New Ideal Narconon to Open in Ontario Canada

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by Intelligence, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Yep... I'm banned from commenting :))
    So... Caledon it is, then. Didn't folks around there object to this place opening already? Didn't local gov't stop it?

  2. Long timer Clam by the name of Ed Standish has lived there long enough to be part of the ''establishment'' in Caledon. At least that is what it seems to me.

    The retired accountant is apparently high up in the local Masonic Temple. That is about as ''old boys club'' and establishment as it gets. I have the feeling he is well liked there but I wouldn't know.

    Yvette Shank also lives there but I have no idea how long she has been there.

    On Thursday, Jan. 16, a number of the Directors of the Masonic Foundation of Ontario were privileged to participate in a tour of the London Regional Cancer Program’s Prostate Cancer facilities at the London Health Sciences Centre.

    There is even a photo on that site of him if you want to see what he looks like.
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  3. RightOn Member

    they have to stop this nonsense!
    No means no Scientology!
    No mind raping of the Calendon people or for anyone that will be sent there from one of many of their fraudelent phone lines.
    IF they open.
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  4. Intelligence Member

    Few people know or are aware that the Narconon program is not only completing the 8
    Narconon Books to graduate. On the chalk board in the Course Room, a Student could see
    who was on an 'Extended Program' because the CS ordered it before a Student could graduate.

    This 'Extended Program' was 100% Scientology drills and sessions usually run on the Student
    by staff from the ORGS (Montreal ORG in the case for NN TR). One Student was taken off the
    NN property at NN TR for their 'Extended Program' sessions. Crazy stuff!

    Only then would a Studen be allowed to 'Attest' in Qual that NN was the best thing on earth
    and sign a Success Story for publication.

    Will post more about this including government investigation documents,
    Student statements, and Affidavits.

    'Nope', Narconon is not Scientology, not at all .... it's a Secular program with every
    $23,000.000 - $35,000.00 paying victim allowed to believe what they choose .... YA RIGHT!

    DM puppets, Pow and Skank can try to wiggle out if these facts, but truth is truth.

    Note to Scientology: 'When you fail to pay staff and have Judgemdnts against you and
    refuse to pay because 5 of them sent to media telling of the NN horrors, you have betrayed
    them, lied to them, and ripped them off so they could not pay rent or feed their families.
    You have now made enemies far more than you know ... and the list is growing daily. You,
    Scientology, are your own worst enemy ... a nightmare that will never go away."

    Side Note: NN TR apparently owes closer to $700 thousand $, not $600. :)
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  5. RightOn Member

    Karin Pouw says:
    "But please, don’t believe this is a letter simply intended to defend Scientology on the basis of “freedom of religion.” It’s far more than that. The Church and its members work to create a better society for one and all-regardless of religion. Our efforts in the name of drug prevention, drug rehabilitation, literacy, criminal reform, morality, human rights and interfaith cooperation are, factually, legendary"

    Soooooo... Narconon IS Scientology. :D
    Thanks for clearing that up Karin
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  6. Quentinanon Member

    The stuff about an "advanced org" in Canada is a recycle of the same crap scientology spewed in the early 1980's as part of a GO/OSA "morale program". The cult was falling apart then, as it is now, and they are desperately lying in a futile attempt to forestall the inevitable end of game.
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  7. DeathHamster Member

    Confirmed: The Kennedy Rd former CLO location in Caledon has the non-Narconon Addictions Canada sign in front. Film at 11.

    (And the AOSH Canada location still has the Hockley Heights Inn signs up. Nothing to indicate that Scientology is there.)
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  8. Intelligence Member

    Great job!!! :)

    Film at 11???
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  9. RightOn Member

    you rock sir
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  10. Intelligence Member

    On way home now to view more leaked IAS files received.

    Sure hope the 'Film' you mention is a YouTube? If it is, I can
    downlaod and add some stuff and link to yours?

    Happy dancing waiting for bus home and see the 'Film' :)
  11. DeathHamster Member

    I did drivebys with the camera rolling. It's short and doesn't show much. I'll paste the clips together and put them on YouTube.
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  12. Intelligence Member

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  13. Intelligence Member

    Indeed, it is a 'moral program' to influence IAS members with big $$$ to donate. I've seen the recent
    Reg letters and emails to IAS members ... both current members and undeclared SPs that they still
    send emails to.

