New Church0fScientology youtube video

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by raziel, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    Epic thread requires reading the first four pages at least
  2. Anon3Mouse Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    Awesome vids are awesome.

    4chan is not the place to gauge consensus. Most of 4chan drool and repeat whatever moot tells them what they should be thinking. The same faggots who say Chanology is cancer would be praising it if moot expressed interest in Chanology.

    Other chans have shown that the Legion is confirming for /b/rawl.

    And Portland seems to be chock full of failure, faggotry and aids. "Oh noes! We better change our names because image means more to us than winning the war!" That they even mentioned reputation means they should be on the business end of a brick to the face.
  3. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video


    We are legion.
  4. Whanonstler Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    ^^^This. Portland closed due to AIDS. Goddamn little girls. Don't understand the concept of Anonymous, as a collective or the fact it means someone withholding their identitity.

    I do hope if these bags of cunt "quit" but keep protesting, that some in Portland tell them to GTFO and keep at it. By which I mean protesting as part of the herd of cats and making fun of these whiney bitches.

    "OH noes! Mah burger flippin job would be endangered if I wuz assoshiated with anonymous and they wuz bad an did bad things!" Portland is rife with cancer.



    I reread the apropos Thread of Fail +12 on their board. Wow. They are picking out names for when they are not associated with Anonymous. As one could imagine, the names are sheer faggotry.
  5. Ghost Bear Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    We moralfags love drama apparently. So could I get the link?
  6. Whanonstler Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    I am pretty much a moralfag and even I thnk they are whiney twats. Click ling
  7. raziel Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

  8. Whanonstler Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

  9. Internaut Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    Oooh, look at me guis. I wanna be popular

    Portland Anonymous • View topic - Biographical Photo Album

  10. Drums of War Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    They've gone completely apeshit over there and need to re-evualate their mission and purpose.

    Can you blame channers for leaving when people are talking about organising proms? PROMS?! We're not some sort of social-activity group for the elderly, for pete's sake.
  11. Whanonstler Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    Nope- couldn't give a fuck about that. Sorry my opinion does not match yours, but that has nothing to do with currying favor in any corner. It is my opinion that they are whiney twats. If you don't like that, your fucking problem, not mine.
    Yes. I think they are the ones who worry about being popular. OMG! Look at me! This one is me!
  12. Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    WTF indeed.

    A .jpg just won't cut it this time.
    YouTube - Facepalm
  13. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    Anonymous makeup sex feels sooooooooo goooooooooood
  14. Plups Member

  15. Top Grunge Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    As a Chanology newfag since February I say welcome the fuck home to them. I 158% support this video and its message.

    These past few weeks, the anticipation building while everything remains kind of calm is like the end of Childhoods End. Anonymous is discovering what it can do, playing with the rotation of the moon, waiting patiently, and then when ready using its power to its full potential and attaining its destiny in the stars.
  16. Internaut Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    Whanonstler, pardon the confusion. It was not directed towards you.

    I should have placed some VVVVVV's with it.
  17. Daywatch Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    specially if the other Anon was got ded in the fracas
  18. Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    calliopecat is hawt!
  19. CZGrey Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    that doesn't stop her from being a dumbass though.

    reh. I thought the video was pretty cool. Little preachy, but nothing that made me go "OMG DRAMA" . Portland on the other hand.... wtf?
    Glad I don't live there.
  20. The Shadow Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    The Shadow wonders how long it is before Professor Stephen Hawking is fair gamed by the cult....
  21. kip_mudton Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    I have to be honest, they're alluding to things in such a vague way I don't know what they're trying to say with this video.
  22. King Nerd Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    I wonder how long people will continue "fighting" the cult by sitting around posting on this site. Good to know they still have one hand free... if you know what I mean.
  23. Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    Funny that someone said this:

    Only pasteurized milk "goes bad" when it gets old...raw milk can ferment into all sorts of good stuff just by sitting around. As long as the cows (goats, sheep, etc.) are living in good conditions (i.e., not in their own shit) raw milk and the bacteria in it are quite good for you (i.e., not Salmonella).

