New Ideal Narconon to Open in Ontario Canada

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Intelligence Member

    As expected, NO response from Scientology Cambridge so News Story has been submitted
    to Wire Service.

    Screen capture below, and now waiting for their Editor to approve and Publish.

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  2. Intelligence Member

    New Twitter campaign promotion over past 3 months has doubled followers and now connected to countless Media outlets.


    Me is twiddling thumbs waiting for Wire Service.:eek:
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  3. Quentinanon Member

    Officers from the Marcabian Fleet periodically visit the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto to stock up on Peameal Bacon. The stuff from their food replicators just doesn't come close to the real thing.

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  4. Intelligence Member


    Society | Media Release
    Media Release: New Ideal Narconon in Canada vanishes from Scientology websites

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  5. Anonymous Member

    Just for the record here, this shit remains on the www as of this month:

    Tibor Palatinus.png

    This motherfucker remains named in the NAFC lawsuit. LOL!

    The good news: Vancouver, Canada has no narconon premises anywhere in the city and the same goes for the entire Province of British Columbia.

    Thank you, Vancouver Anonymous. Mission Accomplished!
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  6. jensting Member

    Brilliant! Let's hope that does it for the European Ideal narCONon too...
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  7. Intelligence Member

    This 'could' rattle NN TR's and OSA's chain into another 'Flap-Handle'?


    Received another email today from NN TR Victim seeking Justice, and the following
    is an excerpt from an earlier Email to me from the Victim:


    There is 'usually' a problem with Statutes of Limitations' in Civil matters, but with Medical or negligence in the Health field, there is exceptions to to the governing rule ... especially in Quebec.

    In addition to negligence, it is possible for a Quebec medical malpractice lawyer to obtain compensation if the patient did not give 'informed consent' to the procedures used in treatment of the illness.

    Quebec Health and Social Services has already ruled that NN TR patients did NOT give informed consent when signing the NN TR agreement when they arrived. Still under the influence of drugs before being detoxed in the NN TR withdrawal unit, patients did NOT have the ‘mental capacity to give informed consent’. (Case Precedent Law).

    In a recent decision, the Court of Appeal for Ontario held that in a negligence claim against a surgeon, the limitation period begins to run when the patient becomes aware of all of the material facts on which the claim is based. It is not necessary for the patient to have obtained a medical opinion stating that her treatment fell below acceptable medical standards, as the claim will be considered to have been “discovered” once the facts upon which it is based are known to the patient.

    The Court of Appeal explained that in these cases the material facts first became available to the prospective plaintiff when the medical charts were disclosed or when a medical opinion was provided.

    The limitation period will start to run from the time the injured person knew or ought to have known of the negligent wrong-doing. This makes it difficult for people to really know if they have lost their right to sue or not.

    With Narconon patients, the harm caused from negligence can be both physical and mental. Liver damage may not be apparent for some time or the patient may suffer from PTSD quite some time after the negligent care and abuse.

    Once the ‘HARM’ is discovered by the patient, and/or their physician, in my unqualified opinion, and from what I’ve read and been told in meetings with lawyers, the ‘Statutes of Limitations’ time then period begins?

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  8. Random guy Member

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  9. Intelligence Member

    Today, October 12, 2014, another Canada Narconon victim tells his story of what they called, “enduring three and a half months of hell in that place, Narconon."

    In a Skype call interview today, the victim is seeking redress for psychological harm caused by the negligent care they received at Narconon.

    Examiner, David Love, referred the victim to a lawyer who specializes in Narconon lawsuits, Las Vegas Attorney, Ryan Hamilton. Although the victim is from Canada, the Scientology entity, Narconon International from California was at the center, governing, administering, and directing the drug rehab program.

    Ryan Hamilton was contacted today and very quickly replied with:

    “Absolutely, I would be happy to see if I can help.”


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  10. Intelligence Member

    Thanks OWL ... I just got home and translated the crap, then deleted off this Thread.