    Desperately Lying indeed ... it's Scientology's own LRH Doctrine::rolleyes:

    'THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters.' - L. Ron Hubbard

    And I dare say DM is following the LRH's same path right now of gulping booze?

    'I’m drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys.' - L. Ron Hubbard in a 1967 letter to his wife.

    DM Stats are vertical ... straight down ...
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  14. Intelligence Member

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  15. Intelligence Member

    Long night/morning .... just off Skype call to IAS ex-Member, and discussed the aspect
    of this 'ANNOUNCEMENT' of opening a new Ideal ORG in Ontario. Not only being a Morale Program
    to entice IAS donations, but also a possibility of being combined with a Red Herring scenario to
    divert my attention from a few projects and lawsuits I'm drafting? Just saying ...

    When dealing with this Cult, I/We always try to examine all angles and note what they have done in the
    past is very likely to keep on happening ... as in 'recycle of the same crap scientology spewed in the early 1980's'??? However, I do suspect they really are hoping and planning to open an Ideal Narconon,
    but it will take some time, and IF they do open, it will be a nightmare for them to remain open.

    One forwarded message to me states 'They' have found a 'Loop-Hole' to operate a new Narconon in Ontario (whatever that means) .... but holes are meant to be bull-dozed and filled in.

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  16. BigBeard Member

    Maybe the 'Loop-Hole' has something to do with the 'Halfway House' crap they are trying to pull in the USofA.

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  17. DeathHamster Member

    I don't know how much of a loop hole they need if a place like Vita Novus can operate in Ontario. It seems to have all the chronic problems of a Narconon, except for the Scientology, and yet local zoning laws seem to be their only difficulty.
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  18. Intelligence Member

    This is not a good weekend for the Cult in Canada .... it's a long, Thanks Giving
    weekend, and Me haz 3 full days to work on projects, including this one. Working
    a full time job and trying to stay on top of everything is wearing - LOL

    Wire Service and Examiner will be busy this weekend. :)

    Cheers .... off to day job now ...
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  19. Quentinanon Member

    Laws often do have loopholes and the scientology crime syndicate is notorious for gaming the system. So, what do you do when you find a loophole?

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  20. Intelligence Member

    Tx Anons for catching my Type Os and PMing me corections ... this Nokia 521 Smart, dumb phone has
    a tiny FemAnon keyboard and these buses in Montreal are like Go-Carts bumping around. Will use my laptop
    again next week with Mobile Interntzzz :)

    Cheers ...
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  22. Intelligence Member


    “The hammer has dropped: Narconon will be disposed of quietly and without sorrow!” :rolleyes:

    Appears to be many opinions flying around about DM will be mentioning NN at the IAS Event
    and if he will throw NN under the bus?

    Being a so-called 'Betterment Group' (GAG -SIGH), I doubt DM will let NN go?

    'Clearing The Planet' of drug addiction is an asset for the 'CaChing' of Credit Cards
    at IAS Events. The last IAS Magazine mailed to me from Cleawater had all the Narconons
    spread across two pages in the center of the Magazine ..... except Narconon Trois-Riviers
    was missing - LOL :D

    Just announcing the words 'Ideal Narconon' on the Cambridge Facebook Page makes me think
    Narconon is not going away anytime soon?

    IMO, I think DM will just have the Narconon 'NAME' morphed off websites that CON unwary
    victims into the Cult's rehabs. There is too much $$$ in the ADDICTION MARKET that will
    always be there for the Cult's rehab product.

    Scientology Myths 2.o is updating their Dead Agent attacks ... Oh' well. :rolleyes:

    OSA sure spends a lot of time "attacking the attackers", eh? They really think Big Pharma is behind the Scientology/Narconon demise as seen on another one of their websites attacking me:

    "Make no mistake, despite the vociferous “critics”, (that would appear from David Edgar Love websites to be the vested interests that lurk behind big pharma”) mainstream people in America today support, recommend, and wholly embrace the Narconon drug free rehab program and support completely the comprehensive Narconon concept for complete drug addiction recovery, Narconon is at a grass roots level supported in the USA today in New York.

    Canada and the Quebec College of Physicians have been duped, have acted reactively to the “hype” put out by David Love as the “mouthpiece” of those with a vested interest in seeing “drug free” addiction recovery programs taken down." -- */SIGH\*


    Me is waiting for 2 YouTube Videos to be published before I can submit the next two Stories to
    the Wire Service and Examiner. One is of the aforementioned drive-by of the Ideal Narconon, and
    the other is 'HOPEFULLY' coming from the USA/Europe ASAP??

