New Idea; Operation Liberate China

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Jay Reynolds, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Jay Reynolds Member

    Censorship in China is a huge problem that we should deal with. I wonder if we could target the great firewall of China, as well as websites for cctv and the PLA. Could I please get some feedback?
  2. Target? For what?
  3. Anonymous Member

    If you are suggesting creating witty and artful cartoons to target the above issues then I can get behind that. Or maybe Youtube vids, or perhaps writing to appropriate agencies, or getting on a radio program with a big reach. Cool!

    On the other hand if you are suggesting something illegal then I have to say: OP IS A FAGGOT!

    Which is it?
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  4. Jay Reynolds Member

    NO. I do not mean hacks.
  5. Anonymous Member

    "Target" is a kinda loaded word, don'tcha think?
  6. Jay Reynolds Member

    fair enough
  7. Jay Reynolds Member

    I'm talking about protests over Chinese censorship
  8. Okay. That might find some traction here.

    EDIT: WWP Anonymous supports all forms of Legal, Peaceful Protesting.
  9. Jay Reynolds Member

    Just an idea, maybe some of the local cells in China could pick it up
  10. Anonymous Member

    What "local cells" would those be?
  11. Jay Reynolds Member

    Anons in China, who might know how to make this work
  12. Anonymous Member

    You know some Anons in China?
  13. Anonymous Member

    The only way to stop censorship in China is to overthrow the Chinese government. Good luck with that.
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  14. Jay Reynolds Member

    It's only an idea, it's not like we can't discuss it
  15. Anonymous Member

    Who is this "we" ?

    What should be done to:

    You brought up the idea(s). WWP Anonymous is just asking for you to unpack this for WWP Anonymous.
  16. Jay Reynolds Member

    I was thinking we protest online against them, through chinese forums and websites
  17. Jay Reynolds Member

    I haven't really thought this through have I?
  18. Jay Reynolds Member

    The main point is, that since anonymous has been fighting for free speech in the West, why not look into China, where the government does not even allow freedom of expression?
  19. Anonymous Member

  20. barbiluv Member

    convoy to china
  21. Anonymous Member

    You think that people haven't been protesting Chinese Government human rights abuse, on-line and off?

    Methinks that you are a few days late and a further few bucks short. I think you may be in need of giving yourself some education. You appear to me to lack one.
  22. barbiluv Member

  23. Jay Reynolds Member

    How much have these groups achieved, other than getting arrested?
  24. Anonymous Member

    Several got themselves dead. That got noticed!
  25. Jay Reynolds Member

    But most of these cases end up getting censored within China
  26. barbiluv Member

    this is in projects . what is ur project ?
  27. Jay Reynolds Member

    OH. thought this was think tank. My bad
  28. barbiluv Member

    good luck with censorship in china
  29. Jay Reynolds Member

    come on, anything's possible
  30. barbiluv Member

    sure hun . sure it is .
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  32. Anonymous Member


    In the US, a denial-of-service attack can be a serious federal crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act with penalties that include years of imprisonment. Many other countries have similar laws.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Project cntroll is 2 years old
  34. telomere Member

    re: IRL protest efforts
    What do you guys think of the (related) recent an-heroism in Tibet?
    Effective? No?

  35. telomere Member

    Chinese who are educated enough to use forums and webbarsites, have usually studied English in school.
  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. Anonymous Member

    Little protests here and there don't amount to anything in a country of 1 billion, with rampant corruption built into the system, and ethnic tensions between regions. It will take 50 million to start a revolution, and it can't be peaceful, Tiennamen square has proven that the military is ready to massacre civilians as necessary.
    Ghandi tech won't work unless millions are willing to die without defending themselves.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    There's currently Occupy Hong Kong. Haven't heard much about it, though.

    Freeing China is going to be the trickiest of all, and for a whole host of reasons. However, I do recall an #opChina a few months back by Anonops. Haven't heard anything about where that went, if the op's still going, or well, anything other than they had an IRC....

    Fuckin' Great Firewall! How does it breach?!
  39. WhiteRose_UK Member

    When it comes to web censorship on a national scale, anyone with an average grasp of computer technology can circumvent the restrictions put in place to prevent the user from viewing undesirable sites. I think the first step would be education. Protesting is one thing, but it'll make little impact. Educate the masses, let them know that they do not have to be restricted by this so-called 'Great Firewall', and let them know what they need to do to get around the censorship. There's an interesting article here on the subject:
  40. Anonymous Member

    Yes that's exactly the way. And we don't need luck we need skills. What I am thinking about is a simple to use P2P public proxy system where computers on one side of the Great Firewall can allow computers in china to access any website at a decent speed and reliable availability. The problem this solves is that most people in there don't know how to use proxies, and the ones available to them right now aren't reliable at all.

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