piss poor lies has gotten dull, perhaps Pat can liven things up.
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    You know what we should all do? If DM ever Makes it to prison, like he should, we all need to take the time to write some nice little love letters to (And take the time to visit) those that he is in prison with. And while we are there, take the time to let all of them know what kind of a man DM is. All of the things that we know he did, but just couldn't prove. I wonder how much lovin' he'll receive from all of the "Bubba's"?
  30. Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    From: Dan York l The Tampa Bay Experience |

    That's right Pat, you have no credibility at all, face it! xD
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    I was actually asking if it was of relevence,

    But the relevant part I left out i guess, at one time people where saying that there was a missing persons report filed on Kyle before he died. This gave people the impression that his mother did not know he was in FL visiting his dad and people where looking for him.

    I was just asking if we had confirmation on that, but in me bringing it up if it is not the case... I'm part of the problem of spreading the rumor.

    I found a link to the MPR
    But We still don't know if he was missing for a 4months before he went to FL or if his mother saw him since Nov. the year before he died.(corrected at first I put year it was nov06 to feb of 07)
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    Yes. There was a large group photo of staff members standing out in front of the Belleair mission posted here some months back. I can't locate it now but if anyone knows where it's at, it might be worth re-posting just to see if our friendly chaplain may have been part of the group.
  34. anonakatie Member

    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    I read that story too.

    In fact I read it in a few places. My recollection was that the son had had a psychiatric break and took off out of the knowledge of his concerned family. He ended up at the father's. Bad choice.
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    since they are claiming that she and Jerry were not staff, let's screen cap any evidence that says in fact they were staff or had formal connection with the organization. Any body have any background on their staff connection?

    Otherwise their legal argument will be they had nothing to do with it. In order to prevail against Scientology, the plaintiffs will have to draw the connection.

    ETA: what about the location as well? Said to be a place where many Scilons live. Is it owned by the Church?
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    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.

    Kyle Brennan shock hands with BiLL CLINTON:
    The gregarious and charismatic president decided to take a minute to have a chat with Kyle and Sean. Sean, being very shy, tried to shrink back from the attention and seemed to want to disappear into my coat. Kyle, then only six years old decided to seize the moment. President Clinton dropped down to one knee so that he could be at eye level with his young fan. Kyle asked him why his plane was late, and told him that he had gotten cold waiting for him. Clinton and Gore erupted into laughter when hearing this. President Clinton asked Kyle how old he was and some questions about his school. The president stood up and lightly tousled Kyle’s hair, thanked him for coming out to greet him, and said,“ I'm sorry you got cold little buddy.” Kyle then held up his small hand to shake all of the hands in the Clinton and Gore family.

    When we arrived back home I told the boys to memorize the events of the evening, so that one day when they had children of their own they could tell them the story in vivid detail, about their chance meeting with the President of the United States.

    Family memorial site:
    Kyle Brennan
    Education Trust Site:
    Could someone email Clinton? It seems apropriate, include with the email, the exerpt given above and a brief synopsys of the court charges.
  37. pooks Member

    Re: NEW LAWSUIT: For Kyle Brennan.


    I don't see Denise in this one
  38. anonymous612 Member

    Re: A mother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Church of Scientology

    Scientology gave the SP Times that nickname during their smear campaign against them and the Clearwater police (I don't recall, but I assume it was back when the police were investigating Lisa McPherson's death). Since then it's been kind of adopted, and the Times have been very "STFU AND GTFO" towards Scientology.

    I may/probably am wrong...but I believe the protests against the SP Times and CPD were some of the ones CoS showed up to in Nazi regalia.

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