    Cheers, and Happy Thanks Giving to all you Canada Anons.:)
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  23. RightOn Member

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  24. Intelligence Member

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  25. anon8109 Member

    Just to be clear, this is satire, not news. It's like an article from The Onion.
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  26. Intelligence Member

    Someone just asked me if they teach the Tone Scale at Narconon? Yes, they do.

    Narconon also teaches and instructs Scientology's 'Basic Study Manual' -

    Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
    Subject: RE: Scientology's "Basic Study Manual" (BSM)
    Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 00:38:34 UTC
    Message-ID: <>

    Courtesy of the Information Militia Inc. (IM)

    The Basic Study Manual is one of scientology's attempts to get
    their influence in on as many school aged children as possible. In
    the Basic Study Manual on the page with the copyright information
    you will find the statement that:

    "This book is a part of the works of L. Ron Hubbard. It is
    presented to the reader as a part of the record of his
    personal research into life, and application of same
    by OTHERS, and should be construed only as a WRITTEN REPORT of
    such research and not as a statement of claims made by the

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  27. Intelligence Member

    When I was at the Half-In, Half-Out of wondering and believing Narconon was good or bad, I had
    a few heated arguments with executives about having a halfway house when I was the Grad Officer.

    The relapse rates were horrific and patients were going down the tube soon after leaving Narconon.

    Even Brad Melnychuk (ABLE Canada) agreed with me that the stats were BS!

    However, knowing what I do now, a Narconon half-way house would not have helped ... only
    more COS indoctrination.:(

    AND, if I had known back then what I know now, I would have had a hidden Video and Audio
    recorder on me at all times. Can you imagine? Video and Audio combined with the dox would
    have shuttered them a lot faster and may have led to criminal charges? Oh' well.
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  28. rof Member

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  29. Intelligence Member

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  30. Intelligence Member

    Oh', oh' ... I think I have a 'Tehtan-Bugger' tracing one of my three IP Addresses while
    searching their Cambridge and other Cult websites to see if the 'Ideal Narconon' announcement
    is gone?

    The 'Ideal Narconon' opening announcement is now GONE ... disappeared from the Planet ... except
    for the screen captures we have. :p
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  31. Intelligence Member

    A text message was forwarded today pleading for help:

    So, I just called the Stain Hill, volunteer for slave duty number: 01342 324571

    Phone call transcribed:

    Me: ‘I just read a notice that you're seeking help to set up your IAS tent?’

    IAS: ‘Umm ... where you calling from?’

    Me: "Canada."

    IAS: ‘WHO told you we needed help?’

    Me: ‘I read it from a person in the UK ... why does it matter who?’

    IAS: ‘I just want to make sure I connected you to the right person.’

    Me: ‘Ok, well, perhaps I'll call back later when you know ... Bye.’
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  32. Random guy Member

    It's from the site of otviiiisgrrr8, a guy who frequently comment on Ortega's site in a mock Miscavige style. So yeah, it's satire. Fairly decent satire too.
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  33. 328

    It's Karen#1's husband:
    Mod Edit: Image removed
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  34. Intelligence Member

    I contacted 'Scientology Cambridge' by email for information and comment before
    publishing story tomorrow. No response yet.


    WHY would 'they' ANNOUNCE the opening of the 'Ideal Narconon' ... then take down and
    remove from their websites?
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  35. Random guy Member

    My guess is the clam empire is by now too fragmented to coordinate things properly.
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  36. DeathHamster Member

    It's the usual "Must Fap - Can't Fap!"

    They desperately need and want to promote Big Wins to each other, but they also know that as soon as they publicly announce a Narconon, especially if the real estate deal isn't signed yet, the forces of suppressive NIMBY will land on them. They have trouble remembering both of those things at the same time.
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  37. Intelligence Member

    LMAO!!! So true, they can't remember what to remember when faced with two scenarios.:rolleyes:

  38. Intelligence Member

    On Rinder's Blog yesterday: (hard keeping up with all this - LOL ... but WILL DO)

    NO Narconon on the IAS Event Schedule?

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  39. cuedude Member

    the hockey season started Canadians ain't got time for them now
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  40. Intelligence Member

    I MAY quote this ^^^ LOL in the Wire Service News story? Are you from Canada or?

    From your post Re: 'I needed to stock up on more of that good bacon anyways." is good enough
    for me to think not.:D
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