    Because of the bacteria (Lactobacillus, etc.) in it, raw milk can even eliminate things like E. coli and Salmonella once they're artificially introduced into it. Pasteurized milk can't.

    The point of this wasn't to pimp raw milk. The point was to ask this question: which is Anonymous more like? Raw milk or pasteurized milk (in which all the bacteria, regardless of good or bad, are destroyed before anyone gets to it)?
  24. Anonynamefag Member

  25. Lorelei Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    I...think I approve of this.

    As a mere, replaceable cog in the Internet Haet Machine, I do what I can, and have not enjoyed all the internal squabbling and BAAAWWWing that, when you get down to the core message, looked suspiciously like some Anons trying to tell other Anons what Anon "should" do.

    Anonymous biting its own extremities and getting off raid-trrack due to in-fighting.
    Waffling about how Anonymous "must" only "do good"
    Boring inter-Anon spats, power struggles, BAAAWing and white-washing of past Anon deeds
    Pretending that ALL Anons are fluffy bunnies rather than acknowledging that most...are not.
    Whining over what some Anons choose to do to fight. Disagree, debate, but don't fucking WHINE about it, please.
    Concern over which costume everyone "has to wear" worldwide to "fit in" at the monthly global protests: costumes are distractions, and who cares? Wear what you want.

    Recognizing that Anons all have different skillsets, interests and strengths
    Delivering butthurtery to an evil cult
    Dox, vidz or pix or it didn't happen
    Effective tactics: this means whitehat, greyhat AND blackhat, and individual Anons sticking to the area they know best
    Sheer enjoyment and creative tomfoolery
    Clever plans that amuse or baffle or pique the interest of uninvolved parties and get them curious

    Here's where we may disagree: I think Hug Raids *and* old skool Anon tactics both have their place.
    I think it is WISER to have less-objectionable behaviors highlighted for non-Anons, as it is less distracting for observers and keeps them focused on the goal of exposing Scientology for what it is.
    I think it has been FOOLISH to try and reign in Anon's more "prankish," quasi-legal side.

    I, personally, choose to be whitehat and wholly legal. That is how *I* roll. What YOU choose is YOUR BUSINESS. (SRS BZNZ?) Anonymous encompasses ALL points of view.

    Nothing bores me more than Anons squabbling with each other, or getting off-topic, or fucking with non-target or (pseudo-)allies. I'm not arrogant enough, however, to force my personal preferences on the rest of Anon, as if I even could. I see internal Anon scrapping and fussing as a sign that Anon is bored, trying to fit a role it is only partially capable of filling for so long (Anon is NOT just whitehattery), getting distracted by personality differences individually and thus getting off-track,

    If you're truly in it to WIN it, it is PAST time to play to what has traditionally been Anon's strengths. If you don't like some of those activities, DO NOT DO THEM. Yes, it gives the target ammunition, but--and let's be frank--they lie and make up shit when Anonymous is "on its best behavior" as it is.

    I'd PREFER that Anon--when it comes to THIS fight--stay whitehat, but my preferences count for shit. I know this! I don't see why it is hard for others to realize that you're always welcome to discuss and debate and CHOOSE what you, personally, will or won't do, but trying to demand that >9,000 other Anons do what YOU want to do is like trying to hold back the tides or keep the sun from setting. I've always chosen to be an observer, only, when a /r/aid is not pertinent to my interests, and to participate when it is.

    If you're fighting the cult of Scientology, then we're on the same side. Full stop.

    Tealdeer: Shine on, you crazy diamonds. My individual approval is neither needed nor important, but you have it anyway. Wear the hat color that suits your abilities best, and leave other hats alone. If whitehat tech works for you, so be it. If you are 1337 Haxx0r and into more legally ambiguous ("naughty"?) behaviors, that's your bag, and none of my business. Stay on target. Anonymous is Chaotic Neutral, with all that implies. If you are Lawful Good, roll with that, but be aware you don't and can't speak for all of the Anonymous herd of cats / hive mind.