    This: PRIVATE MESSAGE HEADER:> 'Chào bạn Intelligence' translates to: 'Hello Intelligence'

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I caught the new member of 36 hours ago on two other member's profile pages. I've sent an entire screen capped report to the Global Moderators so that they can arrange a WWP Extinction for the mofo.
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  12. HellRazor Member

    N.I.M.B.Y.: Nihilist Insurgents of Marcabian Blackup Youth?
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  13. Intelligence Member

    This October 28, 2014, is the 5 year Anniversary date since I blew the Cult of Narconon. Five long years of non-stop exposing this criminal cult, and not finished yet. Watch for a special Anniversary 'something' ... like a well aimed wrecking ball directed straight on.. * I LOVE IT WHEN A PLAN COMES TOGETHER *

    Went back to NN TR on November 3, 2009 escorted by Police and CBC TV cameras rolling:


    Many avoid stirring the pot ... concerned that a few may be upset and such. Not me ... never have, never will ... truth exposed is priority. Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away. Interesting times, indeed ... one day at a time, 'one duck in front of the other' ... lining up with smiles in a long row of .... ....... Hoping Y'all have a great day.:)
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  14. anon8109 Member

    David Love: romancing ducks since 2009.

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  15. DeathHamster Member

    The claimed picture of the new place:

    Nice of them to take the picture at dawn/dusk to avoid giving away the compass orientation.
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  16. Intelligence Member

    There is several 'New and Continental' Narconons posted on the above LINK, and
    here is a couple more pics from the Canada one being 'Postulated' by COS/IAS:


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  17. Intelligence Member

    IF, and I say *IF* the cult does succeed in opening a Narconon in Canada, I dare say the
    new staff members may have to endure brutal 'Sec-Checks' before signing on if they are
    members of the COS/SEA ORG etc? It's only going to take ONE patient/student to file a
    complaint and the Cult could be forking out hundreds of thousands of $$$ again like they
    did in Quebec to their Lawyers. And if just ONE staff blows and becomes a whistleblower,
    good bye Narconon again real fast.:rolleyes:
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  18. Intelligence Member

    Mmmm ... Me is thinking about a move to Ontario? I do have a day job confirmed if
    I decide to move, and dealing with a new Narconon in Ontario with government entities
    and such, would be a lot easier than the French Quebec ordeal that caused many delays
    due to translating dox from French to English. :D

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  19. Intelligence Member

    Apparently, the Cult found a 'Loop-Hole' ... they say, to open in Ontario without troubles?

    Actually, there was TWO loop-holes in Quebec they 'could' have used to stay open. One, they
    would NOT have used, the second, they missed entirely because they couldn't think outside their
    tiny box.

    For Me, I LUVS to find 'Loop-Holes' to CLOSE them down, and they will face untold diffiCULTIES
    trying to stay open.

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  20. DeathHamster Member

    I'd take their claims with salt. The claimed New South Wales location in Australia certainly seems to be the place that they bought and then sought permission to open it as a Narconon. Denied!
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  21. Random guy Member

    Funny to see all this Narconon business suddenly appearing now, after having scrubbed their new plagiarist Voice for Humanity of it.
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  22. DeathHamster Member

    The first hurdle that they'll face is whether the property is zoned for commercial use. The area is sprinkled with big money residences like the pic, and small commercial properties like that too.

    If the property is zoned residential, then CoS is probably working-over the township officials to get it changed with as little public notice as possible. (Any bets that the Narconon sign vanished right after that picture was taken? Another reason to do it pre-dawn.)

    We need to locate that property, possibly with local help, and drop the forces of NIMBY on them before they can make the deals that they need on the down low.
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  23. Intelligence Member


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  24. Intelligence Member

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  25. Intelligence Member

    Just read the Australia WWP thread ... wow!

    As far as the Ontario one goes, I agree that one 'must take their claims with a grain of salt'.

    However, if DM throws enough cash $$$ at this in interest free loans from the COS, it could happen?

    The Narconon Canada websites are still up with their PR and referral scams. The only change recently
    to these websites is their published Dead Agent links against me. Perhaps because of the Lawsuit I filed
    in Moontreal? I don't know ..... yet?

    Will contact the Court Clerk this week in reference to my last 'Motion'

    Cheers :)
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  26. DeathHamster Member

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  27. Quentinanon Member

    Superimpose with locations of RCMP and Revenue Canada field offices, plox.
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  28. Quentinanon Member

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  29. Intelligence Member

    On cell browser now and just received email that apparently, a journalist
    has confirmed NN is opening in Ontario? Email was from Anon who gave
    me tip that had me start this Thread.

    IMO ..... until I'm home and confirm in a Skype call, this cult could say
    anything to any journalist, and it might be rubbish. IF the tip confirming
    NN is for sure opening did come from the cult? Could be from elsewhere?

