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    Doe's anyone have any experiences or knowledge of the New Kadampa Tradition?. They call themselves Buddhists and claim to teach it. The centers they teach at have spread through the UK at an alarming rate. They have just opened a primary school in Derby and they have many houses where the followers live.

    Many of these people work at one center or another and they claim benefits and pay rent with housing benefit. It costs the tax payer a fortune and allows the NKT to pay mortgage's early. They are gaining property all the time.

    Anyways I am interested in this group because they have been called a cult by many people. They have stopped books from being written about them through courts action. Also without going into details I have been taken to court and given a restraining order that prevents me from contact with any Buddhist associated with the NKT. I find this funny and crazy considering I have never been anywhere near them!!

    anyone with any personal experience, please share..thanks
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  3. If you haven't already try here:

    There is also a searchable forum.

    Unfortunately, they lost a bunch of their more recent files in a computer screw-up, but they have threads on several buddhist sects over there.

    Another place to check is 'American Buddha', they have info about cults including buddhism, although much of it concerns the Tibetan Buddhist cult they left. I think the site is being overhauled, but they are loading files back on every day.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Worries as Buddhist sect spreads in North - Residential centre to be opened

    Only article there. NKT appears to be a spinoff of Tibetan Buddhism. would probably have some info, or they could steer you to the right place.

    Sorry, just over there and all that stuff is still down

    Good luck with the search!
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    Hey sorry for not responding sooner. I'm having trouble finding anything that out right states they are a cult..inform and the cult information center have details but I guess they need calling on the phone because nothing is written online. Well nothing other than I have a word document taken from the NKT survivors group and it talks about the NKT and some of the issues surrounding them. I haven't fully read it yet. Here's a few extracts though. I can try post the whole thing if someone can tell me which file formats can be uploaded?

    2. The NKT Sex Scandals

    There have been countless sex scandals in the NKT over the years. The first major one was concerning Gen Thubten, now known as Neil Elliott, who was installed as Gyatso’s successor and in 1997 was exposed as sexually abusing nuns in his entourage. Ironically enough, Neil Elliott now lives at the NKT headquarters in Cumbria and is the organiser of the current anti-Dalai Lama protests!

    From the above it goe's on to mention

    However, most shocking of all is definitely the case of Gen-la Samden who until 18 months ago was worshipped almost as much as Gyatso himself. Eventually it emerged that he had been having sex with multiple partners, most of them nuns, and telling them that he was granting them a special blessing. Worst of all, he advised at least two of his students not to take treatment for cancer, advising them to rely on faith alone, and they both died agonising deaths. One of them was based at the Centre in London.

    I can only assume these statements are true and accurate and I do not take any responsibility for re-posting anything that isn't true. As far as I'm aware nobody has been sued by the NKT for saying these things and It is of my opinion the nkt would sue if they weren't true. Until out paths crossed a few years ago I knew nothing about NKT and even now knowledge about them is sparse. Anytime I'm bored and online I google search them and for some reason I wish I knew more about them and the activities they are involved in. I kinda wish they hadn't taken out a libel cases against Gary Beesley and prevented him from publishing a book titled a cuckoo in the peacock palace. I think it was more or less about the NKT being fake Buddhism.........but could be wrong!.

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    When you open the WWP message editor, look for this in the lower-right corner:

    Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.22.23 PM copy.png
    After selecting and using the Upload a File Button, you'll see this box and it lists the file types that can be upload:

    Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.22.43 PM copy.png
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    Thanks for that..about the right size for my eyes :)

    should have file attached now and have also added a file which seems to have something to do with the nkt and a property deal which ended in court. Boring stuff tbh

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    Didn't notice these..

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    Godamned LRH, I know he wasn't the first, however he did fine tune the business model :(
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  11. I had to rescue my mother from this dangerous cult, she was ready and had been pressured to sell her house by them. I had met the local cult leaders & there love bombing & cult control tatics were second to none.
    Fortunately there dyeing in the UK many of there temples have been sold, there super center at Totmordon has gone (I think) or may be mortgaged up.

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