    In the end, the GOAL is what is important. Expose abuses of CoS. Inflict butthurtery. Foil their plans for world domination. Make Miscavige cry tiny, tiny tears. Let LEOs do their jobs. Leak dox. Expose the foul, putrid underbelly of the cult. Inform the ignorant. WIN.

    It WOULD be nice if "expressing a dissenting opinion" did not get confused with "telling Anonymous what to do" or "being a moralfag / protestfag." In the end, our ability to disagree and still work towards a common goal is what separates us from the cognitive dissonance, logical fallacies, and groupthink that plagues the CoS. Having a black / white view of everything is limiting your thinking. Sometimes you need to learn to be comfortable with the shades of grey (and colours) in between the two extremes.

    Tealdeer Tealdeer: Rock on, Anonymous.
  26. AnonyBeast Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    It can haz be close Scifags pool time nao?
  27. Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

  28. raziel Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

  29. Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    This is the CHEMO that is SAVING Chanology.

    Now all we need is a video of Anonymous punching moralfags, newfags and Scilons in the face like Putin on the campaign trail.

    That Masked Man says "Just Say "NO" to Hug Raids!"

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    guys i dont think this really worked.

    despite recognizing that the portland thread was about the worst case scenario when it came to chanology division, and the general win of the C0S video, it looks to me like the gesture is too little too late. back in june it may have gotten more traction, but this is generally dead and buried to most of the hate machine a long time ago. it's even gotten to the point of not flaming it back, just ignoring it. it may have brought out a few of them to try and party hard again, but for this to work not only must fail not happen, it's must, despite good intentions, be shouted at and shamed and called all sorts of names that decent people would hesitate at. and there's far too much 'hug raid' vibes rolling around for that to happen. too anxious for strength in numbers and inviting all kinds of folk in. and that's fine if it works for y'all, but it sounds like you're trying to have your moralcake and /b/ it too. there's no "we welcome all methods", there is no co-management that's going to work here. it's full force, naught but full force, and true hate machine tactics driving the boat or it's fail and aids on both your houses.

    tl;dr: nice gesture but /b/ has made its peace with being dead to chanology. the hate machine way is simply not compatible with what its become today, so this "all hands on ship" idea isnt going to inspire the trolls to get their lulz on again.

    with that said i would have liked to come by for the sacramento protests just to see how it's been holding up for 6 months, but theres a wedding to attend :eek:
  31. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

  32. BerlinAnon46 Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    HELL YEAH!!!! :twisted:
  33. voiceless849 Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    Pot, meet Kettle.

    GreasePot.jpg lodge-country-kettle.jpg

    Y'allz black, dincha know?

  34. Diaretics Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    i like that backward singing near the end.
  35. AnonySkull Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    so $cientology is benefiting from the better anon PR? u mean the publicly acknoleged footbullet that is the $cilon's "hatemachine" panflet is not in fact hilarious?

    so whats the plan? my feeble mind didnt grasp it.

    i await my ban, if i have somehow failed the test to join the real anonymous faction as the videos author describes him self :colbert:. ^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^^fail^
  36. I am Legion Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

  37. Sir Cockalot Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    THE MEDIA ARE SO GONNA RAEP ANONYMOUS. Too bad these dumbasses will label anonymous as one group with one common ideology and tactics. We had become the good guys, and now we will be labelled as the bad guys once again, because these morons are just that manichean. I think it'll do more bad to the scientology fighters, and good to them.

    And it will make WBM sad. And I don't like that either.
  38. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    ^ Trolls like this give moralfags like me a bad name.
  39. Hollow Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video

    People are still commenting on this a month after it was put out?
  40. themadhair Member

    Re: New Church0fScientology youtube video


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