    DM pushing a new NN in Canada will be a rough road indeed. "Flap-Flap-Flap" ...
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  30. Quentinanon Member

    While they "Flap-Flap-Flap", we "Fap-Fap-Fap".
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  31. Intelligence Member

    Me LIKE ^^^ MUCH:D
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  32. RightOn Member

    how can this be?
    I mean really?
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  33. Intelligence Member

    No cofirmed news today that NN in Ontario is opening. Only from
    DM announcing at IAS event. The Ideal ORG in Montreal was announced
    to be opening 3 years ago. and still sits there crumbling in disrepair.
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  34. DeathHamster Member

    If it's in Caledon, most of the roads run diagonal to N-S-E-W.
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  35. peterstorm Member

    4 years ago... end of 2010!
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  36. Intelligence Member

    Oh', how time flies when surrounded with Clusters of Degraded Thetans ...

    This Oct 28th is five years OUT to FREEDOM :)
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  37. Intelligence Member

    So, now that DM and the IAS has announced a new plush Narconon opening in Ontario,
    new documents are being compiled for mainstream media to review and investigate.

    If some of the same staff that worked at NN TR will be at this postulated, new one, then the
    public and media need to be advised of the abuses and crimes at Quebec's NN TR.

    Such as: ( Have DOX)

    - Young vulnerable and very ill young ladies being molested on the Assist tables.

    - Students taken to staff apartment on weekends for 'Play-Time'.

    - Rampant drug and alcohol use by staff ... one party resulting in a gun shot to head and death.

    - For Non-Profit Tax Exempt receipts not accepted by Revenue Canada as promised by NN for tax deductions.

    - Students illegally confined in office rooms by staff on orders from executives. I was one of the staff
    that did this to a Student because he was being kicked out and the executives didn't want the Student
    to run lose and disturb, (tell others of the scam).

    Will keep the rest close to chest for now, but suffice to say, DM is in for a nightmare battle.
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  38. Quentinanon Member

    David Miscavige is dumber than the snake oil salesmen of antiquity. He does not know when to close shop and leave town.
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  39. Intelligence Member

    Have a few more details on the Ontario Narconon, AND the Larry Hagman's Ojai estate just in today:

    Re: Permits in Ojai -

    Ojai obtained a preliminary planning permit in July 2014,so until they apply for a follow-up that avenue may be closed. However, they are now applying for a building permit to convert the gym on the property to a pair of saunas, and that is only part way into the process.

    Ventura County Government Center
    Administration Building - 3rd Floor
    Attention: Building and Safety Division
    800 S. Victoria Avenue
    Ventura, CA 93009
    (805) 654-2771

    Building Permit Application:


    Currently this application involves converting
    a gymnasium into 2 saunas. Issues raised need
    to be focused on "sticks and mortar" concerns,
    such as the plans themselves and the suitability
    of the road leading to the facility to handle traffic.

    Site Address:
    9950 Sulphur Mountain Road
    Ojai CA 93023

    Permit Applicant:
    Hetal Shah
    Menemsha Development Group Inc
    4950 West 145th Street
    Hawthorne CA 90250

    Parcel Number

    Social Betterment Properties International

    Current status of permits for this location can be
    accessed on a website (registration required) at

    Parcel Number
    Above is indicated as lot 48 in a circle on County Parcel Map,
    available through website of Ventura County Assessor.

    A zoning permit was previously approved
    as #ZC140774 on July 23, 2014, which authorized
    the use of a single-family residence of 19,543 square
    feet, as a care facility for up to 6 persons
    per state law. This permit also specified the
    the facility usage would have to comply with
    all applicable local and state regulations.
    (Needs confirmation: This permit had one flaw,

    as an erroneous address was given in the process??)


    I will be in California in a few weeks from now and look into the above 'Ojai' matter then.

    Handling the Ontario Ideal Narconon will be addressed in stages to appropriate health and
    government agencies, including the College of Physicians and a couple Political contacts I
    have on our side now.

    The Cult will face untold troubles in Canada opening/operating ANY new Narconon.

    I was asked to refrain from posting or submitting some Statements that ex-Narconon staff sent to me,
    but I didn't say yes or no to their request. When pondering both sides of what to do, I have decided to
    submit the documents even if it does anger a few people. Better to anger a few than visit more grave sites
    and/or watch grieving family and loved ones in years of pain and anguish. It's really a no-brainer in my opinion,
    just expose the TRUTH and so be it.

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  40. Quentinanon Member

    If they supplied the wrong, or false, address, the culties would have to apply for a new permit.

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